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Comments: To me, this racquet felt like the stiffer version of the IG Radical MP, which I did not like at all. Both of those racquets required extra effort on my part to keep the balls in. The SPB is plenty powerful with nice spin potential, but the control is not really there for me. I think this racquet is best suited for the advanced control oriented players seeking extra spin and pop. I can generate spin and power with correct technique. I feel much better with the Prestige Mid or MP. One thing, though, and I think it was mentioned, but it does feel a little bit like the Pure Drive but more maneuverable. I think the Pure Drive is more stable, though, but the power level was pretty similar. It was strung at 55 lbs with Head Sonic Pro.
From: Max, 12/13

Comments: Big things often come in small packages. At 4 pts. headlight, most strings will add enough weight to make it even balance. The description says this is a control oriented frame so I won't argue with that. However, this racquet has plenty of plow. If your an offensive player, you need to exercise control. Anyway. This one is awesome! Thanks TW.
From: Rashad, 12/13

Comments: I heard somewhere in a review that this racquet played like a more mobile Pure Drive Roddick. They were absolutely right! This racquet provides the crisp heavy ball that you get from a Pure Drive Roddick with a better feel, in my opinion. In the past, I have played with Pure Drives, Wilson Steams and the Pro Staff 6.1 95 and this one trumps them all in its no nonsense affordable package. Note: this racquet needs to be strung with a softer string at a lower tension to counteract the stiffness of the racquet (as it is very stiff). My preferred setup is a Volkl Psycho hybrid strung at 55 lbs.
From: Will, 12/13

Comments: This has been my racquet for more than a year now, and just recently stopped using it, so I figured I will write a review. Really nice specs, but I had to lead it up to 345 grams strung, with about a 335 swing weight and 6 points HL. The racquet lends itself to touch and control, not a lot of power and is very stiff. Best shot is the volley, and I could punch, slice or drop the ball with pinpoint accuracy. Overall, highly recommended this for all-court players. I would only string this with natural gut, or any other high powered and comfortable string, as it would be too unplayable otherwise.
From: Ben, 7/13

Comments: I am 32 and have been playing competitively since freshman year in high school and I have played with many brands. I have gone through the ups and downs of winning and losing with Yonex, Head, Babolat, and Prince. I can honestly say that this is my favorite and final racquet! I have purchased three and will be buying three more. At the net there is no racquet with better feel and accuracy. My two handed backhand is the best it has ever been. Not because I am a better player, but because of this racquet. If you are looking for a control racquet and can generate your own pace, look no further. Diamond in the rough! 4.0 when out of shape, 4.5 when in shape. I haven't lost a 4.0 tourney yet with this racquet!
From: Anon, 7/13

Comments: This is a find. I found it fast through the air, very maneuverable and on the lighter side of a player's frame but not in-substantial. It has a pretty generous sweet-spot. The Slazenger gave me a great deal of confidence in my return game. Serving was mostly good. I wont speak of volleys as they are beyond my understanding. I am ballpark 3.5, with a very flat and very hard FH and hit the BH one handed with hard knifing slice. Unlike the last reviewer I never felt it lacked power but was actually surprised by its punch. It is a fun easy racquet to play with compared to my Wilson KPS 88 and I decided to buy one. It is also one very cool looking racquet.
From: Matt, 6/13

Comments: All around a great playing stick. I was pleasantly surprised by this racquet because it is an unsung hero. Tons of pop when the ball is struck in the sweetspot and extremely maneuverable in the backcourt and at the net. However, I only recommend this frame to a 4.5 or above player, because the ball does have to be struck correctly to get the most out of it. Anything struck out of the sweetspot, is not going to have very much on it, which will allow your opponent, to take advantage of it. Other than that, tise racquet is very user friendly, and a pleasure to play with.
From: Josh, 6/13

Comments: I grew up learning the game on this racquet. After so many years, the Pro Braided still remains my primary racquet of choice. At net, I've never felt a more comfortable racquet. From a serving perspective, the racquet is as comfortable as any I've tried. Typical ground strokes are harder to gain power in comparison with other racquets, but the Pro Braided offers so much more feel. Overall, the Slazenger Pro Braided is the standard that I use to choose racquets. I've played in several club tournaments with this stick and I couldn't recommend anything else. As far as strings are concerned, try a full poly with just under the recommended tension rating. I'm a 4.5 and think some comparable sticks are the Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 and the Dunlop Maxply McEnroe.
From: Joe, 6/13

