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Comments: For the money, better than Gosen Sheep Micro and Prince Synthetic Gut. I can feel the ball/hand connection clear and well, power, spin, control all close to $20 strings, and it lasted 1 year for moderate play. Major downside are comfort and it is not as durable as I would like. My racquet is a Pro Staff 85, long/heavy spin strokes with long delay time, but not pushed for power. If I string myself, I would use this for the price, but since labor costs $20, I would use more expensive/durable ones.
From: Anon, 11/13

Comments: My first day hitting with this string. I have it strung in my Head IG Speed Elite at 55 lbs. I really liked the feel and power. It isn't too stiff, and not too soft either. The tension also let me get a lot more power. Serving was the best with this string. I am not sure how it will last.
From: Ryan, 8/11

Comments: I tried this out just to give it a shot before I buy the reel, and it's a good string overall. I did a hybrid with Luxilon ALU Rough on the mains, and this on the crosses. I am a frequent string-breaker and with this set-up, my strings would last longer. First few practice sessions, the string feels dead but after some break-in period with the tension is perfectly distributed, this string feels great. Spin and ball-pocketing are evident as long as you put a lot of racquet head speed to brush up the ball. Overall, this string is great with a hybrid set-up.
From: Jim, 8/11

Comments: This is absolute garbage. Trash. It had no liveliness on the stringbed and no ball pocketing ability. I suppose one could hybrid this with something more lively but that is about it. Don't use this in a full bed.
From: Josh, Sacramento, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Bought the Aerogel 1Hundred and this came as stock string at 57lbs tension. Played for four months before it finally broke. I liked the feel and the pop it produced. Performed really well for such a cheap string.
From: Tin, Everett, WA, USA. 9/10

Comments: These strings aren't too good. They work well maybe the first week if you play, then they get worse. They sting the arm too much and sometimes it starts to hurt. I do not recommend to use this string. It has an ideal price though compared to the quality. 4/10
From: AD, USA. 08/10

Comments: I strung one of my Wilson Pro Tours with Hollow Core 16 and another with Stamina 16, and after about 6-8 hours hitting with each the Hollow Core dropped a few pounds tension while the Stamina felt closer to initial tension (55). Eventually, Stamina dropped in tension but only after the mains started to notch, so I will use it on my backup rackets. 4.0 level.
From: Craig, Acton MA USA 02/10

Comments: These strings have a lot of pop but does not offer much access to spin. They are pretty stiff for a nylon string but are still comfortable. They are definitely are more durable than the average synthetic gut, yet they offer similar playability which is why I recommend these strings.
From: Ross, CA, USA 12/09

Comments: They played decent for the first two hours or so, after that they felt dead, no feel at all, actually they felt pretty hard. I cut them off before they broke. I did not like them and definitely I would not use them again or recommend them. Get Reaction instead.
From: anon. Santo Domingo, D.R. 08/09
Comps. strung at 58 on Dunlop AG 300.

Comments: My son is a junior player who hits with a lot of topspin. He has three racquets and would pop the Wilson Stamina strings at least three times every 10 days. The price we were playing to have the racquets restrung led us to buy our own stringing machine. We also decided to change to hybrid strings (Luxilon 17g- mains, Stamina 16g- crosses). He has been playing every day during the summer and has only popped his strings once.
From: Tammy, Coral Springs, FL, USA, 07/09

Comments: I really like this string. It is easy to install in the racquet, and feels great. The price is even better, especially if you buy the 660' real. The only problem is I go through this string in about 2-3 sets. If you are a chronic string breaker, do not buy this if you have two racquets. You will go through it very quickly
From: Micah, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 07/09 15224

Comments: Pretty good overall. Had a good playability when it was first strung and had good power and control. Little hard on the feel. Loses tension relatively fast. but it broke before it was necessary to be restrung. give a 7.5/10.
From: Frank, Ellicott City, MD 06/09

Comments: I'm a college player who hits the ball fairly hard. I like this string for the price. After 4 uses of about 2 hours of play each it hasn't broke. That's unheard of for a string at this price. I'd say buy this string if money is an issue. It does have pop and control and I actually like the feel of it closer to the end of its life.
From: John, MI, USA. 6/09

Comments: I'm a 4.5 NTRP baseliner using semi-western and a two-handed backhand. The first hits were great. A lot of bite on the ball, but these strings loosen up quickly, and only lasting about 2-3weeks max. On the plus side, these are really cheap, and restringing is extremely easy. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone but beginners because they break so quickly.
From: JZ, US of A. 3/09

