Solinco Tour Bite 17 (1.20) 1/2 Set Customer feedback

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Comments: I really like these strings because of how much spin they can produce. One interesting experiment is that I've traded racquets with two different hitting partners who were using RPM Blast, and the difference was immediate: their topspin shots were diving into the ground and jumping forward much more than before. I found the effect extremely unnerving to play against. A few times I've tried to go back to Luxilon or RPM Blast, but shots that used to go in due to topspin were sailing long. So I'm for now happily stuck with these strings.
From: Philip, 9/16

Comments: I string it at 61 lbs, which is just about right for my high swing speed. Generates plenty of power and spin. Popped one and switched to a TNT2 -- ugh. The difference was enormous. I won't go back. My only thing is it seems to drop tension quickly. Unsure if that is a factor of the glossiness or a crappy stringer. Either way, still very playable.
From: Joe, 7/15

Comments: I agree with Chris: I'm quite disappointed with these strings. I've strung my ProStaff 95 with them at 23 kg mains 22 kg crosses. They felt dead from the first moment, no pop at all. They became better after 2-3 hours of play, but nothing special, I have to say. They aren't durable (two weeks of medium intensive playing). Not buying them anymore.
From: Mauro, 1/15

Comments: I've put it in my Prince Tour 95 at 22/21 kg (49/47 lbs) and it is absolutely great string. Plenty of control, good power, a huge spin potential (little bit less comparing to number one string in spin for me -- Volkl V-Torque), nice touch and enough durability for big hitting intermediate players. It seems to me that it could be hard to find many better strings in overall. One weakness -- Tour Bite is rather expensive.
From: Przemyslaw, 10/14

Comments: I tested a lot of strings in my Steam 99 S. Finally settled on Tour Bite 17 at 52 lbs. Excellent spin and control. Lower power than Luxilon. Stiffness is not that bad. Highly recommend.
From: KP, 8/14

Comments: I have been playing with this string for about a year and a half. It's now in my 6.1 95S at 52 lbs. The string provides everything you want: spin, control, power, durability, and feel. It's as good or better than RPM Blast and ALU Power at a much better price.
From: Phil, 3/14

Comments: A really good string, lots of topspin, but it's so stuff on my Babolat PD. Better to hybrid it.
From: Zixuan, 2/14

Comments: Great strings! I got lots of top spin and slice from this string and the power level was phenominal! I put it in my Head Youtek IG Speed 18x20 and was hitting angles I never had hit before. Overall a great string!
From: Jonathan, 6/13

Comments: Finally pulled the trigger and purchased a reel. First time stringing the TB on my own. The coating on the string offers smooth glossy grey color which I found to be slippery on the clamps. I had to tighten up the clamps to hold it. This string is stiff and can be a challenge to weave especially towards down the throat. Strung a full set on the RQiS Tour 1 at 52/54 lbs. Took the Yonex on court to a match - WOW! Great performance. No doubt there's ample power and spin; the biggest change I noticed was the control. Pairing the right string tension and the frame is paramount to reap the benefit, otherwise, your frame will feel like a board.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: Plays great at 56/52 lbs in my 18x20 Graphine Speed Pro, not the smoothest of feel, but gives tons of bite and spin. Gives me great swing confidence and touch. I swing aggressively with a good dose of brush up and yet this string still plays good after 30 hours of court time!
From: Anton, 3/13

Comments: Excellent string - bites the ball producing nasty spin and kick. Strung mine on 18x20 BB LT tour and was surprised how much power and spin this string produces. I am saving up to buy a reel! Definitely experiment with the tension to get the max performance out of this string.
From: InDZone, PNW, 2/13

Comments: This is an incredibly good string for a great price. It's very comparable to the Luxilon ALU series. I string a full bed, mains at 46lbs, crosses at 43 on my BLX Ttour 90, and I find it great all around. If you're a string breaker like me, then this is a much more affordable option to Luxilon without any loss of overall quality and feel.
From: Robert, 10/12

Comments: This string was like hitting with a trampoline. It took a little adjustment for me to keep the ball in play.
From: Anon, 10/12

