Signum Pro Tornado 17 (1.23) String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: This string is really great for 4-5 matches, it has great spin and control during that time. But immediately after that the twists on the string wear off and the string becomes completely bald. This takes away all the spin out of the shots. The tension of the string is retained very well for a really long time but the spin is completely gone.
From: Satya, 8/16

Comments: I am an amateur player, 5.0, 46 years old, and take full swings with heavy spin with an aggressive style, but not a big hitter. My first serve is regularly 160-170kmh calculated from video frames and I play on clay 60% of the time and hard courts 40% of the time. With a Prince Tour 100 18x20, I strung with Luxilion Alu Power Rough 17 (at 24 kg). The racquet was very soft so Alu Power was a fine combination. This year, I switched to Head Radical Pro (2016) seeking for more power and Alu Power was too stiff for the racquet. Signum Pro Tornado 17 (1.23) (strung at 24 kg) gave me much better feeling especially with "touch" shots, drop-shots and half-volleys. I could easily generate power and spin as well. For me, it suits me better for stiffer and powerful frames (Radical Pro flex rating is 67; Price Tour flex rating is 57). I was also very surprised the string played better and better for me with the hours spent on court, until it broke after 16 hours of playing. Next time I try to lower the tension to have more touch. With Luxilion, I was never able to break the string, but I had power and control, only for the first 6-8 hours.
From: Artur, 8/16

Comments: I wonder why there have been no reviews about this string after 2012. This string is amazing. Gives me good bite, good power and good feel. Comfort-wise, I didn't have a problem. It lasts also long (3 weeks). This is my go-to string. I am a 5.0 rated player and use my trusty Wilson KFactor 95 at 52 lbs. If anything, I just wish it had more control while killing the short balls. But overall, I am happy with this string.
From: Vish, 5/15

Comments: While its a good string with lots of spin and control, I must confess this is the only string where I have had a problem stringing. I have had the string break on me a couple of times when stringing. While I am not a professional stringer, I have strung over 200 racquets and this was the only string that I have had break on me.
From: David, 12/12

Comments: I've been playing with Tornado 1.17 at 51 lbs and 1.23 at 52 lbs for about 2 months - (RDIS 200 Lite 98sq, 16x19). I agree with D., from Temecula - good power, control and very good topspin. Both gauges don't move and hold tension well. However this string has little ball pocketing and/or feel. IMO if you are all court player or play singles and doubles there are better strings on the market. Overall this string is just OK especially considering the price and value.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: This string is amazing and lasts me 2-3 weeks depending on how aggressively I play. The string has amazing spin, but after 2-3 weeks it goes dead. But overall the string is great!!!
From: Marcos. 11/11

Comments: This is a great string! I have it strung on my Prince Rebel 95 and my topspin has increased greatly. I highly recommend this string to anyone looking for spin.
From: Albert, 10/11

Comments: I strung a full bed of this at 50 lbs in my Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid, and I find that I can get great spin and even some power. This string also maintains playability longer than most other polys out there, such as Babolat RPM Blast. I am a junior player with a full, fast swing.
From: Zach, 8/11

Comments: Very good string, the best I played so far. Plenty of power, lots of spin, while durability is okay. It took about 15 hours to break. Tension loss occurs after about a few hours heavy hitting.
From: Ben. 7/11

Comments: This is one of the better strings out there. It's much better compared to RPM Blast and Black Code. It has nice ball bite and control with raw power. I strung it on my Aeropro Drive GT @ 55lbs. I'm going to stick to this string for a long time.
From: Jaguar, New York, NY, USA. 5/11

Comments: These are some excellent strings! They're the best strings I have played with so far! They have great access to spin!
From: Kai, Arlington, TX, USA, 01/11

Comments: Excellent string! Great crisp feel without being harsh on the arm. I drop the tension 10% below where I would string a syn gut. I have tried many polys and this is my favorite. I use it in mains with a multi or syn gut cross. Spin is above average. Feel is very good. Power is good if you drop the tension 5-10% below normal syn gut tension. Durability is outstanding. And, tension maintenance is very good. I play at the 4.0-4.5 level and get about 20-25 hours before the strings begin to lose their feel a bit.
From: Tom, Jackson, NJ, 12/10