Comments: If you hit the ball hard like me and put a lot of spin, this string is not for you. I got these strings and it felt good 4 the first 3 days. This string is weak and it breaks quick. DO NOT BUY...
From: PAUL, Waterbury, CT, USA

Comments: Very much like Prince Synthetic Gut (original), but I'd say a little less feel and a little more durability. Decent string for the price.
From: Joseph, Davis, CA, USA. 2/09

Comments: String sucks...Feels good for the first week maybe, then dies out and brakes.
From: Mack, Chicago, IL, USA. 1/09

Comments: This string lasts a while actually, contrary to what most believe. On the average this string will last about 3 weeks. Overall I thought this was a well-rounded string with a good blend of power and some control.
From: Paul, Atlanta, GA. 8/08

Comments: I can hit topspin with this string; you just need the right racket. I have two Wilson ROK rackets strung with this string and love the string. It lasts forever and has great control and topspin. Again it's the racket more than the string.
From: Chris, Atlanta. 7/08

Comments: Stamina string is very durable when strung at 58 lbs. on a Prince 03 Hybrid Comp MP which lasted about a month before the strings felt dead before breaking. Control was OK and power was terrible and spin was OK, but a lot of balls would go long in a week or two. I'm a 4.0 player with medium topspin and think I'll stay away from this string.
From: Matthew, Woodstock, GA, USA. 7/08

Comments: I'm a 15 year old who really liked the way Stamina played, but it lacked durability. I use a full western grip and play with heavy topspin. I found that every time I re-string it, it doesn't last as long as the previous time. I love the feel, but it breaks in about a week for me. I play five to six days a week, for at least 2 hours. I find stringing it is very easy as well. I really like the way this string plays, now if only Wilson could find a way to increase its durability. I am considering using Stamina for my crosses, and Babolat Pro Hurricane for my mains. O yea, I forgot to mention, I usually string it at 60 lbs, (two-piece) on my Prince o3 White.
From: Alex, Long Beach, CA, USA. 7/08

Comments: This string is one of the best synthetic guts I have ever played with. I play 2-3 times a day. 7 Days a week. This string is easy to string. Most importantly the playability is like gut first 15 minutes...then nxt...then like an amazing synthetic gut. It has average feel good crisp..very comfortable. It brakes 1 in 2 days for me I play 6-8 hours a day, but I'm a 5.0 if that matters. It's a good reliable string for rain rackets or any person.
From: Krishna, Plainsboro, NJ, USA, 05/08

Comments: I think Stamina 16 is a good string. Playability, control and spin seem pretty good to me. My only complaint is durability and string movement (which are definitely related). Stamina reminds me a lot of Prince Topspin, another good string except for its poor durability. I have tried Signum Pro Poly and Forten Thin Blend and they were more durable but I thought their playability was notably worse than Stamina. My favorite overall was Wilson NXT Tour but it's very expensive. I'll keep using Stamina. I'm a 50 year-old 4.0 player and use a Head Liquidmetal Instinct strung at 55-60 lbs. I get about 20-30 hours of play from Stamina before it breaks.
From: Will, ND, USA, 01/08

Comments: It's hard to judge this string considering the strings don't last long. But from what I have experience, these strings have cost me more than my original strings. Wilson Stamina is anything but stamina. Don't be fooled by the name and don't waste your money on this product. If you want durable strings, get Wilson Enduro Gold. Trust me on this one. I use Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 and play at an advance level and I will only use the Enduro string from here on.
From: Naysan, Melbourne, Australia, 03/07

Comments: I strung it @ 60 on my PS 6.0 95. It moves like crazy, control is poor, spin is poor, comfort is fine. It lasted about 25 hours. I will not use it again. Gosen OG Sheep Micro Super JC is much better in every respect.
From: Alex, Tel-Aviv, Israel. 9/06

Comments: I am a hard hitting junior in high school and this string is awesome for my style of play because most other strings can't handle the amount of top-spin that I put on the ball and usually break within 4 to 5 days. This string is perfect for high school players because strings break often with 2 hours of practice every day for 5 days a week. I highly recommend this string.
From: Marshall, Clayton, NC, USA 08/06

Comments: This string is pretty good. I use it on the crosses, mixed with Luxilon rough, and it lasted for about two days for me, then it started loosening up. It broke in about two days. Great string but loses tension too fast for me. So if you're a high level junior, or player and you break strings a lot, this might not affect you.
From: Alex, Jacksonville, Florida. U.S. 07/06

