Kirschbaum Super Smash 16 660' String Reel Honey Customer feedback

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Comments: As Benji said, this string is great in a hybrid. It felt dead to me when I strung it in a full bed. When I strung it in a hybrid with the really cheap Kirschbaum syn gut, however, it had a great feel. It has a crisp, solid feel. I string it at 62 lbs in the mains, and the syn gut at 60 lbs in the crosses on my Babolat Pure Storm Tour ltd. (2009 model).
From: David, 6/13

Comments: As typical with Kirschbaum strings, this one is super-dead. Holds tension very well, not overly-harsh. String on the lower side.
From: Klem, 3/13

Comments: Strung at 62 lbs. It's very stiff string even after a couple of days of hitting. It has good spin potential and control, but not very forgiving on off center shots. I will stick to my Isospeed Energetic 16.
From: Sheel. 7/11

Comments: Great String. Good spin potential. Very durable. No real stress on my arm.
From: Jeff, Mundelein, IL, USA. 11/06

Comments: This is an absolutey great string. I recommend using this in the mains and Gamma Syn.Gut w/weargurad in the crosses. When playing with this hybrid, you can really feel the ball on the strings and it has a really nice feel, and it really grips the ball and you can get a fair bit of spin and control. I am using this hybrid in a Wilson Ncode 95 16x18 at 62.5lbs.
From: Benji
Australia 3/10/06

Comments: I started using Kirschbaum Super Smash because I used to break a lot of strings with my topspin game. My coach suggested I should use this string because it was very resistant. I found that was true. In fact my new string was now lasting a few games longer and I wasnít feeling that loss of tension from the last brand. Even though, this string (1.20 mm) with time began to be insufficient for my game was getting more and more powerful, especially with the change of racket (Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 5.0). So I started using thicker super smash strings. I now use the 1.35 mm and it last 3 to 4 games the most. I donít imagine what it would be if I didnít use the Kirschbaum super smash.
From: Antůnio, Guimar„es, Portugal 9/02

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