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Comments: Best string for me so far. I have tried several spin potential polys like Tour Bite, Cyclone, RPM Blast and Hyper G. Revolution is the best among all of them. Great ball pocketing and incredible spin potential kind of familiar with tour bite, but at the same time way more comfortable than the tour bite. Control is great and the feel is above average, too. Really low powered string so I was struggle with the power and the depth of my ball at the beginning. It does need a break-in time and after that things became better. Strung at 52 lbs on my pure drive. I will try it at 50 lbs next time to see if I can shorten the break-in time. Great string!
From: Russell, 4/16

Comments: I'm a division two player and I have played with several popular poly strings (RPM, Pro Hurricane, Pro Hurricane Tour, Lux ALU Power, Lux Savage, Black Code, Tour Bite, Wilson Revolve) and this one is the best in terms of spin, control, power, and feel. Revolution is fantastic for the first three or four hours, then becomes too springy after it breaks in. I'll try stringing a few pounds heavier and see if they last longer. Strung at 57 lbs on a Yonex Vcore Tour G 310.
From: Nick, 9/15

Comments: This string is probably the best co-poly I have played with and I have tried a lot: ALU Big Banger, Kirschbaum Pro Line2, Kirschbaum Revolution, Black Widow, etc. More life and power than the others with equal control. And durable too. Strung at 57 lbs. in my Head TI6, and I am a 4-4.5 player. Might be causing stiff elbow though, as I've read this is a symptom of playing with these strings.
From: Robert, 5/14

Comments: I have tried numerous string sets. I really liked this one. It gave me lots of control and a good amount of power on my shots. However, this is one of those strings where you have to give time to break-in. The perfect blend of power and control makes shot placement phenomenal. Balls land where I wanted them to. Really good, a must try for those looking for new strings. I strung mine at 57 lbs in the mains and 56 lbs in the crosses.
From: AM, 10/13

Comments: For the first few hours, these strings felt like I was hitting the ball with a ping pong paddle. No feel whatsoever, but once they were broken-in, these strings felt great. I got a lot more power and control on my shots, and I was able to place the ball where I wanted to without much worry of hitting it long or wide. Also, I was able to hit harder without any arm problems (yet). So far this string is one of my favorite strings that I've played with. The other one would be the Luxilon Big Banger TiMo 17g.
From: Angela, 7/13

Comments: I've heard mixed opinions about this string, but I can assure you this a good string for intermediate or advanced players who want spin and control. I have this string in my Pure Drive Roddick GT Plus racquets at 57 pounds and it is honestly a soul mate for this racquet. I say this because the string is a very cool looking blue that compliments the frame's colors and it is low powered, has exceptional control, and gives the ball a lot of bite. This string really lets you swing out if you have a long fast stroke and maintain lots of control. Groundstrokes are heavy and kick serves explode off the service lines. Tension loss is pretty much average with most other polys I've tried according to my iphone app (alu power, tour bite) but I have not had a drastic change in performance after the 3 weeks I've had it, though it has become a little less efficient in terms of spin and control. I'd say this string should be replaced after 3 to 5 weeks that are filled with ample playtime. Of course, if you can afford to restring sooner, then do so. I highly recommend this string!
From: Connor, 6/13

Comments: I strung a half set of the Revolution in the mains of my Wilson BLX Pro Staff 95 with Gosen Micro 16g in the crosses (both at 52 lbs). I normally run only hybrid string jobs in my racquet so I can tell a good poly from a bad one when I hit the ball. The feel of this string is similar to Volkl Cyclone yet the playability (power and spin generation) is similar to that of RPM Blast, which makes it all more attractive to me. Plus, for a poly, its pretty affordable and the tension holds rather well compared to other polys with this level of playability. I plan to buy a reel of this string in the future!
From: Anon, 5/13

Comments: I have tried about 10 different poly strings in the past 12 months. Luxilon Big Banger, Prince Beast, Dunlop Black Widow, Babolat RPM, Pro Hurricane, Pro Hurricane Tour etc. Even tried the Solinco Tour Bite. This string beats them all! The softness, playability, control and spin are amazing.
From: Nimit. 3/12

Comments: Great string! I use it as a cross with Klip Legend gut mains. It makes the less expensive Klip feel like VS. I get about 30-40 hours before the crosses have cut through the mains. This is my favorite gut/poly set-up yet. Cool color too. Solinco strings are the best imo, or at least among the best.
From: KVS, USA, 1/12

Comments: This is a very good string. I strung it on my Head YOUTEK IG Instinct MP in the mains at 58 lbs and found it to have some excellent control and spin and power was easy to generate. With a multi in the crosses the feel and control are enhanced. A very good set-up, I would recommend to anyone.
From: Donavan, 8/11

Comments: First couple days and matches they are perfect, but after 5-7 days I found a big loss of tension. If you are okay to cut them every 7 days they are perfect.
From: Anon. 6/11

Comments: I loved it. First day, 2nd day, 3rd day, love it. Bought a reel of it immediately. I highly recommend this string. I am a big hitter with lots of topspin, all around game. Durability is good and power/control is excellent. Strung at 55 lbs on a Prestige MP.
From: Juan, San Diego, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: These strings are amazing. I believe that these strings beat the RPM by a mile. Plus, the blue color makes my Aeropro drive cortex awesome. They weren't kidding when they said this string could generate spin. The part I love about this string is that there is no break in period at all! I recommend these strings to anyone who loves to swing fast who needs a little control for their game. Stringing these strings where a pain in the butt but it's worth it since it has amazing touch.
From: Ken, Camas, WA, USA, 07/10
NTRP Ranking: 4.5

Comments: I tried this string at 48 pounds on my new BLX 95 18x20 and the feel is incredible. I was looking for something that would make my tight pattern more playable, and this is it. This has good feel, good power and very good spin, especially when serving out wide. I don't have any complaints about the string, but I am pretty sure my opponents will. A+
From: CG, Palmdale, CA, USA. 05/10
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Solid string that offers good access to spin and control. The power seems to be limited with this string however. I like to hit topspin virtually every chance I get and this string is def up there with the Pro Hurricane for me. Strung it at 62 on my Yonex RDS001 and really like it. Will certainly buy again and would recommend it also.
From: Damir, Atlanta, GA, USA, 04/10

Comments: Wow. Touch, feel and power. If you're 4.0 and above, these are the strings for you. Saw the UCLA team using them, got curious and then I'm hooked. I'm a hard hitter with a fair amount of spin, and these have already had 5 hours of play. More than I can ask for. I do recommend.
From: Mark, LA, CA, USA, 04/10

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