Comments: This string is pretty durable. Only if you hit really hard and play a lot, I don't think you will break the strings too quickly. When I played with it for about a week my arm started to become sore, and I'm only 13 years old! My coach suggested it but I don't really know why because he teaches me topspin and it doesn't produce spin well. In the beginning I thought it was too powerful, but now the blend of control and power are just right. I don't really know if I love or hate it. I guess I will just keep looking for a string that is just right. I recommend this string for beginners who hit flat. TOPSPINNERS DO NOT USE!
From: Bear, Georgia 05/06

Comments: I was unimpressed by this string. Power was fair and spin was fair. I'm a 4.5 player and the strings broke an hour after playing a 5.5 player. If you're looking for durability and you hit with power or a lot of spin I would go with a different string.
From: Chad, Casa Grande, AZ, USA 04/06

Comments: I strung this in my prince shark mid+ at 65 and it gave me a little power with excellent control and it was comfortable. Not great for spin though...still a great string that holds tension well.
From: Duy Tran
Garden Grove, CA 1/04/06

Comments:This string is ok...for the price. I am a 4.0 player that usually plays with Yonex 850 Pro, but i wanted to try this string. I was pretty disappointed with it. Spin was pretty hard to generate, and it hurt my arm. I am going to stick with the Yonex 850
From: Jorge
USA 10/05

Comments: The good part about this string is that it lasts. I've used Prince Topspin and only get about 4.5 hours of play. I hear the ball coming off the strings and sounds great. Max topspin is harder to obtain compared to any regular thin string. I'll restring my racquet with Stamina again. (4.5 NTRP level.)
From: Von 9/28
Columbia, SC, USA

Comments: I've used Prince Synthetic Gut (original) for most of my life, but decided to try out Stamina. Honestly, I can't tell the difference between the two strings. They both have more of a crisp, as opposed to dampened feel. By the way, if you want a dampened and springy feeling synthetic, try Babolat superfine play. Both the Prince and Wilson strings have relatively low power, but have good control and good access spin. I've only been playing with Stamina for a couple of weeks, so I can't comment on its durability yet. Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate Stamina about a 7, and the same rating for Prince Synthetic Gut. Superfine Play I'd rate a 5 or 6; as I said, dampened feel, but not great on control or spin.
From: Jimmy, CA, USA. 7/05

Comments: I've used Prince Synthetic Gut (original) for most of my life, but decided to try out Stamina. Honestly, I can't tell the difference between the two strings. They both have more of a crisp, as opposed to dampened feel. By the way, if you want a dampened and springy feeling synthetic string, try Babolat superfine play. Both the Prince and Wilson strings have relatively low power, but have good control and good access spin. I've only been playing with Stamina for a couple of weeks, so I can't comment on its durability yet. Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate Stamina about a 7, and the same rating for Prince Synthetic Gut. Superfine Play I'd rate a 5 or 6; as I said, dampened feel, but not great on control or spin.
From: Jimmy, Calif. 08/05

Comments: Eh, I tried this string and I did not really like the sound that comes out of my racquet. After playing about 3.5 hours my arm started to hurt, I do not think I am going to try Stamina again, its durability is decent, but otherwise I am going to try the Extreme Synthetic Gut. I still recommend people to try it out because it might be the right string for others but not me.
From: Bao, Fort Worth, Texas, USA 07/05

Comments:I don't know why everyone is giving the strung a bad review. It has great feel, the spin potential is awesome & it is very durable. I play with a Head I-Radical Mid-Plus & this string gives me all of the above. For the price you just can't beat it. I have switched from Head Rip Control 16 to this string & love it. The Head I-Radical MP has a dense string bed, thus it is hard to generate a large amount of spin, not with this string.
From: Randy Childers, Bettendorf, IA, USA 06/05

Comments: Great string for the money. Great durability and tension maintenance, but can be a little tough on the arm. I must be missing something on other comments about poor durability maybe it's the dense string pattern of my racket that is lending to my positive experience? I'm a 4.0 baseliner playing with a Head I Radical, stung at 62lbs.
From: Mitch, The Woodlands, TX, USA. 05/05

Comments: If you're looking for a soft string with a lot of feel, Wilson Stamina is most definitely not the string for you. Strung at 57 pounds on a Volkl V1 Classic frame (the same tension I had previously used with Wilson Sensation), I found the Stamina to be pingy, twangy and overly stiff. It made my racket feel like a piece of sheet metal. My mistake, though. I don't break a lot of strings, so I prefer strings with a lot of playability and feel rather than durability; I should have stuck with something in that family in the first place.
From: Randolph, Washington, DC, USA. 02/05

