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Comments: This is a great invention -- I used to play with grip size 3, and racquet that weighs 300-320 grams unstrung. Then I got the RF97 with grip 4, and liked that. By chance I got a Yonex AI 98 with the grip 2, which did not feel good and decided to increase the grip size with this sleeve and then add a leather grip over it, plus an overgrip. It gave me balance, comfort, and stability that I never found before and became my favorite racquet to date. It happened again with the Wilson Six.One 95S. Now I have a new problem, for my future racquet, should I buy 2 sizes smaller and add the sleeve with a leather grip to get the weight and balance that I need?
From: Tim, 5/16

Comments: Very easy to apply -- I used a hair dryer. The bevel feel is still very good (I put a TW leather grip on top). It does add some weight though, so be prepared for a more headlight balance and increased static weight. Excellent, easy to use product!
From: JH, 5/15

Comments: Broiler method all the way! Takes 20 seconds tops. No longer than that or it will melt rather than shrink.
From: Anon, 2/15

Comments: Super easy. Stacked two on a PS85 and covered with Fairway grip. I used an electric stove, not oven or broiler, at medium high to better control heat distribution from buttcap to throat. Took a minute. Just make sure to allow plenty of excess on the throat and buttcap before you start heating. It does shrink. The hardest part is cutting the excess after shrinking but the buttcap has a ridge you can see and feel, and the throat doesn't have to be perfect if you're scared to nick the racquet. Get a good Exacto knife. Great product, hard to screw up the install, solid in play. Will use again.
From: Justin, 12/14

Comments: This product works fantastic like everyone has said, if you do it properly. Since I didn't have access to a heat gun at the time, I was using the hair dryer for the first 10 minutes and got impatient, so I tried the oven method. It looked finished (I didn't know how to tell if it was done) but I wanted to be sure, so I just kept heating. It "overshrunk" and ripped over the handle; I didn't know it could shrink to that extreme. I understand that it's no one's fault but my own. I'm just writing this review so that some poor sap won't make the same mistake I did.
From: Chris, 8/14

Comments: It took a little work to get the sleeve onto the handle because the sleeve was too small to go over the end cap. I'm not sure if it's because it was sent to Phoenix during summer, which might of caused a slight shrinkage. So I ended up removing the end cap first, then putting the sleeve over the handle and reinstalling the end cap. Then I forced the sleeve over the cap and went at it with a heat gun. Came out perfect.
From: Son, 9/13

Comments: Broiler method worked great.
From: Tim, 7/13

Comments: This product worked like a champ. First, I tried using the hair dryer but that took forever, so I used the oven method on both of my racquets.
From: Jason, 1/13

Comments: On the advice from TW I used a shrink wrap on my Babolat PD to increase the grip from 4 3/8 to 4 1/2. I used a heat gun/paint stripper to heat the wrap and it worked perfectly! It just took a couple of minutes and it tightened right up. I put the grip and new overgrip on and feels great! Very easy...thanks TW!
From: L.B., 10/12

Comments: Amazing product, this is exactly what I've been needed for a long time. I've been putting 3 piece of overgrips on the handle of my racket since 1.5 year ago. It's a nice goodbye to my weird circled handle (due to 3 piece of overgrips). While putting on this wrap thing, I also put on the TWH leather replacement grip at the same time. Both a very nice products. Now, I can change grip way more accurately, which improved my backhand a lot.
From: Jack H, Denver, CO, USA, 08/10

Comments: Warm up the broiler (top) element in your oven. Put the sleeve over the grip so that it goes past the buttcap by about 1/4 inch. Slowly start feeding your handle into the oven, about 3 inches from the heating element, rotating it as you go. You'll see the sleeve start shrinking down. Once you've reached the top of the sleeve, remove your racquet and let it cool. The entire shrinking process should take about 30 seconds. Trim the excess carefully and you're finished. These sleeves weight about 16-17 grams after trimming. Thanks for the great tip! While this technique will work, we strongly recommend using a hair dryer when applying a heat shrink sleeve.
From: Stephen, Omaha, NE 02/10

Comments: Easy to install, basic hair dryer will work. It will raise the size (obviously) but NOT the whole 1 step increase. Don't use two to try to increase 2 steps, otherwise the edges will round off. Be very careful cutting off the excess, or you will scratch your racquet.
From: Yoshi, Torrance, CA, USA 10/09

Comments: Worked fantastically, bought a KPS88 on sale with a 4 1/4 handle and built it up to 4 3/8 using the broiler method with no issues whatsoever. Thanks for the advice everyone!
From: Gene, Irvine, CA, USA 10/09

Comments: Works great just got mine. Took about less then a minute. Kept same shape as handle. BTW I also used the broiler on the oven.
From: Dave, Los Angeles, CA. 3/09

Comments: These things are just plain great! I used three of them on one racket to bring a 4 1/2 to 4 7/8 and it did keep the handle's proper shape pretty well. I just held the handle over the heating element on my oven while turning the racket and it took less than a minute.
From: Scott, KS, USA, 05/08

Comments: Works perfectly. But you must have a very hot heat gun. I used a hair dryer and it took an hour for the sleeve to shrink. So if you have a hot heat gun this is the prefect way to build up a grip size.
From: Clinton, Marion, USA. 5/08

Comments: Works great! I used the broiler method as well. Make sure to eave a little room at the top of the grip as the tube shrinks in length as well.
From: Ross, Indianapolis, IN. 4/08

Comments: I have used these for years. Simply slip it over the handle and heat -- I use a heat gun on the low setting. Just rotate the racquet in one hand and wave the gun slowly around the handle from butt upward about 2-3 inches away. It takes no more than two minutes. Let it cool for another couple of minutes and put on the grip.
From: Steve, Tucson, AZ. 2/08

Comments: Excellent. Make sure your grip is legit and use these. I used a hair dryer, and it took for ever, but if you do it right and regrip over it right, it's perfect.
From: Colin, Seattle, WA. 12/07

Comments: I was skeptical at first, but once I tried it this is amazing. It feels just like a grip size bigger. I even did a blind fold test and I couldn't tell the difference between my naturally bigger grip and the one I built up with a sleeve. The oven broiler works perfect for heating it up. It takes about 15 seconds to shrink it if you rotate it around under the broiler. I recommend it to anyone needing a grip size larger.
From: Frank City, State, Country: Grapevine, TX

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