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Solinco Tour Bite 16L (1.25) String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Good string as far as control and spin. However, it feels rather stiff even comparing to my usual Luxilon Original. I felt some tenderness in my elbow after one hour of training, something I usually don't experience with softer polys. I saw that some other customers compare it to Luxilon Alu Rough, but to me it reminds me of stiffer strings, like Babolat Pro Hurricane or Tecnifibre Red Code.
From: Fabio, 9/13

Comments: Tried this on the Technifibre t-fight 305 at 55 lbs and what I like about these Tour Bite strings is that you get an excellent trade-off for power, control, and spin. Moreover, these strings are proving to be durable and are holding tension well even after about 15 hours of use.
From: Joe, 8/13

Comments: Good string. Contender with my favaorite: MSV Focus Hex. I tried 1.25 mm (16L) strung at 55/58 lbs. Crisp, controlled, pop, decent power but not too much so you can take full swings. My only gripe was that the 16L gauge felt heavy and took some getting used to. I will try a thinner gauge next time. Well worth a try if you like the synthetic strings. Don't know how well tension will hold, yet.
From: Steve, 6/13

Comments: I've tried all the top rated strings. This one gives the MOST controlled power out of any other string on the market today! So much more control than Luxilon ALU, and the power is there too! Get it, string it low (52 lbs or so), and you will love it. I have it on my Wilson K-90, and 95 at 46lbs. Perfection! The tension lasts forever too. I could place the ball anywhere. The price is decent too.
From: Greg, 7/12

Comments: I tried this string. To me it gave me nice spin and control on my second match it went dead. It didn't give me power. So I tried an experiment. I put this string on mains and LXN ALU Power on crosses and it was great from Solinco I got the spin and more control and from LXN I got power. I strung it at 53/55.
From: Dario, 6/12

Comments: Its great! My go to string. Love the easy access to spin and power. I like it even better than Luxilon Alu Power Rough.
From: Mark, 4/12

Comments: I used this string with Gosen synthetic gut in the crosses. Strung it at 60/62lbs. It played really nice for the first 8 hours then went a little dead. It had great spin and power. One of my top 3 strings so far.
From: Chris, 8/11

Comments: This is the best string I have tried. I tested it next to Luxilon ALU Power and Rough. I have tried many different setups with different strings. This offers and excellent mix of spin, power, tension maintenance, control and feel.
From: Juan, 8/11

Comments: This string is by far the best for major topspin and control. I tried it once and never went back.
From: Michael. 5/11

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