Kirschbaum SuperSmashSpiky 16 660 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Best string I have ever used. Great power, spin potential, and durability. I have been using it for 3 months now. I have tried using other strings but none can compare. I use a Dunlop 500 Tour Aerogel strung at 58 lbs and this string is definitely the holy grail of all the polyesters I've tried. Great string.
From: Ian, 5/12

Comments: This is a great string. It has amazing value until the third or fourth time I played with it. Like almost every poly, it loses tension after a while and with that, shots become out of control: topspin shots become short balls and flat shots are good misses. A hint: once you start observing the strings are out of place, get it re-strung, don't wait for the string to break.
From: Pablo, 9/11

Comments: I like this sting and have been using it since college.
From: Daniel, Heathrow, FL, US. 4/10

Comments: As a stringer, i noticed that everyone was very happy with this string because of its increased durability while also allowing for heavier spin and power. Definately would recommend this to anyone looking for pro like strings without the cost. Tip: String a few pounds tighter because it definitely loses tension right away.
From: Corey, Ocean, NJ 09/09

Comments: I have to say this is the best string I have ever used, which seems odd since I have used the Big Banger ALU, Kirschbaum Pro Line II and even natural gut. I get fantastic control and spin. Service is great too. It doesn't last me more than 2-3 hours of play so I moved on to more pricey strings. I use extreme topspin, which could be why and don't know why it is recommended to string breakers unless those string breakers use $2 strings.
From: NL. 3/08

Comments: I was disappointed with this string, perhaps for using not appropriate tension. I bought it out of some comments in these pages, describing it as similar to Babolat Hurricane Pro Tour 16 but much cheaper. The Hurricane Pro Tour is definitely better and crispier -- no possible comparison.
From: Javier, Madrid, Spain, 10/07

Comments: Phenomenal String... it doesn't get much better than this stuff. I play with the dunlop m-fil 200 and I am finally getting that bite I've been wanting with this string. Way to go Kirschbaum!
From: Justin, Patterson, CA, USA. 10/06

Comments: Perfect string for control and your overall performance. I can hit incredible angles from anywhere on the court. Great for heavy top-spinners like me.
From: Tobias, Prescott Valley, AZ, USA. 10/06

Comments: A great string! If you want durability, lots of spin, and hit heavy, this is the string. My game definitely went up. I recommended it to some college players and they're addicted to it.
From: Aggie, PQ, San Diego, CA 05/06

Comments: Iíve been through a lot of big bangers, being that I am a base line hitter, and I miss-hit a lot. But then again with these strings, its pretty giving and I still manage to pop it back over. Great feel, great with bite to angle, and great for serves for those who want to embark heavy topspin or slices.
From: Anon 04/06

Comments: I play a high-grade state pennant and play a few times a week. I use the Prince Precision 720 longbody and a Triple Threat Graphite Midplus and both models have great durability and feel when strung tight. I found this string does lose some tension, but slowly. I agree with the comment that some shots can fly long but that may be more technique as much as string. It has excellent spin capacity and great wear resistance for the price. A top string for both all court players and heavy hitters. Enjoy!
From: Christian, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 8/04

Comments: This string is decent as far as feel goes, but since practically everyone buys polyester for durability, this one is probably the king of the hill. It has great consistency. It loses tension pretty slowly compared to other polyesters, and it is a really good string to use in a hybrid. I use this string mixed with prince perfection in my prince graphite original midplus and the racquet feels perfect.
From: Kallim, Ojai, CA, USA. 3/04

Comments: Excellent string!
From: Karl,Houston, TX, USA. 1/04

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