Kirschbaum Spiky Black Shark 16 (1.30) 4-Pack String Customer feedback

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Comments: I have this string on my Wilson Steam 99 at a tension of 55 lbs. I found this to be a great string. I had tons of spin, felt very in control, and was swinging powerfully with it in my racquet. The four pack for $24 seems like a great value. I'll be buying it again in the future.
From: Oliver, 12/13

Comments: Well, I'm not sure what to say about this string. I use the Dunlop Biomimetic 200 and I hit with an eastern grip and a semi-western one handed backhand and I string at 53 pounds for both crosses and mains. I hit as flat as I can on returns and these strings really help me control the shot and place it well. It gets me the spin I need or the slice I need when I need it. Have had it in for a month and they're still going strong. I play 2-3 times a week.
From: Will, 11/13

Comments: The advisor at TW recommended this string for my Head LM Radical. It was strung at 61 lbs which is a lot more that I was used to, however this combination worked miracles for my game, control and consistency. I recommend this string very highly. No arm problems, lots of comfort and great ability to spin. I am a senior player at 76 years old who plays about four times a week at the 4.0 level.
From: Jim, 9/13

Comments: I agree with the review from Tennis Warehouse. Good for big hitters. Especially strong on the serve and you can hear the sound -- powerful.
From: Ming, 6/13

Comments: Love the spin potential. Like Joe said, doesn't play as stiff as other polys. Good durability as well. Also, has pretty good feel and touch with volleys. Can't beat it for the price! Especially when you get the 4 pack for $24. Definitely recommend it.
From: Ryan, 5/13

Comments: Very strong topspin, good string, very powerful when it comes to spin, please try.
From: Caesar, 4/13

Comments: Great string and great value! I am a college player that plays 20+ hours a week and love this string. I used to use Luxilon, but this gives me more feel and bite at a much lower price. Only note is to string about 3-4 lbs higher than you do with other polys so it settles in nice. With Lux I was at 43 lbs so I string at 47 lbs with this. Awesome string at an awesome price!
From: Joe, 4/13

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