Comments: It took a while to figure this racquet and my setup out but after about 6 weeks I am very happy with it. 3 and a half grams of lead in the head and the rest in the handle and I am at 344 grams. I've never hit such a heavy ball. Lots of spin and power and very stable. Doesn't feel as stiff as its specs. Does everything well but I have to be in pretty good shape to use it successfully for the duration of long matches.
From: Jordan, 7/12
String type and tension: Babolat VS Gut 16 mains @ 53 lbs / Weisscannon Silverstring 16L crosses @ 50 lbs

Comments: I was looking at the stats on the Slazenger Pro Braided and was shocked at the high rating TW gave the stick. With a rating of 86 on serves, 85 on volleys, 84 on ground strokes and a overall whopping 83. I also liked the 16/18 string bed. Only low mark was comfort because it is stiff I assume, but I string for myself and I thought I might just try one and see how I liked it for the cheap price of $109 and maybe since I string I could get it conformable. I did not think I could handle the 330 swing weight and only 4 pts HL as my current setup is 318 swing weight and 8pts HL. Also, it is a 95 inch and no way did I think I would have enough sweetspot area for my level. The stats were close to my 5Gs and I new I could match the Slazenger to my current sticks with a little lead except for swing weight. Bought one, strung it up with some poly I dont like at 40/38 and went out to play and was amazed. I love the crisp feeling (not for everyone with a RA of 73), pinpoint volleys, great plow through on forehand and backhand, giving me a deeper ball and more spin. I felt I lost a little of maneuverability with the 4Pts HL and the heavy (for me) swing weight. The extra power was there and a little hard too control. Where the racket really shined was on the serves. I hit some of the hardest aces I have hit in two years. I thought that if I could dial the power in and make it more headlight I might have the grail. Added 8grams lead to the handle, with over-grip and head tape came out at 12oz, 8 pts headlight. restrung with my favorite LTec3S/syn gut at 42/40. Used it for my warmup in my USTA match and could not put it down. Won the match with it. A stellar performer for me in all areas, and my arm is still attached. I will play again and maybe go to the gut poly setup to try it out. A Jewel hidden among the TW sticks. I still don't know how I can play that consistent with a 95 inch racket.
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: I was attracted to this racquet because i am always looking for a diamond in the rough that is not the most popular racquet around or the name brand. I also liked the price and the review from TW so I demoed. It is a nice feeling racquet and the best qualities for me are serving and the maneuverability. It moves around the court nicely and is crisp at contact. I like the 95sq in head size and the balance was nice. The downfalls to me were my inability to hit consistent ground strokes. It lacked power and I seemed to leave everything short in front of the service line. I so wanted this to be the racquet I switched to but I may need to get better at the game before I move to a stick like this.
From: CF, 5/12
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: I was looking for a racquet to replace my Wilson K-Factor 6.1 95 18x20. I demo'd several racquets including the 2012 Babolat Pure Drive Roddick, Head Youtek IG Prestige MP, Boris Becker Delta Core Melbourne and the Wilson Juice Pro. The Slazenger Pro Braided tops them all. The open 16x18 string pattern gave me great access to top-spin and power. Ball control and placement was also top notch. Kick, slice and flat serves were all amazing. Where the racquet REALLY shines though, is at the net. The maneuverability of this racquet is almost telepathic. It's the perfect stick for the aggressive all-court or serve-n-volley player. This is truly an amazing no frills, get-the-job-done racquet! Definitely worth a demo for any 4.0+ player who likes it at the net!
From: Chike, 3/12

Comments: A decent racquet in stock form, but stiff feeling and somewhat torsionally unstable. I like it a whole lot more with a leather grip and 4 grams of lead a bit above 3 and 9 o'clock (with overgrip and rubber band dampener at 11.9 ounces). Still swings fairly easy but has a lot more stability and much nicer feel. This racquet really shines on slicing, blocking and volleying - very solid pop. On groundstrokes there is a lot of power and a high rebound angle so I had to go more western and work on getting more spin to control my shots, but after a few outings I feel pretty confident with this stick.
From: Anton, 12/11
String type and tension: Signum Pro Poly-Plasma mains/ Tecnifibre NRG2 crosses, 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: A very classic feeling, solid racquet. It is stiff for my liking and quite powerful. Shots are easily directed/predictable and spin is easily generated. I would have preferred a hybrid string set up or a full poly to harness the power. Definitely an advanced player's frame, full strokes and a young, healthy arm required.
From: Sam, 11/11
String type and tension: Wilson NXT Tour, 56 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0 +/-

