Signum Pro Tornado 18 (1.17) String Customer feedback

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Comments: Best strings I have ever played with! They give the most spin due to its rough texture. Only comparable to Solinco Tour Bite. Downside of the textured string is it's decreased durability. Breaks faster than most poly strings. Would recommend a thicker gauge size for those who want more longevity in their string life.
From: Revanth, 7/16

Comments: I really had high hopes for this string. I know people who sing its praises all day long. I strung it up at 55 lbs, mainly due to the elastic nature of this string. It is one of the stretchiest polys I've strung in a long time. However, as elastic as the string was on the stringer, the string plays unbelievable boardy. I haven't played with such an uncomfortable string ever! Power is anemic. Spin was only decent. Touch/drop volleys were good though but that may be because of the extremely low power of this string. Lower tensions may work better with this string.
From: Andrew, 8/15

Comments: This was my string of choice for about a year. Great spin in a hybrid with NXT. Nice control and awesome pop. The tension seemed to drop from 57 to 47 lbs in a month, so explaining the extra pop. May want to try a full bed as it was arm friendly. I'm a 3.5 NTRP league player. I like to play big kick serves and topspin forehand. Playing with a Prestige MP.
From: Gabe, 2/15

Comments: This string is absolutely amazing! Best control string ever. I played with Evo Focus Hex and thought I like it until I tried the Signum. The control and spin with the Signum is fantastic. I recently tried Dunlop Black Widow hex string to see how it compares, and I had to cut it out of my racquet after 2 matches because it pales in comparison to the Signum. Try it and you'll love it!
From: Jeff, 2/14

Comments: I've played with the 1.29 for about half a year, then tried the 1.17. This by far was the best choice for me! Not only did I have better feel but more power and spin as well! I actually don't mind that it only takes me 4 to 6 hours to break this string (1.17) because it snaps before the pattern is worn out. To me this means it plays a lot better through the whole life of the string. I tend to break strings fast because I hit hard with heavy spin. Most of the time I string at 51 lbs. I play with the Babolat Pure Drive.
From: David, 11/12

Comments: I found great spin, durable, and they snap back in place. Some initial loss in tension, but stabilizes quickly, and tension loss then becomes very minimal over time. I strung it in the mains at 55-57 lbs with a multifilament in the crosses. I found that the twist in this string caused some notching of the multifilament crosses (Tecnifibre X-One Bi-Phase), so I switched to Babolat Addiction, which has a nice slippery coating on it. This eliminated the notching issue. I've played with this set-up for the past 6 months, and love it.
From: Chris, 9/11

Comments: I played with a lot of poly string and this is a great string, however it loss tension about 6 hours into play. Its great on topspin, also my serve has a lot more kick. For the money and the durability I would play with it again. 5.0 player
From: Anon, Atlanta, GA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Wonderful string, great feel and lots of topspin but does not last that long and a bit expensive.
From: Mo, Bethesda, MD, USA, 01/11

Comments: I'm using this on a Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex Plus with 25.5 Kg tension and I'm very happy with. So, this strings in this setup offers me very good control and spin with enough power. I usually like strings that are offering spin, control and feel (I use top spin or slice in all the hits, almost never flat hits). Power is not in my target as far as I can hit quite fast if needed. So, in this respect this string is OK. Previously I tested a lot of strings from Babolat (including RPM Blast, Hurricane Pro Tour, Xcel Pro, different hybrids) or Luxilon (Original) but I didn't found the perfect setup (string/tension) that satisfies me and fits my game style. I will stay with this one. ;)
From: Cristian, Romania, Bucharest. 10/10

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