Head Sonic Pro 17 String 660 Reel Black Customer feedback

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Comments: The white Sonic Pro 17 is a very arm friendly string. It was firm when I played with it right after stringing. However, after 2 or 3 sessions and several days of not playing, the softness of this string emerged and the feel was incredible. It just got more power, less spin (which I like), more comfort, more touch than RPM Blast. It also has a nice price. I will never play with RPM Blast again since I tried this one. I strung it at 52 lbs on my AeroPro Drive 2013. I am a 3.0-3.5 player. If you are a soft string user and want to enter the world of poly, first try a hybrid or Babolat Origin, then try either this one or Gosen Sidewinder. I didn't get a chance to try the black Sonic Pro.
From: Kevin, 4/16

Comments: This is a very arm friendly string. I have tried different polys and hybrids. I had used Red Code with a multi filament for the crosses. These strings performed much better. They provide good power with lots of spin potential. Also when I used other polys with my Prince Warrior 100 ESP my elbow developed some soreness. I have played with the Sonic Pro strings without any pain. Well worth trying these strings. I am 51 and play 4.0.
From: John, 11/14

Comments: Again the TW reviews were spot on. If you like poly with pop and spin potential but want a slightly more arm friendly string, this Sonic Pro 17 is a good choice. Lots of pop but better pocketing so it is not as stiff as other polyesters. I have one HEAD YouTek IG Prestige S strung with this at 53 lbs and love the control and spin. I use this for my doubles racquet, and my other Prestige S strung with HEAD FXP tour 16 for singles play as it gives me more power but less spin. I'm 57 years old and play 3.5-4.0.
From: Jason, 6/14

Comments: This is good string. I have been using it for two years now. It is easy on the arm, has great feel and control. It has the power when I go for those put aways. I put it in my Head Graphene MP at 54 lbs.
From: Claude, 11/13

Comments: Pros: good durability, easy to string, fairly decent spin, price is reasonable. Cons: Brutal on the arm, I think this is classified as a "soft" string simply because it loses tension so quickly. I have found almost every other poly (even ones with high stiffness ratings) to be easier on the arm than Sonic Pro.
From: Matt, 8/13

Comments: I have had these strings since February and they have lasted for a good while, they can put a lot of spin on the ball if you make it, and it is great on the comfort side, but I don't know there is just something about it that doesn't feel right at times. I am switching to a hybrid of Luxilon ALU Power Fluoro and Babolat N.VY. I use the Head Graphene Speed Pro.
From: Casey, 8/13

Comments: Luxillon killed my elbow so I've been searching for new strings. I went through all the Technifibres, Gammas, Babolats, and Wilson strings and this string is the best. It is really durable. The strings haven't moved in two months of heavy baseline and all-court play. I string at 61 lbs and they lost tension quickly, but have stayed steady after the first two hits. I have two racquets strung, one with this Sonic Pro 17 and one with Babolat RPM and the SP is just as good for half the price. Defintely a great string!
From: Don, 5/13

Comments: Great string for first hybrid for my 12 year old daughter! Before she played with a full bed Forten Sweet 17. Since she has started breaking strings too often, her coach tried a full multi RPM Blast and she obtained immediate elbow pain. I cut it out and experimented with Sonic Pro 17g mains at 46 lbs and Sweet 17 crosses at 52 lbs. The effect is amazing! Control and power but tender to the child's arm! Plush but not toothless! Lasts much longer than full syn gut. Great combo for advanced tour playing girls!
From: Greg, 4/13

Comments: It's a comfortable string in the mains with NRG in the crosses. Feels better on my arm than a full bed of NRG.
From: Michelle, 4/13

Comments: This string is amazing. I use it a poly hybrid as my crosses with Alien Black Diamond 16g after switching to this from my full bed of Alien. I've noticed a great increase in spin and control with a nice little extra pop to help me get the ball deeper. All in all I'd recommend these for anyone looking to get a little extra "oomph" in their game.
From: Jake, 10/12

