Solinco Tour Bite 16 (1.30) String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Tour Bite is definitely a spin friendly string. Had this strung up in my modified APD (the original which is about 12.8 ounces) at 52 lbs and it had really nice spin and control. My kick serve jumped up pretty nicely, (I almost hit a couple people in the face), and groundstrokes stayed in the court. I've had arm problems though, so this isn't a string I can use but I can definitely recommend it if you have a healthy arm.
From: Shintaro, 1/16

Comments: Recently strung this string in my Wilson Blade 18x20 at 50 pounds. It was extremely spin friendly and powerful. Surprisingly it was a lot more comfortable than many have stated, it removed a lot of forearm pain I had when I used to string with Luxilon Alu Power. I did not even need to use a dampener which I prefer for feel. The only complaint was the higher launch angle compared to the circular shape of Alu power, which was solved by hitting with the string for about 15 minutes.
From: Timothy, 10/15

Comments: This is the greatest string I have ever used. Great spin, a lot of power, good comfort! I highly recommend Solinco Tour Bite!
From: Antoine, 4/15

Comments: It was sort of an accident that I got these strings on my AeroPro Drive, but I'm not complaining! These strings, strung at 56 lbs, gave me so much spin and control at the same time. I feel much more confident taking a full swing at my groundstrokes. Now I have a crisp hit with a nice pop and it's all good!
From: Joe, 3/15

Comments: Took a 2 year break from playing after literally playing at least 4 times a week for 13 years and I really struggled to find a string that I liked. A pro suggested this string to me and I must say I've very pleased. It has that crips feel and great mix of control and power that I was looking for instead of feeling like I was hitting with a tampoline when I tried the ALU brands, Gamma etc.
From: Darris, 10/14

Comments: I recently strung this at 58 lbs in my Wilson Steam 99S -- so far it feels great and provides better spin. Maybe due to my racquet, the durability doesn't differ from Luxilon either. But way cheaper about half the price, so I got that going for me.
From: Siddiq, 3/14

Comments: Im the #1 player on my high school team and top 3 in the county and I have this strung at 54 lbs in my Head IG Prestige MP and the string has great bite. Similiar to Volkl Cyclone in bite and I think it provides slightly better pop. I could really kick my serve out wide. Though, if your a player who tends to get lazy half way through a match I wouldnt suggest this string cause your gonna catch the tape a lot. Next I'm going to try the Tour Bite/Vanquish hybrid because I'd like to get a little more crisp feel.
From: PA, 12/13

Comments: Solinco, Solinco, Solinco! They have done it again! They produced a great string at an affordable price. I am a 4.5 and play a good amount of tennis and truly think this is a great string. I would recommend to any competitive player.
From: Davis, 11/13

Comments: I bought this string for my Pro Staff 95 and sure was I surprised! My friend is sponsored by Solinco for his strings so he tossed me a pack. It feels like a Luxillon but just lower in price. The pop this string makes at 52 lbs is so nice. One of the best strings, so underrated.
From: Nicholas, 4/13

Comments: This string is very stiff so if you have a lot of arm problems then do not buy! For me, these worked out great. It takes a while of getting used to coming from a soft string. My serves were the hardest to adjust because the strings were so hard and stiff. But once I got the hang of it, my serves increased in pace and accuracy. These strings have a lot of power (controlled) and allows me to place a lot of my shots where I want. The strings also never move and doesn't catch the fuzz from the ball at all. I highly recommend this string for players looking for power and control in place of comfort.
From: Quan, 4/13

Comments: I can't recommend this string highly enough. I had been looking for a cheaper alternative to Big Banger for a long time and never found anything that came all that close despite numerous attempts at cheaper polys. Tour Bite, in my opinion, is a superior string in every regard - spin, power, durability, tension maintenance (loosely proven by measuring with the tension maintenance iPhone app), dwell time - as well as being significantly cheaper. If you are a religious BB user, do yourself a favor and test this string. I am now selling my last couple of sets of BB to friends at a discount so that I can buy Tour Bite instead.
From: Max, 11/12

Comments: This string gives a crisp feel with a nice balance of power, control, and spin. I strung a full bed @ 51 lbs on a Head Radical OS. I haven't had any problems with discomfort as I've experienced with other full polys. I highly recommend this string, especially if you have a comfortable racquet.
From: John, 9/12