Comments: I strung this at 54lbs on my Head Youtek Radical MP (two of them). I can't believe the amount of spin this string generates. I am a 4.0/4.5 player that is just getting back into playing tennis. I hit with an extreme western grip to begin with and play mostly from the baseline, although I do come up to net occasionally. I hit a heavy two handed backhand. With this string I have been able to hit incredibly spinny balls that land right on the baseline, befuddling most of my opponents. I like the feel and especially like the wickedness of my backhand slice. My serves have increased in both accuracy and spin, and I have reduced the number of double faults as well. I've had some bad experiences with poly hybrids resulting in nasty, sharp shoulder pain, but am happy to report no pain at all with this 17g. I highly recommended this to players of all levels, but I can definitely see how a player around my level can benefit from the string, as it can help take them to the next level. The strings haven't moved an inch by the way, which I find amazing, and they don't appear anywhere close to breaking either.
From: Shoe, 10/12

Comments: With the setup I had, I put Tour Bite in the mains and Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16 in the crosses at 54/56 in my Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 90. I did not like this however, because I felt like I got excessive power and little spin with the fast swing speed I have. Going to be looking for a more low powered poly that will fit my game best.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: Strung a full bed in my Boris Becker Delta Core Pro at 57lbs. Tons of power and spin, even at this tension. I didn't find them too stiff or uncomfortable. Didn't feel great for touch shots, drops volleys etc. But if you play primarily from the baseline, you can't go wrong. Also tried full bed Prince Poly EXP 18 to compare, and the Tour Bite was much better. Even more comfy too.
From: Ashley, 6/12

Comments: I use exclusively polys at lowish tension (about 50lbs). This Solinco 17G is the stiffest feeling mono I have have ever used. Maybe it's intended for 40 lbs? But beware! I never cut out a string after a mere week, but this must go.
From: Bart, 4/12

Comments: I tried this string for the first time and went down on the tension for the first time too at 37lbs! Verdict: Spin -- very good! Comfort -- good! Power -- not impressed! My main concern is the fact that I lose my slice serve in a big way. Why can't I make the string bite the ball on the serves when the ground strokes are very good ( as claimed by my hitting partner )? My flat serve is not as heavy too. Previous string: Babolat Excel 17g at 53 lbs.
From: SacramentoPlayer, 4/12

Comments: Strung diablo midplus at 58lbs. This string has great bite, control and feel. I really like this stuff and I'm getting great action on the ball. The confidence to take big cuts. I would suggest this string and will use it again for sure.
From: Ted, 4/12

Comments: These strings truly live up to their name "heaven strings".
From: Ross, 4/12

Comments: Incredible string and it is simply the best out there right now. The string has great power and spin and it does not hurt the arm too much in a solinco tour bite M/gosen C at 54-55 lbs. I tried the MSV Hex and Gosen in cross and Ashaways aramid (kevlar) hybrid and they both rattled my elbow so much I cut them out again. But the solinco are polyester and are not extremely soft as my wrist can get a bit sore sometimes. Other than that the hybrid is good and maybe I just need a softer cross string than gosen sheep. Great spin and placement get it you will like.
From: Stefan, 4/12

Comments: Update to my earlier post: Got to demo this string a couple of months ago. Strung full bed as I do all demo strings and I love this string! Reading over all the comments there's not a lot I can add, but to say I will be adding a reel to my inventory and racquets! GOOD JOB Solinco!!! Tour Bite is now my top selling string!!!
From: Dennis, 3/12

Comments: Strung full bed at 52/50 on my Wilson 6.1 blx tour for the first time. I can see the potential of the string however because it was too tight I feel like I didn't get the most out of it. It felt a bit stiff and the power level was okay. I'll drop a few pounds and retest it again. The tension stability is outstanding, I keep on checking the tension but it wont drop anymore, very good spin as well.
From: PA, 2/12

Comments: I put this in the mains with Gosen OG-Sheep 16G in the crosses at 55 lbs and I was blown away. From the first hitting with the setup I could tell a noticeable increase in spin and power. I use the Head IG Speed 16x19 and these strings suited the racquet perfectly.
From: Ryan, 11/11

Comments: Having tried a number of polyester strings over the years (Luxilon Big Banger, Luxilon Big Banger ALU Rough, MSV Focus Hex, Babolat Pro Hurricane, etc.) in hybrid set-ups with synthetic gut, I gave the 17 gauge Solinco Tour Bite a try when a friend suggested it. After 3 months of hitting with this string, I can honestly say it is the best textured polyester string I have used. It is easy on the arm and it is the most spin friendly string I have ever used. The back spin you can create with slices or top spin are both excellent. In addition, the string is very durable. After hours of hitting, the tension is excellent and there is no sign of a break on the horizon. I have tried a few different synthetic guts with the Solinco such as Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex, Tourna Quasi Gut, etc, but the one that seems to work the best for me is Gosen Micro Sheep 16 gauge. All things considered, the Solinco combined with the Gosen is the best string combination I have ever used. I use a Wilson Tour 90 with Solinco in the mains and Gosen in the crosses - both at 60 lbs.
From: Jeff, 10/11

