Head Sonic Pro 16 White String Customer feedback

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Comments: I recenlty strung this string because it was recommended by a friend. Generally, it felt like it had power but it was hard to control the ball and I didn't feel much spin. If you are looking for a great string, not this one in my opinion.
From: Nuri,10/15

Comments: I love this string and it is my favorite poly so far. I have arm issues and had moved away from polys, but using this Head Sonic Pro 16g with Head FXP 16g is a combo I love. I had been using Volkl Cyclone at a lower tension (50- 53lbs) with a synthetic gut that was still too painful for my elbow. This poly is much softer than Cylcone and still has great bite. As others have mentioned, it does add a ton of power over time, but I like this as I like to play baseline with a lot of top spin. As a side note, I tried the Head Sonic Pro Edge and it is much stiffer than this version -- I did not like it.
From: Jeff, 4/15

Comments: TW did a great review on this so I thought I would give the 16g version a try. It was good. Then I got the 17g. It's a lot better feel and spin. But a little too powerful. So I think 16g is better for me.
From: Jeremy, 10/13

Comments: I did not like this string. I strung my new Head Prestige MP at 50 lbs. I felt it took maybe 5 hours of hitting to break the initial stiffness before the string started feeling good. But then it quickly became like a trampoline, lots of power, no control. There are far better alternatives out there; ProLine II, MSV Co-Focus, Pro Hurricane, Signum PolyPlasma, to name a few. Head makes great racquets, but for strings I'll look elsewhere.
From: Esa, 6/12

Comments: Just started playing tennis again for the first time in about 15 years. The local tennis pro recommended this string to start me off. I'm not very impressed as a whole. The good side to this string is the durability. These strings hold their tension and don't fray at all. The bad side is they are incredibly stiff feeling and feel like I'm hitting softballs, not tennis balls. The bigger or more powerful stroke I put on the ball, the better the action of course. But these strings provided very little touch or finess around the net. If I were to play against a power player, these strings would do just fine. However, not everyone plays a power game. When I have faced slicers and pushers in tournament play, i have had a hard time getting any action from these strings. I am surely going to look for a better string for me. Also, I have developed elbow pain for the first time thanks to these strings.
From: Scott, 4/12

Comments: This is a solid co-poly string. I am a 5.0 teaching pro who plays an all court style with a 2 handed backhand and a semi-western forehand. I play with the Wilson BLX 6.1 and strung these at 64 lbs and I got good topspin off my groundstrokes and good spin on both slice and kick serves. It pops fairly quickly and loses it's tension very fast, especially in humid environments.
From: Kyle, 9/11

Comments: I am a 40s division player. I used this string fora few weeks and developed elbow and wrist pain and had to change my string.
From: Shak, Virginia Beach, Va, USA. 4/11
(Shak, polyester strings in general are stiffer feeling than gut, nylon and multifilament strings. You can try lowering your tension on the poly or switch to a more arm-friendly option such as multifilament or natural gut. -- TW Staff)

Comments: Overall, a good string. I have been using Head FXP 16 Control with much playing success. The main issue I have with the FXP is that it only lasts two hitting sessions for me.Once I put the Sonic Pro in my Babolat Pure Storm Tour racket, the strings have last a full week. For me, there was an hour of "break in" time before I felt really comfortable ripping shots. Spin was a lot easier achieved once the strings "broke in" a little. I am on my fourth set now and have been adjusted the tension up 60 lbs on the mains, 57 lbs on the crosses. Initially with the FXP Control, I was stringing one piece at 56 lbs.
From: Will, Atlanta, GA, USA, 01/11
Level: 4.5 Singles and Doubles player.
Playing Style: Big server and big forehand with medium amounts of top.

Comments: I have been playing with this string for about 3 weeks now and it is finally coming into its own. I agree with the previous review regarding break-in time as I found the string to be stiff, dead and slippery for the first 10 hours of play. I may have had it strung too tight to begin with though. The only other poly I have used is Gamma Zo Rough, which made me fall in love with poly strings. I can't say this string is remarkable in any way, but as with most Poly it appears to be very durable. All that being said I am still searching for "my" string and will be looking elsewhere when the next stringing comes around.
From: Ty, Milwaukee, WI, USA. 08/10

Comments: A very durable string with decent control. I personally recommend to hybrid this with Head PPS Synthetic Gut 16 to achieve a good blend of power, control and durability. (Just string it low 52-56lbs max)
From: Ben, Baltimore, MD, USA. 06/10

Comments: I love this string! I have it in a Babolat AeroPro Drive cortex. It takes much longer to break in than an average string, but once it does its fun. Spin wise its pretty good. There are more spin friendly polys but it's certainly not bad. Playability is great, tension loss is minimal, control is the best I have ever felt with ANY polyester string. I am a college player, and I would highly recommend these. Wish they were cheaper though...
From: anon. 02/10

Comments: Certainly has a soft feel, for a polyester. However, I'm not entirely sold on it being comfortable, for a poly. Spin was okay, but not on a par with Polyfibre TCS, MSV Co-Focus, Topspin Cyber Flash, and Unique Big Hitter Blue - all of which, apart from TCS, are quite a bit cheaper than the Sonic Pro. Control was good but not as impressive as other polys. Control was good but not great and quite a long way behind the polys just mentioned. Tension hold was better than TCS but, then again, most every string is.
Overall, I couldn't recommend it at its current price and, even if that were to drop, there are other poly options, which outperform it in most every category.
From: Andrew, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 11/09

Comments: Not a real fan of these, I'm a stable 4.0 player and found these strings to be too "slippery" for me, thus the description that is made for spin. I never used spin on this string, because I'm more of a power player. Overall it is durable none the less, had my strings for about 3 months and it's starting to show some wear but still usable, I hadn't tried any other strings so I can't be sure how this compares but recently as a power player I found the Head FXP 16 to be pretty good but also recently bought the Head FiberGel 16 and yet to string it.
From: Jas, Los Angeles, CA USA 10/09

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