Comments: These string play very similarly to ALU Power Rough and are much cheaper! Great strings!
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: These are great strings. They have more pop, crispiness, fell, bite , power and control than Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough.
From: HD, 6/12

Comments: I usually don't write reviews for string, but I strung this on my Pure Drive 2012 from Babolat and it is just amazing. I strung at 58lbs and it has such a crisp feel. The square shape gives u so much spin and dropshots are SO fun because if you put enough backspin the ball will bounce back into the net sometimes. It also has great power similar to RPM Blast but I found this to also have pretty good control in comparison to RPM blast.
From: Mitch, 6/12

Comments: This is a great string. A little harsh on the arm but nothing compared to Big Banger ALU and others like it. Awesome spin and control. I've been playing with these strings for almost 3 years now and love them. I've tried others since but keep coming back.
From: Erik, 5/12

Comments: I am a 17 year old high school player, going to state the last 3 years of playing. I first started using Luxilon Savage and I loved it....I didn't think I'd find a better string. Someone suggested that I use Tour Bite's and ever since I changed, I haven't looked back. Tour Bite's give me that excellent pop, but also great control due to the excessive ball bite. I can get my twist serve to kick about 7' high. I recommend Tour Bite to anyone who is looking for a string with good power and spin. This string truly has "out of this world" spin. Ridiculous.
From: Daren, 5/12

Comments: I am a 17 year old high school player, going to state the last 3 years of playing. I first started using Luxilon Savage and I loved it....I didn't think I'd find a better string. Someone suggested that I use Tour Bite's and ever since I changed, I haven't looked back. Tour Bite's give me that excellent pop, but also great control due to the excessive ball bite. I can get my twist serve to kick about 7' high. I recommend Tour Bite to anyone who is looking for a string with good power and spin. This string truly has "out of this world" spin. Ridiculous.
From: Daren, 5/12

Comments: I'm an average baseline player with heavy forehand spin and slice/flattish backhand.. Strung Tour Bite 16 on Babolat Aero GT Lite at 38/36 pounds mains/crosses. Amazing power and spin. Perfect for my game. Serves has tonnes of kick and I actually swerve the ball mid air. Thats how much spin/power u can generate with these. I tried the 18s(lasted 1 set) and 17s(4hrs) and yes, I'm a serial string breaker even at 38 pounds. So 16s are the only option for me. I honestly give this string a 9/10. Doesn't get full marks coz somehow I just hate the color.
From: Muz, 5/12

Comments: I tried this after been using RPM blast which I found to be too expensive. This is a nice clean crisp feel, great power and spin comes off well. I would highly recommend trying a pack. I bought a reel now!
From: Ryan, 1/12

Comments: I switched to this string from a hybrid of Tecnifibre synthetic gut and Babolat RPM Blast because I was breaking them in about 5 hours of play. This string gets tons of bite and spin. It really does bite. It is slowly growing on me, and it lasts. Only problem is because the strings are so square it lacks touch. Overall, great strings!
From: Riley, 9/11

Comments: This is a good string. I came from the Babolat RPM Blast (because it's too pricey) to this string from a recommendation. When I tried it I loved it's spin. Power felt a little low with me but I think that's from stringing it too tightly for my taste. I crossed it with some synthetic gut.
From: Andy, 8/11

Comments: This string has a really nice balance between power, control, and spin, with nothing really dominating the overall behavior. I have it strung at 55 lbs and it's perfect out of the gates. It's standout advantage compared to other textured polyesters is its playability for a long time, it seems to maintain the roughness/edge of the strings a bit better too. I thought Barbed Wire (16 gauge and 55 lbs as well) had amazingly good slice but was a bit lower powered compared to Bite on topspin and serve. Bite is my favorite string at the moment compared to Black Code, RPM Blast, Hurricane Pro Tour, Hurricane, Spiky Shark, Pro Tornado, Alu Rough (all very good) mainly for the extended and consistent playability that I've been noticing. I've never served and hit my groundstrokes more confidently than with this string.
From: Anon. 07/11

