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Solinco Tour Bite 16 (1.30) String Mini Reel 328' Customer feedback

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Comments: It was sort of an accident that I got these strings on my AeroPro Drive, but I'm not complaining! These strings, strung at 56 lbs, gave me so much spin and control at the same time. I feel much more confident taking a full swing at my groundstrokes. Now I have a crisp hit with a nice pop and it's all good!
From: Joe, 3/15

Comments: Took a 2 year break from playing after literally playing at least 4 times a week for 13 years and I really struggled to find a string that I liked. A pro suggested this string to me and I must say I've very pleased. It has that crips feel and great mix of control and power that I was looking for instead of feeling like I was hitting with a tampoline when I tried the ALU brands, Gamma etc.
From: Darris, 10/14

Comments: I recently strung this at 58 lbs in my Wilson Steam 99S -- so far it feels great and provides better spin. Maybe due to my racquet, the durability doesn't differ from Luxilon either. But way cheaper about half the price, so I got that going for me.
From: Siddiq, 3/14

Comments: Im the #1 player on my high school team and top 3 in the county and I have this strung at 54 lbs in my Head IG Prestige MP and the string has great bite. Similiar to Volkl Cyclone in bite and I think it provides slightly better pop. I could really kick my serve out wide. Though, if your a player who tends to get lazy half way through a match I wouldnt suggest this string cause your gonna catch the tape a lot. Next I'm going to try the Tour Bite/Vanquish hybrid because I'd like to get a little more crisp feel.
From: PA, 12/13

Comments: Solinco, Solinco, Solinco! They have done it again! They produced a great string at an affordable price. I am a 4.5 and play a good amount of tennis and truly think this is a great string. I would recommend to any competitive player.
From: Davis, 11/13

Comments: I bought this string for my Pro Staff 95 and sure was I surprised! My friend is sponsored by Solinco for his strings so he tossed me a pack. It feels like a Luxillon but just lower in price. The pop this string makes at 52 lbs is so nice. One of the best strings, so underrated.
From: Nicholas, 4/13

Comments: This string is very stiff so if you have a lot of arm problems then do not buy! For me, these worked out great. It takes a while of getting used to coming from a soft string. My serves were the hardest to adjust because the strings were so hard and stiff. But once I got the hang of it, my serves increased in pace and accuracy. These strings have a lot of power (controlled) and allows me to place a lot of my shots where I want. The strings also never move and doesn't catch the fuzz from the ball at all. I highly recommend this string for players looking for power and control in place of comfort.
From: Quan, 4/13

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