Signum Pro Tornado 16 (1.29) String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Great string. I use a full bed in my Wilson Blades 98S at 48.5 lbs/22 kilos because it is a little stiff. One can reduce tension as it holds really well. Signum also recommends 10% less tension. Good spin, control and power. Plus it is not too expensive.
From: Peter, 3/15

Comments: I agree with the loopier swing from this. You can, and need to, hit up and aggressive. I found there is more spin than the Signum Poly Pro and this has a nice feel. My serves lost some heaviness though versus the Poly Pro.
From: Jeff, 10/11

Comments: This string is brutal, it feels really stiff, so if you are trying to find something easy on the arm, go look somewhere else. That being said, if you like poly strings, and you like strings that are axially twisted, this string is as good as it gets. I use a full Tornado job in my Prestige Pro at 54 lbs and when the strings are fresh, you can really see that extra bit of spin you get from the string. They lose very little tension and the move very little, after some hours of play the amount of spin you get is not quite the same, the shape of the string logically goes rounder. Durability is not the best for poly strings (less than the Signum Pro Poly Plasma), have tried better, but it is not an issue either. Black colored strings are just cool. Everybody is comparing these strings with the Babolat RPM Blast, but in my opinion, this is not the right comparison. MVS Hepta, Gosen Sidewinder are, by design and materials, closer to the Tornado.
From: Mike, 9/11

Comments: This is an interesting string compared to RPM blast, Black Code, and Spiky Shark. There's great topspin and slice as expected, perhaps not as much as Spiky Shark (which I think had the most spin) but definitely on par, but not as much pop off the flat shots that I was getting with RPM Blast, particularly noticeable on my two handed backhand. I had to a adopt a loopier style of hitting my two handed backhand, to get good depth. I think this string does have something unique compared to the others in that it seems to be noticeably easier to pull off touch volleys and drop shots which are more difficult for me when using this category of strings. I was alternating between groundstrokes and finesse shots very naturally with Tornado. I think the overall power/depth might have been easier to access with RPM Blast, but the control was good and roughly equivalent to the others. I strung it at 58 lbs on a full bed, which is what I usually string at. The strings feel a bit tighter than they have with the others, it could be that they are a bit better at retaining tension, I could drop it a few lbs the next time I try it to get the same feel that I am used to.
From: Anon, 10/10

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