Solinco Tour Bite 17 (1.20) String Mini Reel 328' Customer feedback

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Comments: My arm started hurting after 10 minutes of practice. It has spin and power for sure. But buyer beware, this string is stiff. I bet they last forever. Solinco calls them Heaven, I call them something opposite.
From: Wes, 9/16

Comments: I really like these strings because of how much spin they can produce. One interesting experiment is that I've traded racquets with two different hitting partners who were using RPM Blast, and the difference was immediate: their topspin shots were diving into the ground and jumping forward much more than before. I found the effect extremely unnerving to play against. A few times I've tried to go back to Luxilon or RPM Blast, but shots that used to go in due to topspin were sailing long. So I'm for now happily stuck with these strings.
From: Philip, 9/16

Comments: I was looking for a poly that could temper the power/plow through of the Wilson RF97. I switched from the Head Youtek IG Prestige Pro and thought it wouldn't be too big of a departure. Boy, was I wrong there! I had previously tried Kirschbaum Pro Line 2 and Weis Cannon Scorpion, both 17g at 54 lbs. PL2 felt great the 1st 3-5 outings but just dropped tension to where I lost confidence especially on my forehand, my stronger shot. Scorpion feels firmer but not as responsive/comfortable as PL2. Definitely could feel more vibrations and less pocketing with Scorpion. My stringer suggested Solinco TB 17g. Apparently, it has a bit of a cult following, especially with high school and college players. I had previously used ALU Power/Rough, 4G, RPM -- all good but Solinco TB 17 rocks! Very reminiscent of ALU Rough but with much better feel/ball pocketing while still firm, yet forgiving. The true test will be how it is after the 2nd full day of hitting to see how tension drop will affect its play in RF97. For now though, I've drank the Kool-Aid and I'm hooked! Definitely worth it if you like polys. A blend of all the best attributes at a relatively decent price.
From: Poodini, 9/15

Comments: I string it at 61 lbs, which is just about right for my high swing speed. Generates plenty of power and spin. Popped one and switched to a TNT2 -- ugh. The difference was enormous. I won't go back. My only thing is it seems to drop tension quickly. Unsure if that is a factor of the glossiness or a crappy stringer. Either way, still very playable.
From: Joe, 7/15

Comments: I agree with Chris: I'm quite disappointed with these strings. I've strung my ProStaff 95 with them at 23 kg mains 22 kg crosses. They felt dead from the first moment, no pop at all. They became better after 2-3 hours of play, but nothing special, I have to say. They aren't durable (two weeks of medium intensive playing). Not buying them anymore.
From: Mauro, 1/15

Comments: I've put it in my Prince Tour 95 at 22/21 kg (49/47 lbs) and it is absolutely great string. Plenty of control, good power, a huge spin potential (little bit less comparing to number one string in spin for me -- Volkl V-Torque), nice touch and enough durability for big hitting intermediate players. It seems to me that it could be hard to find many better strings in overall. One weakness -- Tour Bite is rather expensive.
From: Przemyslaw, 10/14

Comments: I tested a lot of strings in my Steam 99 S. Finally settled on Tour Bite 17 at 52 lbs. Excellent spin and control. Lower power than Luxilon. Stiffness is not that bad. Highly recommend.
From: KP, 8/14

Comments: A really good string, lots of topspin, but it's so stuff on my Babolat PD. Better to hybrid it.
From: Zixuan, 2/14

Comments: Finally pulled the trigger and purchased a reel. First time stringing the TB on my own. The coating on the string offers smooth glossy grey color which I found to be slippery on the clamps. I had to tighten up the clamps to hold it. This string is stiff and can be a challenge to weave especially towards down the throat. Strung a full set on the RQiS Tour 1 at 52/54 lbs. Took the Yonex on court to a match - WOW! Great performance. No doubt there's ample power and spin; the biggest change I noticed was the control. Pairing the right string tension and the frame is paramount to reap the benefit, otherwise, your frame will feel like a board.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: Plays great at 56/52 lbs in my 18x20 Graphine Speed Pro, not the smoothest of feel, but gives tons of bite and spin. Gives me great swing confidence and touch. I swing aggressively with a good dose of brush up and yet this string still plays good after 30 hours of court time!
From: Anton, 3/13

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