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Comments: To start this off, I am a high school player that is in the middle between aggressive and defensive (probably more a defensive player than anything). I strung this string up in my Wilson BLX Juice 100 at 55 pounds (along with a rubber band as a dampener and a Tourna Grip XL over grip). First time hitting with this string, it had been sitting in my racquet for around 24 hours and I could tell it had already dropped in tension. If you are someone who likes a poly to play stiff then you might want to beef up your tension or go with another string. Like I said I said though I strung it at 55 and my first impressions was that it was very soft and arm friendly. I was hitting groundstokes with nice depth and it was coming off the racquet with a respectable pace a poly. That being said it was also a little to unpredictable for my likings in the argument that I had just strung it up a day before. All in all I am 50/50 on this string. The feel is really nice and the power for a poly is right up there with any multi, but the lack of tension maintenance is not good at all. If I use it again I would defiantly go up from my normal 55 pounds to around 57 to 59 pounds. I'll give it a 6/10 and with the price it would be something I would use again if I am looking to stay on a budget.
From: Jordan, 8/14

Comments: Amazing string. I have pains in my wrist with a full poly set so I use a hybrid of this a Gamma syn gut. This string is so durable that the Gamma syn gut gave out first. Other than that, amazing spin and placement.
From: John, 5/14

Comments: Awesome string. It is very durable and barely loses tension. It creates a lot of spin and control. Highly recommend it.
From: Allen, 3/13

Comments: Amazing string. Lots of topspin and shape on the ball. It is very durable and it took me almost 2 months to break it strung at 56 lbs. The strings barely lose tension and I would highly recommend it.
From: Allen, 12/12

Comments: I really like this string. I get aggressive spin off of it. The feeling of the string is crisp and it lasts for a long time. I used to play with lux rough 16l and those broke every 2 weeks. I switched to barb wire 16 gauge, and it broke in a month. The 17 gauge broke in a week. The string doesn't really die, and I think it has a more solid feeling than barb wire.
From: Jay Jay, 1/12

Comments: This is a super solid feeling string but I am a little disappointed with the power level. I had Big Hitter Blue Rough on before this and I was expecting the same power but with a stiffer feel. unfortunately, I was wrong. Power is too low. Spin is good and looks cool but I am getting no depth on my shots with this string.
From: Chris, 7/11

Comments: I've been using Luxilon for the last two and a half years on my 93 head radical and liked it. I've hybrided it and used full poly at 65 lbs. I just thought I would have to get used to the stiffness of poly strings. So I dropped my tension to 60 lbs, with my last Lux string job and I hate it. It's softer, but no control. A friend of mine told me to try Solinco Revolution, and I'm sold! Strung at 62 lbs., this string feels as close to nylon as I've felt since I switched to poly! Great bite, nice power, and the strings don't move, (my favorite aspect of poly strings! Goodbye Luxilon, Hello Solinco!
From: Ryan, Seattle, Wa. USA. 07/10

Comments: Like someone else said, this string has a distinctly "plastiky" stiff, feel to it, at least in 16g. I strung full bed of it at 55lbs and it felt really nasty first time I hit. It loosened up some more for a few weeks, while I popped strings on 2 of my other racquets (RDS001MP), and now it feels actually pretty playable, but with so many polyester strings out there, this string is towards the bottom of my list. I also tested Solinco's red strings and those were very decent.
From: Anton, Staten Island, NY, USA. 07/10

Comments: I honestly think this string is better than the tour bite. Try it and see for yourself.
From: Harry, Weehawken, NJ, USA, 07/10

Comments: This is by far the best string I have ever used. There is lots and lots of power, tons of feel and control. The best string ever made.
From: Ian, El Paso, TX. 6/10

Comments: Hybrided it with True Feel multi on my Prestige, and once again their polys are a pain to string. I liked the string because it gave me decent spin and a lot of control. The con about this string is that you don't get that much feel and it feels a little like hard plastic. Let me warn you this string is very durable, it lasted a lot longer than Big Banger ALU Power for me.
From: bob, san jose, ca, usa. 4/10

Comments: This string is so amazing. It's way better than Luxilon and softer. I strung this string at 60lbs on my Yonex RQiS 2 Tour racquet. I have friends who have tried the other strings too and they loved it. This string company is going blow Luxilon away soon, I Promise.
From: Nathan, Los Angeles, CA United States. 4/10

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