Kirschbaum Super Smash 17 660' String Reel Honey Customer feedback

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Comments: This string is not for those who prefer the feel of Big Banger. There is not as much power or spin or muted feel. It is much more crisp on contact. The string moves around quite a bit as well. I broke my first set right after stringing it. I hit the ball in the center but it broke near the grommet. The other set is holding up but moving a lot. For reference, I like to play from the baseline with a 16x19 string pattern.
From: Andrew, 8/11

Comments: I've tried probably around 30-40 different strings and this is easily my favorite. It is comfortable, but it also gives good feedback on impact with a bit of crisp (unlike some other slicker, more muted polys). This string is also cheap and extremely durable (and trust me, I beat those balls without mercy a few times a week), I usually have to cut it out after 2 months just due to tension loss. Depending on racket, I string between 59 and 63 lbs of tension, 61 lbs for my main racket KBlade 98.
From: Anton V, NYC. 3/09

Comments: The best string I have tried. I have been experimenting with different strings on a monthly basis and this one is the best. The tension stability is great and so is the spin. I string it at 60 in my whole racquet and I generate my own power. I am a 4.0 Player and the string is going to allow me to become a 5.0 pretty soon and I am not exaggerating. if you generate your own power, this string is for you. it will give you great control. The guys I play with say that even my mishit bounce in; that's how amazing this string I think they are. give them a try!
From: Carlos, Palmdale, CA. 1/09

Comments: I was looking for a polyester that doesn't lose tension, and this is definitely the string. I'm a college player who practices 4 hours a day and I can't complain. Although I go through these strings quickly, I hit with a lot of spin (which is a plus to this string, it gives ample topspin). I hybrid it with prince synthetic gut in my Prince Diablo 93 and it's Christmas. Don't string it higher than 60. There is no need because the polyester has enough control as is. You will find more success with this string in a hybrid.
From: Bryan, Tampa, FL, USA. 7/08

Comments: After having all my racquets strung up, the only thing I would add to my previous post would be that the loss of tension is apparent after a few hitting sessions and the strings will start to move. But nothing major, however still impressed with the feel and pocketing.
From: Jon, Bristol, England. 03/07

Comments: A great choice for hybrids. Use as a main string and put a multifilament/natural gut on the crosses. Only recommendation, invest in some string savers, they stop the thin and stiff polyester from cutting into the crosses. Don't string this higher than 62lbs, it will snap in the machine.
From: Rubie, Little Grey Water, AK, USA. 9/05

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