Comments: I think stamina is great. It gives me everything, topspin, power, control. I would give it an A+. But the bad part about it is that it doesn't last but about a week for me and it can be hard on the arm after a while.
From: Andrew Baren, Hurst,Texas,USA. 10/04

Comments: This string really disappointed me. I've been using Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16, and it lasts me a week or two. I bought Stamina hoping I would get better durability, but it only lasted me an hour. I hit with heavy topspin and medium power from the baseline and this is not a good string to use if you hit with spin. Save your money and get a set first so you won't be stuck with a reel of string that no one wants.
From: Mike, Chicago, IL, USA. 07/04

Comments: I am a Division I college tennis player and think that Stamina is a great string. It lasts typically a week for me playing a couple hours each day, but the feel and "softness" of the string is unmatched for the durability that it gets.
From: Rob, Birmingham, AL, USA. 5/04

Comments: Wilson Stamina is not all that great. I'm a varsity high school tennis player, with heavy top spin. Stamina doesn't give you a lot of spin potential and has very little feel. On the positive side the durability is very good for the price that it costs. It lasts for about 2 weeks playing every day for 2 hours each day.
From: John, Garden Grove, CA, USA. 2/04

Comments: I used this string for the first time today! It was great compared to the cheap string I was previously using. It may not have the playability for you advanced players, but for me it was great, as I am an intermediate player who's still improving. It feels great and I recommend it!
From: Robbie, Melbourne, Australia. 2/04

Comments: Stamina plays soft (easy on the arm) and has good to very good spin. Its durability was average for me and it's inexpensive. I like it!
From: Steve, Ohio, USA. 11/03

Comments: I'm a 6.0 baseliner. Previous strings were Wilson Extreme (going back to it) and Prince Synthetic Gut. I was breaking these about every 3 hours of play and that got frustrating pretty quickly. I wanted something cheap but durable and tried the Stamina. It has nice feel, but is potentially lethal to the arm. It plays flatter than a synthetic gut meaning it offers less spin and requires more effort than a synthetic gut. I enjoyed this as I don't need a heck of a lot of spin, but this string ruined my arm due to its extreme stiffness.
From: Colin, Atlanta, GA, USA. 8/03

Comments: I tried this string two times on my Wilson ProStaff 6.1. Both times I broke the string in about 2.5hrs of play. Stamina? I think not!
From: Sean, NY, NY, USA. 8/03

Comments: This string is what you pay for. Regular synthetic gut plays better. The spin is poor and durability is average. Power is poor. I am a 4.0 baseline player with heavy topspin (full western grip).Would recommend Forten Thin Blend for durability and playability.
From: Dre, Columbia, SC, USA. 5/03

Comments: I loved that traditional feel of Wilson Stamina 16, but it was hard to get spin. I found myself hitting the ball out a lot. Durability was a little more than average. I have a moderate swing and broke the string in two and a half weeks. I don't think I'll be buying Wilson Stamina 16 anymore. I'll probably try Stamina Spin.
From: Pete, Georgia, USA. 4/03

Comments: If you break strings frequently and are considering a polyester string, try Stamina first. It isn't quite as stiff, is easier on the arm, and plays better (spin and power) than a polyester. However, if chronic string breaking is not a significant problem, I'd suggest something softer (Prince w/ Duraflex, Topspin, Live Wire XP, etc.). I actually cut Stamina out well before it would have broken due to its stiffness, despite dropping 7lbs. from my normal tension. Strung in an Original Slazenger Pro Braid @ 68-64.
From: Dean, Appleton, WI, USA. 3/03

Comments: Wilson Stamina 16 Synthetic Gut is a good strong string with a nice pop but it's hard to get good spin. Almost as strong as a polyester string. Overall I would recommend.
From: Robert M. Charlotte, NC. USA 12/02

Comments: I broke Prince Duraflex 16 gauge in one week of playing. My racquet with Wilson Stamina in it has lasted about a month. I'm a 4.0 player with heavy topspin.
From: Klaus, Williamsburg, VA. USA 10/02

Comments: The good part about this string is that it lasts almost as long as a polyester string, although it doesn't have the rough feel of polyester. The pop is really great. Although, is doesn't seem to grip the ball well, so spin is harder to obtain compared to regular strings, in my opinion. I like spin. I don't think I'll restring my racquet with Stamina again. (4.0 NTRP level.)
From: Fed, Seattle, WA. USA 10/02

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