Comments: These strings are awesome. The strings drop tension quickly at first but then stay the same for the next months. Love these strings.
From: Mark, 8/12

Comments: Changed to this after using Lux ALU Power Rough for years. This is a better string on all categories. Better feel, softer on the arm, and yes, more spin. And cheaper! I'm glad I found this. I've been using it for almost a year now with a Head PC600, strung at 25/24 kg. I'm a 30 year old aggressive baseliner.
From: Nikos, 8/12

Comments: Very disappointing, although this is the recommended string for my Head IG Extreme Elite. I have also tried Gosen AK Control 16, Prince Lightning Pro 16, and Head IntelliString Power. All of them I strung at 55lbs and using the Head Smartsorb vibration damper. They all felt better than the Sonic Pro 17 strings. By far the best feeling string was the IntelliString. The ball impact had a solid, deep popping sound while generating spin and getting the ball back deep was easy. Control on volleys is excellent and there is very little vibration, making it the most comfortable feeling of all strings I tried. By contrast, the Sonic Pro strings felt like I was hitting with a wooden board. The ball impact made a higher pitched pinging sound. I could not generate as much depth or spin and was constantly searching for the sweet spot. Vibration was also noticeable, as was the lack of power. I felt forced to try to hit the ball too hard to get pace and spin, resulting in a loss of control. I have to recommend the Head IntelliString as being way better than the Sonic Pro.
From: David, 7/12

Comments: It's got loads of power, with good spin and soft feel. I have played Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 1.25 (17) @ 56 lbs. for the past year. I installed the Sonic Pro 1.25 (17) @ 55 lbs. and noticed much more pace, spin, and depth. I was suddenly hitting huge, heavy groundstrokes and serves that exploded off the court. High racquet speed is a must with this string to get the most out of it because the spin comes from the free sliding of the strings and snap back as opposed to a rough texture. To get the strings to slide and snap back, you need a lot of racquet speed. The harder you swing, the more control you get with this string. The power of this string allows you to swing at a steeper angle to generate even more spin to produce very heavy balls. This string would work best in a heavy topspin, young, high level player - i.e. a nationally ranked jr., college player, or touring pro.
From: Daniel, 7/12

Comments: I've just hit with this today and my first reaction was "WOW"!!!!!! It gave tons of power and control. I feel the best shot is a flat one with this string because the 17 gauge gives it enough spin that it can keep hard shots in. The strings don't move at all when you hit even on a slice of toppin shot. Overall a great string for a big hitting flat hitter but can work great for topspin players too!
From: Jonathan, 6/12

Comments: High head speed unlocks the power in this string. The absence of friction between mains and crosses makes this a heavy hitter's dream. You can literally feel the ball exploding off the stringbed. Thank you Tennis Warehouse for this blessing.
From: Ron, 2/12

Comments: Not the best shoe I have ever used. Not durable at all. There was a big hole in the front after only a month. It is quite comfortable, though, and can be worn for casual wear.
From: Dave. 11/11

Comments: Since I've been stringing racquets with Head Sonic Pro, my customers keep asking for it. Excellent touch and feel string. Excellent spin potential, if your technique is right. Keeps its tension for a long time. Overall, great value for its price.
From: Mishell, 10/11

Comments: My Prestige MP came pre-strung with the black version of this string. I was amazed at how a factory strung racquet could perform. I have since restrung one of my prestige with with Head Natural in the crosses and Pro Sonic in the mains at 60 lbs and it is amazing. The other I have strung with a full bed of Pro Sonic for outdoor play. I must same I am well impressed with both set ups. There is good control, feel and power. Good control feel and power the hybrid is fantastic. Durability is equally good. Overall, I will give this a 7/10.
From: Shaun, 8/11

Comments: I've always used a synthetic gut. When I changed to a Radical with Sonic Pro I thought it wouldn't suit. Control on top spin is good, and durability makes up for loss of bite on spin. It does lose tension in about 10 hours of play.
From: David. 7/11