Comments: I liked the demo so much I had to buy one. Enjoyed it with a multi but it really came to life with a poly hybrid set up. Very stable frame and large sweet spot, added a leather grip which made the balance 8 points head light and boosted the weight up to 11.9 ounces. Perfecto.Groundstrokes are deep with nice spin and weight, serve is easy to spin in with some nasty bite and slice as well. The free t shirt is cool also, thanks for bringing this stick back to life Tennis Warehouse.
From: Christo, 11/11
String type and tension: Big Hitter Silver 16g at 50lbs in mains, Stamina 16g at 57 lbs in crosses
NTRP Rating: 4.4999999999

Comments: This racquet is fantastic. Great control and spin. I was able to hit deep and heavy off both sides. I have a one handed backhand. There is a lovely crisp feel. I strung mine up with a full bed of multi at mid 50s. Good pocketing. Very solid on returns. Need early preparation and developed stroke. Slice serve out wide very effective. Good control on the flat serve and kicker, although not much more pace was added than usual. Enough heft to be stable on volleys and can return half volleys deep. Only downside is the quality of paint job and finish which were disappointing and not up the standard of most racquet manufacturers. Highly recommended for advanced players who like to play all-court.
From: Peter, 11/11
Wilson NXT Tour 17, 56 lbs

Comments: Awesome racquet! I have recently came back to tennis after a 13 year absence. I have play tested about 12 racquets over the last 3 months including the Wilson BLX 6.1 line, the Head Prestige line and the Dunlop 4D line and this racquet tops them all. My playing style is all court/ serve and volley and I tend to play with a lot of spin, especially slice. With this racquet I can hit any shot that I need to with lots of pace and control. This racquet is very stable and ideal for a one- handed backhand. I recommend this racquet to any intermediate and above player who is looking for a solid stick that is not overly heavy.
From: Pete, 11/11
String type and tension: Alien 16G at 55 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I finally found a perfect racquet to replace my aging PSC 6.1 95s except it's a full .oz lighter with no stability issues because of its perfect blend of swingweight and headlight balance. I couldn't believe how connected I am with all my strokes and my serves. It's much easier to acquire and set up on my shots because of it's lighter weight. The specs are comparable to some of the highly priced modern rackets out there minus the space age tech that promises overnight game improvement! This racquet are for those purest with developed stroke mechanics who prefers control over power!
From: HJ. 07/11
String type & tension: Technifibre E-Matrix 17g @ 52#
NTRP rating: 4.5

Comments: This is a solid frame that provides very good control and spin due to the 16x18 string pattern. It does not lack power if you take a full swing and have developed strokes. There is no stroke that you can take that will have a negative result, but it does not feel "plush" like the older Wilson Pro Staff frames. It is a perfect racquet for the price if you have good strokes.
From: Todd, 7/11
String type and tension: Pro-Line 2 / 55lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This racquet is truly about control and spin potential with its open string bed. You have to take a full swing in order to get depth on your shots. With that said, the balls won't sail on you when you do take a good, strong swing. Though it has a high stiffness rating, it does not feel extremely stiff. I had no negative feedback with any ground strokes, though nothing felt outstanding. The serves with this racquet are predictable and you can definitely get some kick. It does not feel light, and as a result it is very stable. I would say that it is not as head light as I would like, but then it would lose the stability that I had mentioned it possessed. Overall it is a good, solid feeling racquet in which you can improve your ability to control your strokes and keep the ball in play without fear of hitting the ball long. While it is not a "power" racquet, if your strokes are good, there is enough weight to this frame to generate more than adequate power. Slazenger has created a true no-nonsense racquet that can be appreciated by most experienced players.
From: Mark, 7/11
String type and tension: NXT Tour 56
NTRP Rating: 4.5

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