Wilson Stamina 17 660 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I found the Stamina 17 to be very durable and quite good at holding tension although I thought it lost 'feel' very quickly. Each set I've had has, after one day's play, gone from 'crisp' to 'dull'. Basically, I'd call it an average, functional string with good durability and at a good price. Might be a reasonable choice for a string-breaker or a power player looking for a less expensive option, but for players who utilize a lot of touch and finesse it isn't the best choice.
From: Andrew, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 04/06

Comments: I'm disappointed with the durability. These strings don't seem to last more than an hour and a half. I'm going to try stringing the mains with something more durable and use this string for the crosses.
From: Tim
Seattle, WA 3/10/06

Comments: I began feeling a bit of a elbow pain after playing for about 2 hours of tennis with this string.
From: Billy
Beverton, OR, US 10/16

Comments: I'm a solid 5.0 player at age 28 hitting with the Pro Staff Original (85"), 1 oz lead weighting, frame strung at 70. I'm disappointed that Wilson discontinued the Performance Plus line of string since that was my mainstay. While the 17 gauge Stamina doesn't play with as much response/resiliency and touch as the 17 gauge Performance Plus nor the softness of the multifilament/coreless type string, it does provide significant ball bite and durability. Whereas Performance Plus lasted about 45 minutes to 1.5 hours on any given day, the Stamina 17 is lasting at least double that. I appreciate that since at about the 45 minute mark in a match (where I am "one" with the racket response) the older, softer Performance Plus popped. It's not that the Stamina handles deeper string notching along the mains, it's that the material is strictly harder. On occasion, I'd also snap the Performance Plus strings (4 or more at a time) on a solid overhead. I have yet to snap these on my more powerful encounters. I also wouldn't equate this string performance to a mushy, tasteless nylon. It's simply snappier in response than any simple monofilament nylon 66. I plan to stick with it.
From: Peter, Cleburne, TX, USA. 3/04

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