Comments: For a softer copoly string, this is very good. Good spin & control; not a lot of power, but they do lose tension pretty quickly. I'm using this in a hybrid string job. Sonic pro 17 for the mains and head fxp 17 for the crosses. I get about 6-8 hrs before the mains start moving a lot. They end up not snapping back into place anymore and my shots start to sail long.
From: Anon. Los Angeles, CA, USA. 06/11

Comments: Been using this string for about 2 months after switching from Luxilon Big Banger rough (arm problems). I needed a softer string and wanted to stick with a full poly bed so decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did, as I don't really notice a big difference between this and the Lux, besides the fact that I haven't had any arm pain! Spin and touch are great and tension has been good too. I probably get about 10 matches in before the strings start to move - once they start to move a little too much I do cut them out as they don't show a lot of wear but have dropped some lbs. Give it a shot if you need a soft poly - you won't regret it.
From: Brian, Coral Gables, FL, USA, 12/10

Comments: Pretty solid string. Good durability (Got a whole season of playing on it, playing ~3 hours a week for 3- 4 months). Pretty soft (no elbow pain for me) and has a decent amount of power to it. Feel is alright and can generate decent spin. I think it would do well hybriding it with others as well. Strung at 57# on a Head Flexpoint 4
From: Chester, Vancouver, BC. 5/10

Comments: It's very durable but I had a lot of trouble creating spin off of my Flexpoint 6 racquet... I cut it off after one match
From: Ian- Illinois. 4/10

Comments: This is a soft feeling poly. It delivers adequate power and good feel. I have it in my Speed MP (18x20) and love it!! String it about 10% under what you normally prefer and play on!!!! No elbow issues so far (on my 2nd set of Sonic Pro 17). This one's a keeper.
From: Lex, NC (USA) 01/10

Comments: I put this string in my KSix one tour at 56 lbs, and I found it to be overly soft to say the least. It is a great control string, but it is too soft and I found it to be detrimental to the power of my shots. However, I was able to place the shots with significantly higher accuracy than I has able to before. If I were to use this string again, I would definitely put in a hybrid with natural gut or something of the like.
From: Mike, Aurora, On, Canada 09/09

Comments: I didn't think this was a Poly when our stringer put it in. I only realized it when I wondered why it hadn't broken after 4 weeks. Week seven and it's dead, but plays like a softer multifilament. I may have finally found a replacement for PSG!
From: Anon. 08/09

Comments: Just had this string put in last week into my MG Prestige Pro as I was having some elbow problems with the Big Banger ALU power, sign of getting older! This String feels fine and am pretty happy with it at this stage. Can't really tell a lot of difference in the playability with the BB and so far the elbow is ok!
From: Ross, Vancouver, BC. 04/09
String and tension: 55lbs
NTRP: 5.0

Comments: This is a great string. I put it on my Microgel Extreme and it created a lot of spin. The only drawback is that it doesn't have very much feel. That is quite bad for me because I tend to use drop volleys a lot. I will try it with Prince Synthetic Gut w/Duraflex in the crosses for a bit more feel. Over all a 6 out of ten!
From: Jack, Roanoke, VA, USA. 3/09
4.0 sonic pro 17 strung at 55 lbs.

Comments: Actually thought I would hate such a stiff string, but it hits great. The one drawback that I found is that there is a period of time when the string just goes dead. There is a big difference when they do. It will feel like you are hitting with a ping pong paddle. For 17g it doesn't break very easily. I am a 4.0 player and a stinger. I hit a lot of power off both sides.
From: Anon. 2/09

Comments: I am a 4.5 player playing doubles only once a week. I've got this string in a Babolat Pure Control Team at 48 lbs. This combination is really nice with a superb feeling of control, and the strings don't appear to move at all. I inherited this racket with about 5-8 hours of play on them. The power is not so great but adequate, but overall playability for me with my style of play (more control, some spin, change of pace) is excellent. However, I did notice some arm pain after last week's play, I think related to the serve, we'll see if it continues next week. I also have a 5" worm-style dampener in there.
From: Al, Tustin, CA, USA. 1/09