Comments: Using as M w/Bab. Addiction 16 as X, this string outperforms RPM Blast in spin, power and tension maintenance hands down. Kudos to Signum Pro! Can't wait to compare it to my normal Federer set-up (gutM/ALU RoughX). I go only 3# less on X's when hybriding ALU as X to natural gut. That may explain previous negative feedback from other user. Youtek Prestige Pro 57/54.
From: Tom, Casselberry, FL, USA, 12/10

Comments: I have been using this string as a full setup and it played very well in all areas, but the durability became an issue as significant notching would occur after a week or two and the strings lasted about 2 weeks on average. Recently switched to hybriding it with Gosen OG Micro 16 on the crosses. This reduced the spin a bit but gave the string bed a softer feel and increased durability. Overall a great string whether used as a full setup or for hybriding.
From: Peter, USA. 4/10

Comments: Switched to a poly to lessen the potential of breaking strings. Overall, good power, above average control, and very good topspin. Tension held up great. No movement of the strings at all. However, this poly does not give me the feel that I like when hitting, especially when hitting slices or drop shots. It just feels -- bland. I also find it to be a bit stiff for my taste. I will switch to co-poly on the mains and synthetic gut on the crosses to see if that type of a set up would work out better for me. FYI I strung this at 52lbs on a Volkl PB Mid.
From: D., Temecula, CA United States. 4/10

Comments: Absolutely excellent string! I am using it hybrid, SIGNUM on MAINS and NG on CROSSES (62/60 Prince OSG). It works perfect and gives a great pleasure for topspin. Excellent control, power and arm friendly; I will definitely stick with it; this one is one of the best strings that I ever used.
From: Old man 4.0, Canada. 4/10

Comments: Great string! When the stringer told me about this string, I had no idea what kind this was. Nevertheless, I tried it and it was amazing. Great soft feeling and lots of spins. After two months of playing with this string, it broke, so I don't think this was a durable string. However, it was really a nice soft string. Everyone should try this at least once.
From: Ted, Japan 01/10

Comments: The best string that I've tried. It gave me extra power, control and spin...but most of all it feels nice when hitting my shots.
From: Bruno, Tawau, Sabah, East Malaysia 11/09

Comments: I've tried many strings, but this one is one of the best I've ever played with!! Easy on the arm, excellent power and spin potential and a really cool black color!! I usually play with Alu spin but I'm definitely switching to the Tornado!! Good job Signum pro guys!!
From: Bill, Athens, Greece. 11/09

Comments: I've played with the Tornado (17) strung at 52 lbs on a Kblade Team. I was really impressed! Very easy on the arm (more so than the Alu strings), amazing control (can actually place it anywhere I wanted), awesome topspin and good power. Will absolutely order more.
From: Paul, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 11/09

Comments: Compared to Poly Plasma, Tornado is softer with a bit more power. This co-poly is easy on the arm, with a nice feel. It holds well the tension - but not as good as Poly Plasma. It helps a lot to put spin on the ball, but after around 10 hours of play, I have noticed that the heptagonal shape of the crosses disappeared in the sweet spot area.
From: Robert, France 11/09

Comments: Definitely the best poly I've ever hit with next to Big Banger Alu Power, but much more arm friendly. It is just amazing how much spin this thing can hit. I am using Dunlop 4D 300 tour which has a 18x20 string pattern, with synthetic gut or a regular poly I struggle to get spin, but with this the ball just kicks after the bounce, even with my one handed backhand! But the most noticeable aspect of this string is not its spin or control, but it's insane power, my forehand really got beefed up after switching to this string because it's just such a soft poly with incredible control and power, I can hit much harder with my forehand now. And its stealth black look goes perfect with the black/red color of my Dunlop 4D 300 tour. Love this string to death, bought a reel already!
From: Anakin, San Francisco, CA 10/09

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