Comments: This string is terrific! These strings allow me to get SO much spin. I recommend them to anybody. If you're a home stringer, you may find it a little difficult to string with these. Just be patient and you'll eventually finish stringing.
From: John. 6/11

Comments: Amazing string. It is a bit powerful and takes a bit longer to adjust. I'd say it's better than ALU Power Rough. It's softer, has more spin, is MORE DURABLE, and a tad bit more power. I had doubts at first but boy, I can rip the ball with this string. I could already tell that this string would rip the fur off the ball when I was stringing it. It had to be one of the spikiest strings I had strung in a while. Anyway, A MUST HAVE IN A SERIOUS TENNIS PLAYER'S GAME.
From: Anon. 6/11

Comments: I play with a Prince Exo3 Rebel and I have very top spin heavy strokes on both sides. I hit the ball pretty hard as well. The first time I strung this string I put the Tour Bite in the mains at 53 and Gosen OG Micro 17 in the crosses at 55lbs. This really wasn't very good at all. Although I had great access to spin and control I really didn't have the power and the pocketing that I look for in a poly. I cut it out after 2 matches because I hated it and decided to really drop the tension. I strung the Solinco in the mains at 47 and Gosen at 49lbs. I thought I was playing with a different string. I still had everything I did with the higher tension but with a much better pocketing feeling and loads more pop. I was able to put the ball in easily because of the extreme spin that I could get with these strings, but what amazed me the most is the ability to flatten out shots for winners. It almost felt like PL2 but with a little bit of a crisper feel. Serves were also great. If I missed my flat serve then I felt very comfortable with really hitting a heavy spin second serve. I really recommend these strings, but I wouldn't try them if you have a very sensitive arm. They are pretty stiff, but I mean that is the reason why people who play with poly's so that really isn't that big of a deal. I also recommend stringing up two jobs with this string. One at a normal poly tension and then one 3-6lbs less depending on how daring you are.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: This is a really good spin string, has very good bite on the ball and when strung in a hybrid with a regular syn. string it had a nice crisp feel.
From: Mike, NC, USA, 02/11

Comments: The spin is great, like any other topspin string, and the power level is very impressive even strung at a higher tension. Balls also come off the string with a very nice solid pop feel. As for durability, I usually go through synthetic gut about every 9 sets. This string is durable enough to last twice that, but it loses its texture after about 6 sets making the spin less effective.
Beware if you string your own rackets. This string is VERY tricky to string. It has a very coarse metallic feel and is difficult to weave and tie off. Fortunately the same characteristics allow it to hold its tension very well it's just difficult to get an even tension on all the strings.
From: Kevin, Austin, TX, USA, 12/10

Comments: I like this string. It has a crisp feel. It plays predictable with plenty of power and control. And best of all it hasn't loosened up like many of the others. I did string it down 3 or 4 lbs. I crossed it with the vanquish at 3 lbs tighter. Perfect. Babolat areo pro gt. 56/59lbs 5.0
From: Rochus, 12/10

Comments: I'm not a fan of this string! It's so weird because of its square shape. I would suggest the outlast over this, which gives you more bite and control and is more cost efficient.
From: Seth, Little Rock, AR, USA, 10/10

Comments: The Tour Bite is an awesome all around poly. I have never seen any other string come close to the tour bite in terms of spin production
From: Jim, Miami, FL, USA, 07/10

Comments: I think this string is bad. I tried it and thought it gave no feel or spin. I think big banger is much better!
From: Drew Forsyth, Memphis, TN, USA. 06/10

Comments: I used this on my Dunlop racquet and this string made a huge difference. Tons of power and spin. Like it says. This string is good but I think Solinco Revolution is better.
From: Ian, El Paso, TX. 6/10

Comments: I really like this stuff. In my opinion it plays a lot like Pro Hurricane (the yellow stuff) but doesn't lose tension nearly as fast. I usually use a synthetic in the crosses (Sensation or Prince Topspin) to get feel. Overall, one of the best strings I've used.
From: Mark, Waco, TX. 5/10

Comments: I thought this string had good power and control. As far as spin I think Pro Hurricane Tour and Alu Rough have more spin. The string didn't move which I liked. I used this in the mains at 60lbs and Wilson Sensation in the crosses at 58lbs.
From: Christopher, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 05/10

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