Comments: Best textured string I've tried. Love the bite and it holds just the right amount of time on the string bed. I've tried Spikey Shark, MSV Focus Hex, and Black Code. This one beats them all for softness and touch. It does lose tension over time (I keep my strings for 3-4 months playing 100+ hours), but still retains good pocketing and control even at -5 or so lbs of tension loss. I string it at 52 and it plays well down to around 47. Like all polys, it's characteristics change dramatically if overtensioned - so for those migrating from synthetic gut, go 10-15% lower tension on the first try.
From: Parker, 10/11

Comments: Good strings! I hybrid the strings with Solinco Tour Bite 17g on the main (46 lbs), then 50 lbs on the cross with a multifilament string 17g. Racquet is Dunlop 300 Tour string pattern is 18x20. Good control and I love the spin!!
From: Anon. 10/11

Comments: Tour Bite provides incredible control. I strung this one piece using medium tension in a Prince O3 Speedport Blue. It felt typically stiff (poly) as I strung the frame but was not difficult to string. It plays with a soft feel for a poly. I immediately noticed how this string grabs the ball for better spin and control.I've played with other textured strings but Tour Bite is my new favorite. It did not hurt my "sensitive" arm. I'm a middle aged male with a solid 3.5 game looking to improve. This string is definitely worth a try.
From: James, 10/11

Comments: I'm a 4.5 playing both singles and doubles and this is one of the few poly's I've tried that actually impressed me. I string my frames at low tension (35 lbs) and this string works amazingly well. Great comfort and spin without losing control. Power level is above average for a poly. Feel and feedback are very nice. Volleys are solid with feel. Tension maintenance is average, nothing special, but it does last for a good 6-8 sets. The hype about this string is certainly justified. As for its price, it's not a great value, but the string is still worth it.
From: TonyB, 9/11

Comments: Strung this in my AeroPro Drive Cortex at 54-55 lbs with Gosen Sheep in crosses and it was great. Very nice spin and control. But I would have liked more power. I'll string it looser next time at 52-53 lbs. My brother tried the same setup but strung at 47-48 lbs or something ridiculous like that in an old Babolat Pure Drive and it still had lots of control and little power. So this is a good string but I'm going to have to dial in the tension looser before I think about buying a reel.
From: Stefano, 5.0 NTRP. 7/11

Comments: I heard about this string and tried it finally. It is very good and I recommend it to anyone looking for a really good polyester string. I think it is better than luxilon and much cheaper. It is better for spin shots and holds the tension of the strings very well.
From: Spencer, Hong Kong. 06/11

Comments: For the last 2 years I have been using MSV Focus Hex for its cost and playability. I feel it was lively and crisp for a poly. I recently tried the Tour Bite in the 17 gauge and found it similar to MSV Focus Hex but the Tour Bite held its tension much longer. I think the spin factor is much better than most strings I have experimented with. I think I'll be switching to these strings as soon as my reel of MSV is done. Like all shaped strings the shape/edges do wear off eventually.
From: Nick. 6/11

Comments: Amazing string. The spin is amazing. There's lots of power, and yet great control to put the ball where you want it. I switched from a full bed of Luxilon Big Banger to a full bed of this. It's perfect.
From: Preston. 5/11

Comments: Amazing! Soft enough to not cause arm problems but still provides that crisp polyester response. Spin generation is phenomenal, and control and power are top notch. This is the best string I've ever used! You must try this! Tension maintenance is great---I restring after a month of 3x/week play (approx. 20 hrs.). After 6 restrings I've never noticed dramatic tension loss. Great job, Solinco! Wilson BLX Six.One 95 (16x18), 17g, strung at 54 lbs. 4.0 league/rec player.
From: J, Austin, TX. 4/11

Comments: Coming back from a sore shoulder these strings were a bit too stiff. Strung at 52 lbs on my Head LM Radical MP I still felt a little sting in my arm. Cut them out after hitting for about 10 minutes. Will try again later as the reviews sound good.
From: Rick, Vail, CO, USA, 03/11

