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Comments: This is a follow-up from my last comment. After 10 hours of play the strings definitely lose tension. I can't keep shots in. It almost felt as if the strings were dead. I switched to Topspin Cyber Blue 18g mains at 50 lbs and Big Ace Pro Supex 19g at 53lbs on crosses. They are much softer and offer more control than a full bed of this Solinco 18g. Next time I'm going to try this Solinco string on my crosses only at 53 lbs. Overall a great string, but only use it as a hybrid.
From: Mark, 9/12

Comments: I have this string strung in my Wilson BLX Surge @ 50lbs as a full bed. I've always played around 58lbs, but my tennis pro suggested a lot lower tension with poly strings. I was very nervous of trying 50lbs tension. Wow, was I wrong. 50 lbs tension with this string is incredible. I have more control and power than at 58 lbs. Don't string your polys tight. Ypu're going to want to keep them at 52lbs or lower. The strings don't move, plus they will last longer at a lower tension. Ask someone who plays with poly before stringing your racquet. I've played 4 matches and my racquet hasn't lost any tension. Great string at 18 gauge!
From: Mark, 9/12

Comments: I tried multifilament strings only due to tennis elbow. Recently strung this string at 53 lbs in a full bed. It has great power, durability, comfort, and ball pocket. I really like it.
From: Steven, 9/11

Comments: Strung this in the mains as a hybrid with Kirschbaum Touch Multifiber 17 crosses. (Prince EXO Rebel 95 - 52 mains, 57 crosses - Babolat machine - 4.5 all court player - moderate topspin). "Solid" and "crisp" are two adjectives I'd use to describe the feel. I definitely had nice control and spin was at about the same level as my usual main string Kirschbaum Pro Line II 1.15. The Kirschbaum is a bit more comfortable though and gives me a more power. The color looks great as well. I felt I got slightly more spin with Kirschbaum Helix and even RPM Blast though. This is nicely priced and tension loss didn't seem that bad. Someone who likes a firm stringbed (perhaps a young player with a fast swing) would enjoy this string. Though not quite as stiff (and better for spin of course), it even reminded me of the feel of thin Kevlar mains.
From: Eric, USA, 09/10

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