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Comments: I've been using the Pro 10 for over a year. By far the most solid racquet I have ever used, and I've been playing for 30 years. Strung with Big Banger at 50 lbs. Forehands plow through the ball with ease. Was slightly heavy at first, but I got used to it in no time. Volleys are crisp and solid. Maneuverability is not a problem. Generates tons of power on the serve. Solinco, thank you!
From: Geo, 8/14

Comments: Beautiful looking racquet. Weight and balance are perfect after adding an ounce of lead to the handle. Even and predictable string pattern that produces a surprising amount of spin. Very solid on impact and hits a mean and heavy ball. Only complaint is that it doesn't come in a 4 5/8 grip size. Strung with Tecnifibre Black Code 18 at 45 lbs. My NTRP rating is 5.5.
From: Alan, 7/14

Comments: Great racquet, plenty of power and control. Strung it with Champions Choice with gut in the mains at 60 pounds and feels great.
From: Matthew, 4/13

Comments: This is the best racquet around hands down! Perfectly balanced, let alone combining the racquet and Tour Bite string, it dominates the competition. Never switching!
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: Love this racket. I don't know if it was mental or not, but this racket has made me better. Great plow through, good ball pocketing, great top spin, and it's amazing to volley (I don't understand all the complaining about it being it being hard to move around). This frame just has a great reward in the sweet spot.
From: Kaishin, 5/12
Headsize: 95-98
NTRP Rating: 3.5-4.0

Comments: Just recently switched to this racquet from the Babolat Pure Storm Ltd because I wanted something with a higher stiffness and swingweight. When I first got it I almost regretted it because even though the specs on paper seemed nice the balance was too close to even and it felt like swinging a board. A couple customizations later by adding lead all to the handle it is now about 7-8 points headlight strung and 13.2 ounces rather than 12.1 ounces and I love it. Plenty of spin generation from baseline as well as having the weight to return any heavy hit ball. On serve, it is great again for spin and volleys feel nice and solid as well.
From: Luke, 11/11
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Smooth 55 lbs/ Luxilon Big Banger Rough 55 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5-5.0

Comments: I was curious about the new material and how it would feel like. The racquet feels very well balanced, and it produces a great amount of power. However, it doesn't allow for fine tuning, and it feels out of control at high racquet speed. Also, it feels awkward for slices and volleys, but it may be just the short playing time. This racquet is definitely designed for slower swingers, flatter type players. It's a good looking racquet, but unfortunately a bit to elastic. You can actually feel the flex during a hit. Pretty uncanny.
From: Marian. 06/11
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-One (1.30) @ 62 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Love Solinco strings so got the S10 for a demo. It's good a great amount of weight, but as TW testers say, not maneuverable enough. However, I also have to say, "low" isn't quite where power is. You need to be strong enough to get this racquet going. But once you find that, too much power will be your problem. Great racquet aesthetically... a good stick, just not for me.
From: Tony. 6/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Upon initial inspection, the racquet feels heavy and otherwise unremarkable. But hitting with it reveals a rare, perhaps unique combination of qualities: a 12-ounce, relatively thin-beamed Pro Staff-style construction--but with the stiffness and power of a lighter, thicker-beamed Babolat racquet. On the service line, it hits absolute bombs. I have a pretty decent serve, but I don't always "one-bounce" the back fence with my Pro Staff 85 and 95; I'd have to hit the ball square and with no spin. But the Solinco hits the back fence so hard that the ball ricochets and goes about 15 feet to the side. The stiffness (rated 68 but feels 70+) really puts a charge into the ball like the Pure Drive, but the racquet is thin enough that the serve can be much more closely controlled than with the Babolat. Great from the baseline. Will allow you to blast away with anyone. Mediocre from the net, but that's to be expected with any stiff racquet. But who goes to the net, anyway? This is 2011.
From: Jimmy. 6/11

Comments: The Pro 10 is a great racquet. It serves like a dream and on groundstrokes it is very comfortable to work with. This is one of the best racquets also when it comes to volleys. As a doubles player I was very impressed. I recommend either Solinco's Barbwire or Vanquish when playing with the Pro 10.
From: AJ. 6/11
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Pretty much what the description says; a very solid racket with a lot of potential. My only warning is to string the racquet pretty loose (50lbs and under). I put a full bed of barb wire in at 55lbs and it felt like 70lbs while playing. Its really a shame this brand isn't as popular as it could and should be. Great Job Solinco!
From: Luke, AZ, USA. 4/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

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