Kirschbaum Super Smash 17 (1.25) String Honey Customer feedback

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Comments: This string is not for those who prefer the feel of Big Banger. There is not as much power or spin or muted feel. It is much more crisp on contact. The string moves around quite a bit as well. I broke my first set right after stringing it. I hit the ball in the center but it broke near the grommet. The other set is holding up but moving a lot. For reference, I like to play from the baseline with a 16x19 string pattern.
From: Andrew, 8/11

Comments: I am using the 1.23mm, which is surprisingly good. Tension loss is not really noticeable. The only con is, it is hard to string due to it's thickness (hard to hold with flying clamp) that I only able to put 59lbs instead of 60. I think I'll try this 1.25 version next time.
From: Jack, Denver, CO, USA, 12/10

Comments: I've tried probably around 30-40 different strings and this is easily my favorite. It is comfortable, but it also gives good feedback on impact with a bit of crisp (unlike some other slicker, more muted polys). This string is also cheap and extremely durable (and trust me, I beat those balls without mercy a few times a week), I usually have to cut it out after 2 months just due to tension loss. Depending on racket, I string between 59 and 63 lbs of tension, 61 lbs for my main racket KBlade 98.
From: Anton V, NYC. 3/09

Comments: The best string I have tried. I have been experimenting with different strings on a monthly basis and this one is the best. The tension stability is great and so is the spin. I string it at 60 in my whole racquet and I generate my own power. I am a 4.0 Player and the string is going to allow me to become a 5.0 pretty soon and I am not exaggerating. if you generate your own power, this string is for you. it will give you great control. The guys I play with say that even my mishit bounce in; that's how amazing this string I think they are. give them a try!
From: Carlos, Palmdale, CA. 1/09

Comments: I was looking for a polyester that doesn't lose tension, and this is definitely the string. I'm a college player who practices 4 hours a day and I can't complain. Although I go through these strings quickly, I hit with a lot of spin (which is a plus to this string, it gives ample topspin). I hybrid it with prince synthetic gut in my Prince Diablo 93 and it's Christmas. Don't string it higher than 60. There is no need because the polyester has enough control as is. You will find more success with this string in a hybrid.
From: Bryan, Tampa, FL, USA. 7/08

Comments: After having all my racquets strung up, the only thing I would add to my previous post would be that the loss of tension is apparent after a few hitting sessions and the strings will start to move. But nothing major, however still impressed with the feel and pocketing.
From: Jon, Bristol, England. 03/07

Comments: I agree with the person prior to my comment. The strings do move after a few hours of play. But a great sting nonetheless.
From: Francis, San Diego, CA, USA, 02/07

Comments: I use a prostaff 6.0 85 and I strung it with the super smash at 60 Lb. Before I played with the strings, I feared that it would play like steel wires but I was very wrong. Even though it's a poly string, it had a lot of feel to it. The forehand shots felt very smooth with decent control. The only down side, if I may call it, was that after 1-2 hours of play, the string started to get scratched. The pro hurricanes looks brand new even after years of playing. Also, the strings started to move after few hours of play. Not much though.
From: Anon, Carrollton, TX, USA, 12/06

Comments: I found this string to have a very nice feel about, nice balance between soft and responsive, and it seems to be pretty durable. Strung @58lbs and it feels like the tension is right on the money strung in my prostaff original. I would say this is one of the best (if not best) strings I have used including gut.
From: Jon, Bristol, England 08/06

Comments: Playing with it now and I like the string for its feel. It is very soft and playable. Doesn't notch easily like other strings. Not as good for spin as Spiky though, but better for touch. I play the 1.2 and have found it to be durable. Strings very easily as well. Recommend it for players looking for feel in a string at a great price.
From: Matt, Marietta, GA, USA 07/05

Comments: This string is tremendous. I have used this string since February. I play on the high school tennis team and when breaking strings once a week or two, it is a pain to get it re-strung. These strings lasted me for about two months. They produce nice spin and last long. I would recommend 17 for better spin. Oh and I strung mines at 62.
From: Tony, San Jose, CA, USA. 10/04

Comments: The Kirschbaum Super Smash Honey 17 String is a very nice string. I am a tournament player using a Head i.Prestige and I strung the frame at 60lbs. This string offers excellent control and precision. It also offers good spin, power, and durability. The only drawback is that it loses its tension quickly.
From: Juan, Dominican Republic 6/02

Comments: I laced Kirschbaum Super Smash Honey 17g. in my Prince Original Graphite Mid and the results we're nothing short of great. Drop shots and slices had amazing bite. This string is definitely worth a look.
From: Derek, Bloomsbury, NJ, USA 5/02

Comments: The Kirschbaum Super Smash Honey 17 gauge string is unique and offers many desirable qualities that multi-filaments don't offer. I've only tested the 1.20mm (17g). I string for myself and it strings-up easily. Considering the durability (great) and the playability of the 1.20mm, I would not try the bigger diameter varieties. I've tested a lot of strings and feel I'm qualified from a player and stringer perspective to give some advice here.
On my Pro-Staff Classic 6.1 95", 54-57lbs. offers a nice balance of gut-like springiness and high spin potential. One of the nicest qualities about Super Smash is that it holds its pattern even at relatively low tensions; there's not much lateral string movement. The string also has very good shock absorbtion, once again almost gut-like. Durability is high and I have not noticed any cross-point notching after 2 weeks play. Tension stability remains very good and I'd estimate a 3 time/week player could get a month or more of life. A very nice volley feel with good pop but the effective sweetspot is not as big as with gut. The resonance sound on impact is truly gut-like.

Super Smash Honey 1.20mm has become my string of choice and rates extremely high in the playability/durability trade-off space. It's dirt cheap and the manufacturing quality is high. One note - I wash it before stringing as it does have some slippery production residue on it.
From: Doug, Houston, TX. USA 4/02

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