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Comments: Update: After a 4 month play test and experimenting with different string set ups and lead weight set ups, I am reluctantly switching back to Head Microgel Radical Pro. I really wanted to like this new racquet. The Speed Pro Ltd. looks the business and is far cooler looking than any raquet I have previously used! The Speed Pro is fun to use and repels pace extremely well. The best aspect of the racquet was grinding out long rallies with big diagonal balls. Put simply; this racquet improved cross court resilience and aggression. Subtle lack of control/connection with the ball was my only issue with this racquet. Unfortunately, I found the 22.5mm graphene frame too stiff -- offering insufficient feel to allow me to confidently aim close to the lines. The open string pattern and 'whippiness' of the my old micro gel radical pro also offered bigger topspin.
From: Jon, 7/14

Comments: Great playing stick with a great look. However, the replacement grommets are not black, so when you do need to replace them the look is not the same. I called Head and was told they did not make or plan to make any black replacement grommets.
From: DB, 6/14

Comments: I'm an aggressive baseline player and I have used the same racquet for a good number of years before upgrading to a newer model. Firstly, the Yonex rd7, followed by Yonex rdx500, then switching to a Head radical pro microgel and finally the Head graphene pro. What the new Graphene Speed Pro lacks in feedback and feel it makes up for in stability, size of sweet spot and ability to absorb incoming pace. Providing you are stong enough to handle the swingweight you won't get bullied from the baseline. In my opinion, it is more of a counter punchers racquet, despite strung as high as 58lbs with volkl cyclone (and weighted up about 15g), I don't feel quite as connected with the ball as previous racquets. However, the easy pace, spin and decent control makes it a really fun racquet to use when engaging in long baseline rallies.
From: Jon, 4/14

Comments: Just bought two of these, after using Head YouTek Speed MP (16x19) and before that Head Liquidmetal MP (18x20). These racquets are great. For me, playing them as stock, with exception of adding Wilson Sensation Overgrips over the leather handle. Usually, I add lead to 3 and 9 but haven't had to with these racquets. These racquets have great plow through, very good spin (I can generate as much as my old 16x19), and much better feel and accuracy that my previous Speed models. I find myself being able to place the ball closer to the lines with this racquet and volleys are crisper and more stable. These actually play a lot like my old Liquidmetals, but with a little more pop and spin with this version. Stringing with Wilson natural gut in the mains (58 lbs) and Weiss Cannon silver string in crosses (55 lbs).
From: G, 2/14

Comments: Update: Ok, I've had these racquets now for 3 months and have some extra comments. So it's a players racquet in that you have to generate your own power with good technique. If you scissor your arms on your forehand you won't find it has much to offer you. You need good upper body rotation to generate racket head speed. The dense 18x20 stringing pattern allows me to use multi-filament strings for feel and control. I use Technifibre X-One Biphase at around 53-54 lbs and have only broken one string in 3 months, and that was a hard hit right at the top. Previously they would only last me a week or two. The feel and control is very high as is the spin. Return of serve is awesome as the testers said, but you need to lunge-step into short and wide balls. I've hit some of the most best shots I have ever played, both power and finesse, with this racket. Drop shots are amazing but you must support the throat with your left hand and feather your right hand. If you play them one handed you won't feel anything special. Volleys are great, not too much weight in the head to move around. Try not to kill anyone. The leather grip offers high precision and you know exactly where your hand is. I use the Head XtremeSoft over-grips which last well, are tacky, thin and soft -- perfect. Summarizing, you need to be a 4.5 or above to get what this racquet has to offer. Ideally you hit with a semi-western forehand grip and have a double handed backhand. Backhand returns of serve are best done with a semi-western grip in each hand. But I can't recommend it highly enough.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: Very cool frame! Had to have it after I saw some of the YouTube videos. It is a very solid frame that has the leather grip as a bonus too! I switched from a Radical to this Speed Pro. You can definitely see why Djokovic has so much success with this racquet.
From: Jason, 12/13

Comments: I love the racquet. Its 18x20 string pattern makes a bigger sweet spot and makes the net shorter. I had to move up the tension because the recommended tension was too low for my game. I love the colors -- the all black makes it look cool.
From: Ryan, 11/13

Comments: If you like an all black frame, then this LTD version is for you. If you aren't holding it in your hands, you can't see the faint design on the frame. It is an all black frame from 5 feet away. But it is still the Graphene Speed Pro, and I like it when others can't tell what racquet I am playing with. I had it strung with Yonex PolyTour Pro 125 at 52 lbs on the main and 50 lbs on crosses. After one week of play, I have to say that the 1st day of play I thought I made a mistake by switching to this racquet. It felt different than the one I demoed, as it felt too light in my hand with less pop and my one-handed backhand felt muted. The 2nd day of play and after making some slight adjustments to my swing, I started to see the strength of this racquet. I was hitting it with more pop and control, and my backhand was better. I played for years with the Wilson K-Factor 90 and the Wilson BLX Tour 90 which are much heavier and smaller head racquets. I play with a semi-western grip and have a full swing, and compete in local 5.0 leagues. The 3rd day of play was amazing, as I was getting more adjusted to the racquet and was able to hit it with more pop, topspin, backspin, and much more control. Returning serve with this stick is amazing. My one-hand backhand is taking a little more time to get all the feel for it. All and all, I think this is a great stick, and I can't wait to be fully adjusted to it. I am confident now that this stick will be an improvement to my game. In my opion, this racquet is best suited for a controlled full swing with a semi or full western grip whether you're a 4.0 or 6.0 level player.
From: Lawrence, 11/13

Comments: l played with this Ltd. Edition two days ago. Strung with Tecnifibre Blackcode at 51 lbs. Coming from a Head Youtek lG Radical Pro. My first impression is very good, the frame is solid and stable. The only problem were the strings, the Blackcode was completely useless in this kind of racquet, l will try it again with Luxilon Alupower Rough at 52Lbs.
From: Antonio, 11/13

Comments: What a great racquet! I loved it as soon as I hit with it. It has power and spin, a huge sweet spot and it is great at the net too. It gives me confidence to attack the return of serve. Suits a double-handed backhand probably best but is also superb for slicing. I like the 18x20 string pattern as it gives much more durability from multi-filament strings. I strung it at 52 lbs and could go a touch higher next time. The leather grip adds more precision and feel in conjunction with an over-grip. I liked it so much I bought another.
From: Andrew, 10/13

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