Solinco Tour Bite 19 (1.10) String Customer feedback

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Comments: This string is very comparable to the Volkl Cyclone 19 -- however, side by side, I might have to go with the Volkl as it has just a tad more feel. Both strings have amazing spin potential and power while maintaining good control. Soften up the string bed a tad with a hybrid in the crosses of either Gosen OG 18g or, even better, L-TEC Premium Flex 16L (1.28) Syn Gut (which was designed to feel like gut in the crosses and a fraction of the price). You will be amazed at the combination of spin, comfort, power, and feel.
From: Mark, 1/17

Comments: I tried the Tour Bite 19 and the control, touch and spin were fantastic. Unfortunately, it was a killer on may arm. I could play about an hour at a time before my whole arm was throbbing. I tried lowering the tension and still had the arm issues. I also tried using it a a hybrid with a synthetic gut which helped a lot, but the Tour Bite just chewed through my cross strings. If your arm can handle a stiff poly, go for it. My arm cannot.
From: James, 5/15

Comments: First hit and I'm SOLD! I have never played with a poly that has so much....EVERYTHING! Control, power, comfort, touch, and most of all, spin. This string is just plain amazing. Balls fell like they were dropped off a cliff. There was zero discomfort which encourages faster swings which translated into more spin. I have to say that this is what I've been looking for. Control off both sides was un-freakin-believable. I have ordered some 18g to try as well, but I have to say that this string is hands down the best I've ever installed. I used it in a Volkl C10 Pro with Solinco Tour Bite 19 mains and Gosen OG 18g crosses at 52 lbs. I will probably go to 55 lbs on my next restring.
From: Robert, 5/15

Comments: Very impressed with this string. Works beautifully in my Prestige MP. It opens up the dense string bed and offers a nice blend of power, spin, and control. I string at 52/51 lbs or around there. Have had no arm issues.
From: AY, 6/14

Comments: I am impressed! I have used an infinite combinations of multis, natural gut, and poly hybrids over the last 4-5 years due to past arm issues. I thought I would never be able to use a full bed of poly. Yonex PTP 120 changed that -- a very playable and comfortable poly string. I recently tried Solinco Tour Bite 1.10 and I am gobsmacked -- it is an amazing blend of power, control, comfort, feel, and spin! Groundstrokes dive onto the lines and kick serves explode off the court. Volleys are terrific! Just the right amount of both comfort and control and the most spin of any set-up I have ever tried. Just great string!
From: Mark, 4/14

Comments: This is a fantastic Hybrid poly. I use it in the mains of my 18x20 Head Youtek IG Prestige Mid. My crosses are a Dunlop Multi and the combo seems to be great. My racquet head size is 93 square inches, so I string these at 42 lbs and my crosses at 48 lbs. These strings play soft and the spin I get in my tight string pattern is fantastic. I highly recommend these strings.
From: Eric, 4/14

Comments: This string offers incredible bite and power, as well as control. I have had arm problems with a hybrid but none with the 19 or 18, and it feels soft even at 60lbs. It rewards big swings, but touch shots are easy with great feel for a poly. Being easy on the arm is in part due to my incredible Donnay Pro One racquet, an awesome combo! I get a good 10 hrs of play if I want the best performance.
From: Eric, 7/13

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