Kirschbaum Super Smash 16L (1.30) String Honey Customer feedback

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Comments: As typical with Kirschbaum strings, this one is super-dead. Holds tension very well, not overly-harsh. String on the lower side.
From: Klem, 3/13

Comments: Strung at 62 lbs. It's very stiff string even after a couple of days of hitting. It has good spin potential and control, but not very forgiving on off center shots. I will stick to my Isospeed Energetic 16.
From: Sheel. 7/11

Comments: I recived a kirschbaum sponsorship and I decided to have this string as the first kirschbaum one I tried. I LOVED this string and it gives me good placement. I played with it once and then called kirschbaum and ordered a reel right away. I always hit strong groundstrokes with efficiant spin, good volleys, and serve was different with them but I picked up quick. String tighter... Recommended 9.5/10
From: Weston, Solon, Ohio, U.S. 03/10

Comments: Great String. Good spin potential. Very durable. No real stress on my arm.
From: Jeff, Mundelein, IL, USA. 11/06

Comments: Great value. I play mostly from the baseline on the hardcourts and have tried 20 different strings and hybrids. This string offers the best power and comfort while holding tension reasonably well. Kevlar/synthetic gut always played well for a set or two then lost tension and felt mushy. Super Smash Honey hung in there for at least 10 sets then broke. The string provided crisp volleys and excellent power with placement on groundstrokes. I highly recommend it for a player's racquet at a 4.5 and higher game. Good for either baseline or serve-and-volley.
From: John, Mayfield, KY, USA 07/06

Comments: The moment I first hit the ball I knew this was my new string of choice. I am a junior player from Texas. The feel is crisp and clean. The string provides lots of control but can be a bit much on the arm. Qualities the string produces are power, control, and a bit of juice when you need it. Overall the string is great for the cheap price, try it and I am sure you will enjoy it.
From: From: Jose, Houston, Texas USA. 06/04

Comments: I have always liked polys and have already tried many. The Kirsch SS Honey 16 is the best one I tried. It brings you the crisp and solid feel of the best polys, and, differing from other polys, it holds tension very well and the playability does NOT change during time. The price is also ok. I tried already many Luxilon strings too, but I don't like them. Their feel and touch is quite uneven. I string my C10īs at 61 and it is not harsh on the arm. Try it! It is the best string I know for my 5.0 level.
From: Fernando, Porto Alegre, Brazil 10/02

Comments: I strung it for one of my players who was using a ThunderCloud with Hammerlast 16. He really liked the way it held up compared to the synthetic gut crosses on the Hammerlast. As for playability, he felt it played fine.
From: Trooper, USA 1/01

Comments:Originally, I was very satisfied with Kirschbaum Super Smash Honey 16g. I've been playing this string for several years. But when I bought stringing equipment for myself, I more and more started to dislike Super Smash. Due to the fact that it is pretty oily, I have to clean the machine every several weeks because the string slips through the pull mechanism. It's also not as flexible as other strings.
From: Daniel, Maxdorf, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany 7/00

Comments: The Kirschbaum Super Smash Honey 16 String (1.30) has been a blessing from the Tennis Gods. I'm smitten with control and the power I can conjur up with my 110 ThunderStrike. Strung at 60 lbs., the Honey performs masterfully for my 5.0 level game. I used Pro Blend for eight straight years and my arm just gave out when I switched to a ThunderStrike two years ago. Since then I've used Gamma Rx and like Control Freak for the control but they moved too much during a rally. The Honey does not have the durability some say (lasts me 5 sets) but makes up for it where it counts - playability.
From: Stephen, Seattle, WA. USA 5/00

Comments:I like Kirschbaum Super Smash Honey 16g. String a lot despite the fact that it's quite harmful for my tennis elbow problem. It really provides me tons of control, crisp ground strokes and volleys and a firm feel. Durability is great but tension loss is similar to other poly strings. Ideal for control maniacs and string breakers who can generate their own power.
From: Lucas, Buenos Aires, Argentina 11/99
Racquet type and tension: Head Premier Tour MP strung @ 62lbs.

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