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Solinco Tour Bite Soft 16 (1.30) String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Excellent power, control and spin. This string is much better than Luxilon ALU Power strings.
From: Alex, 9/14

Comments: If you have elbow issues with other spin strings, this is your fix. This string is very soft and still has the bite and pocketing you want. The only thing I noticed is that the edges do wear down faster than stiffer strings. Can't complain though as it is a softer string with good bite that lasts fairly long. This string will lose some tension unless you pre-stretch it. No more elbow issues for me. Pair it with the Technifibre synthetic gut 16 black, and you will be in paradise.
From: Brian, 10/13

Comments: Awesome string, tons of spin!
From: Justin, 6/13

Comments: Wow! Very powerful string on the serve and in general. I had to string my racquet 4 lbs tighter than normal at 57 lbs. Very good spin as well and it is similar to Alu power but this one is cheaper and has more pop. Best string on the market so far! Get it!
From: Steel, 3/13

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