Kirschbaum SuperSmashSpiky 17 660 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: This string is really good! The "only" bad thing about this string is it moves a lot, not as much as synthetic gut though.
From: Anon. 5/09

Comments: Good string with a lot of spin, really high durability too! Strongly recommended, it is cheap for a reel too.
From: Anon. 05/09

Comments: I'm a 4.5 player and I play on red clay from the baseline with much spin. I string this string at 25.5 in the mains and 26 in the crosses and play with an nBlade MP. The thin gauge provides more power than the 1.25 and 1.30. The string has great feel too, much more feel than the 1.25 gauge and especially the 1.30, though you get a little less durability. The extra feel you get though, compensates the loss of durability. I get about 15 - 20 hours of clay-tennis with a string. Unless you break this string in about 5 hours, I would recommend this string over the 1.25 and 1.30 to everyone.
From: J., Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 04/09

Comments: I'm a heavy baseline and topspin player and I bought a reel of this string 2 weeks ago! The feel is great and the spin also, but it breaks way too fast! I already broke 6 strings while playing 10 times...that ain't right! I switched to the same 1.30, and it doesn't seem to break that easily! Great string, but when it comes to durability it's no good at all!
From: Benjamin, Hamburg, Germany. 5/08

Comments: Fantastic set of strings, that is after it's broken in. Don't be discouraged if you just restrung with this and trying it out for the first few sets. After that, it's super.
From: Etnarama, Elmwood park, NJ, USA, 06/07

Comments: Great string for players looking for a little extra spin in their game. I use this string on my Head Flexpoint Instinct and it is great. I use the combination of the string and the racquet to produce heavy topspin to get myself into net and execute the volleys. Also, the Spiky is good for kick and slice serves. Overall this is a great string.
From: Eric, Mechanicsville, VA 04/06

Comments: Kirschbaum is not a readily available string in the UK but a coaching friend who played out in turkey recommended it to me. The feel and spin potential are excellent for a string in this price range. I myself use this on the mains of my Head Prestige (Liquid) with Babolat Vs team or pro hurricane on the crosses. Combining it with Luxilon Big Banger is worth a try too. Durability is around 10-15hours before tension loss, which at 62lbs isnít bad! Great String in the Clay.
From: Pete, London, UK 06/05

Comments: This string is fabulous, but is too stiff to for my taste. It has no feel.
From: Basit, Albertslund, Copenhagen, Denmark. 11/03

Comments: This string plays well when strung tight on the Babolat Pure Control. I'm getting good spin and decent feel, and the string is lasting better than synthetic gut. I also tried the thicker gauge, which performed solidly, but the thinner gauge is much easier to string (though neither is easy). I'd recommend it for this racquet.
From: Jeff, Atlanta, GA, USA. 4/03

Comments: A guy who plays the satellites recommended I try this string during a recent business/pleasure trip to Europe. I was a little skeptical at first of polyester, but after stringing it up (which I must add was not the easiest task), I was almost shocked with the feel and playability of the 17 gauge. It felt and played as well or better than a lot of the synthetics out there. Durability wise, a set of 1.20 Spiky, will usually last me around ten hours before they break or begin to lose tension (versus 1-2 hours for 15L Wilson NXT). I would definitely recommend Kirschbaum strings to frequent string breakers who don't want to resort to a Kevlar Hybrid.
From: Buster, Inglewood, CA, USA 8/01

Comments:I highly recommend Kirschbaum Super Smash Spiky String for extreme topspin players or string breakers. I'm a 5.0 level baseliner from Germany and I've been playing Kirschbaum Strings for 6 years. They are really popular in Europe. But the 1.30 is just too strong. I prefer the 1.20 (17) gauge. It is kind of thin but it lasts at least 1.5 hours longer. Kirschbaum is the best string manufacturer I know and I've tested nearly everything.
From: Jens Jose, Bischoffen, Germany 1/00

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