Comments: Got to demo this string a couple of months ago. Strung full bed as I do all demo strings and I love this string! Reading over all the comments there's not a lot I can add, but to say I will be adding a reel to my inventory and racquets! GOOD JOB Solinco!!!
From: Dennis, Burnsville, NC, USA, 02/11

Comments: Strung full bed at 62 lbs on my Diablo OS 107 (Asian version) with some Lead tape. Wow! I was impressed with how good this string performs. Power, Control, & Spin is awesome! But lack a bit of feel though, good thing it's more arm friendly than most textured Poly strings out there. You won't be disappointed.
From: Todd, Bangkok, THAILAND, 11/10

Comments: This string works best at the lower tensions if you are doing full string bed. At the higher tensions, it plays like a board. Try it at 52-53lbs rather than 60 as Bob from San Jose said. Also, I'm not a pro stringer but I can do one of these in under 30 minutes...much faster than I can string with pro hurricane. The string is super smooth even though it has edges so doing the crosses is pretty quick. My daughter just switched from pro hurricane. Seems to me more durable too.
From: Gino, Andover, MA, USA, 10/10

Comments: I tried the Tour Bite 17 today, 51/50 lbs on BLX 6.1 Tour Asian (leaded up to 347g). Excellent spin production & control. Most important to me, it is easier on the arm compared to my other setup (SPPP 17L / 17).
From: J, 10/10

Comments: This string allows you to play seriously like Federer for 3-4 days at a 4.5+ or even 4.0 level. When you purchase this string, you'll notice that it has edges. It's a square string, and man alive, I could put so much spin on there, it's ridiculous. I recommend purchasing this as a 16, but use this string for tournaments or special occasions. Don't use it in practice. You will love it, guaranteed!
From: Harrison, Valencia, CA, USA, 07/10

Comments: I thought this string was great. I mix it with sensation on the crosses. It has a nice crisp feel to it with a good mix of power, control, spin and feel. I prefer this over RPM, Alu Rough.
From: Ryan, Toronto, Canada. 6/10

Comments: One word to describe it: Incredible!! Tried this for the first time in my Babolat pure storm gt tour+ at 62 lbs. The 17g had a very solid feel and if hit just right a noticeable pop! Highly recommended for anyone looking for extra spin and power with a surprisingly high durability for 17g string.
From: Lucas, Gilbert, AZ, USA. 06/10

Comments: Hybrid this with a 16g Gosen og sheep, both M and X at 64 lbs. gosen in the cross. The first hour it was very stiff and felt like a board, but after 1 hour of hitting it felt great. I really love this string it plays a lot better in a hybrid
From: Bob, San Jose, CA, USA, 05/10

Comments: I played with this string for a whole week every day and the feel was amazing. It is similar to MSV focus hex but softer. I felt I could hit out and the ball still drops in. My racket is BLX 95 18x20 and I strung it at 48.5 x 45.5. I would go 2 pounds higher next time if I use it again. I am going to stick with the Revolution 1.20 as it fits better with my kind of game.
From: CG, Palmdale, CA, USA. 05/10
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I've been playing with this string for a few months and it is truly amazing. Similar to ALU but with more spin and better tension maintenance, also a bit softer.
From: Mark, Nashville, TN, USA. 5/10

Comments: As a Coach/Pro and stringer I give this string an A+. For the cost, its a no brainer! It offers great bite on the ball, spin, control, and even at an 18 gauge I found great durability! Good job Solinco! I know I will be adding this to my stringing inventory as well as placing it on a few of my frames. I really found this string enjoyable! You will too. I found it just fine as well as stringing with it. There were no issues at all. I strung at 55.5 Lbs. on a Wilson K-Factor Tour 90, a one piece job.
From: Justin, Rutland, VT, USA. 05/10

Comments: This string is by far the best string I have had in months. The Tour Bite gives you tremendous spin on the ball without sacrificing power or control. Amazing string!
From: Ian, El Paso, TX. 4/10

Comments: Strung a full bed at 60lbs in my Prestige and this string didn't have that much spin, but it did have a lot of power. My friend told me that this string plays better in a hybrid so I'm going to try that next. At this point I'm neutral about this string, but I wouldn't buy it for $12. There are plenty of better stings out there that is cheaper or about the same price. One thing I did notice about this string is that it loses its tension just as fast if not faster than Big Banger ALU Power, and the strings were harder to string because it's textured. I also thought that this string plays a little softer than Big Banger ALU Power.
From: bob, san jose, ca, us. 4/10

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