Comments: This is a nice string with decent power and control. The good thing is that it doesn't move a lot, and it is unaffected by extreme weather conditions like freezing. Spin is not so much though.
From: Rashid. 1/09

Comments: I'm a 42yr old 4.0 with a strong baseline game, rather flat strokes with occasional topspin. I've used this string in several Head racquets including Microgel Radical OS, Liquidmetal Prestige MP and Liquidmetal Radical MP. In the Liquidmetal Prestige MP at 60lbs provides good control but you will be required to generate even more power than usual with nylon strings; the feel is not too great, the string is stiff and tends to transfer move vibration that common nylon, therefore a damper might be required. A good thing is that strings doesn't move (or they quickly recover their position). Perhaps if you would like to try 2 or 3lbs less than you normally string with nylon or other soft strings. In the Liquidmetal Radical MP it's kind of strange but this specific racquet is way too control oriented. I tried several polyester and synthetic gut strings and finally i used SONIC PRO at 57 lbs that really feels more stiff as compared with a Microgel Radical OS at 62lbs. Even at 57lbs the string also tends to keep in place, i.e, the strings doesn't move or tend to recover position fast. In the Microgel Radical OS at 62lbs seems to be a good balance for my level of game, the racquet provides an average level of power with good control and access to topspin. In general, this string has proven to be more rigid and durable but not a great feel in the liquidmetal versions. I believe this string is perhaps oriented to the recent version of racquets that provide more pop (power). The dealer whom also restring my racquets says this string is very popular and demanded among this clients.
From: Luis, Monterrey, NL, México. 9/08

Comments: Tried Sonic Pro in my Fischer M Pro #1 frames for about three months at varying tensions. Worked best for me strung at 55 lbs. or less. Good spin potential and had a nice feel when driving the ball from the baseline. Seems like it would be a nice string for hard hitters who want a less jarring feeling poly. I ultimately felt that the string lacked adequate feel. It felt a little bit "slippery," "plasticky" and dead. I am going to try it as a hybrid in the mains with Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex 17 in the crosses. It's a quality string, but so far not quite the perfect string for me.
From: Jeff, 5.0 USPTA/PTR, Brooklyn, NY USA. 7/08

Comments: I am a highly competitive player, and I use these strings on the Pure Drive Cortex. I used to use the Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour at 53lbs, but it had too much spin so I turned to this string and strung it at 57lbs. This string has more power than the Pro Hurricane Tour, but you need to break your wrist to apply as much topspin as the Pro Hurricane Tour. Still good string.
From: Nicholas, sydney, nsw, australia. 5/08

Comments: I agree with Nick. This feels nice like Wilson NXT but has better durability. I play first singles and used to go through 3-4 racquets a week between practices and tourneys. Now I break about 1 a week (but am also stringing 2-3 lbs looser) and can go travel to tourneys with confidence. One of my all-time favorites.
From: John, Rochester, NY. 4/08

Comments: Horrible string! I had it strung at 64lbs, and they still moved around as if at 40lbs. I will never use these strings again.
From: Jeremy, Locust Grove, Georgia, United States of America. 3/08

Comments: Great string. It plays like a Big Banger and a Pro Hurricane, except the feel never changes during different weather. It actually gets a better pop in the cold!
From: Anon. 12/07

Comments: This is an excellent string. I normally use a hybrid of NXT or gut in the mains of my racket and bb alu rough in the crosses. I love the combo with gut but it gets expensive when the string dies on me and I have to restring. The NXT got a little expensive cause the durability sucked. I popped 2 sets of it in 1 weekend. I got introduced to this string by a tennis pro down in Alabama where I vacationed and I love it. The feel is almost the same and the strings have very good playability and durability. I can play with a set of this stuff for about 2.5 weeks and then I'll probably just use it for practice for about the next week and then cut it out. It is so great. It goes perfect in my K six one tour. I play number one singles at my high school and I completely give my recommendation to this string. The only better combo that I have tried is the Gut with bb alu rough, 55lbs mains, 52 lbs crosses w/ string savers. I string the sonic pro at 52 and it is great.
From: Nick, 08/07

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