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Comments: I am a 4.5 player, and have been playing with this string for 3 months. It's a very crisp feeling poly string. Good bite on the ball with the hex string shape vs. round. I string it around 50 lbs -- it's easy on the arm for a poly string. Stringing it is a little difficult due to the stiffness of the string, so it may be a good main string pattern string for some due to its great wearing properties and feel. I would recommend this string for a flatter ball striker seeking a consistent performance string that holds its tension.
From: Brian, 12/16

Comments: If you're a big hitter looking to produce as much spin as possible, use this string in the mains at 54 lbs and use Ytex Square-X in the crosses at 48 lbs. I have tried a lot of strings and combinations, but this one has an amazing effect on every racquet I've tried.
From: Michael, 9/16

Comments: This is good string. It is very stiff and therefore a bear to string. To help keep from grooving the mains, I weaved it through one row ahead and pulled it tight without having it in the last grommet hole. Then after tightening the string a row back, I put the string through the hole and pulled it all the way through. That prevented the grooving and made it a little easier to string. I put it in one of my son's high school teammates and he loves it. He is a serious string breaker and it is lasting about three times as long as anything else he has used. Great spin production and power. Price point is nice as well.
From: Chip, 3/13

Comments: When I first put this in my racquet and hit with it, I almost cut it out after the first hour. It seemed harsh and unforgiving and did not pocket the ball well or help with spin production. I did have it in a hybrid set up with a soft multi and I felt like I could not even get the ball past the service line without swinging harder than I wanted to. I strung it at 56 lbs in my Wilson NCode Pro Open MP. After hitting the hour and putting the racquet down, the strings settled in. They have proven to be above average strings. I guess the tension has dropped enough now. I still don't like the 16 gauge, but they are now doing what I wanted them to do when I bought them.
From: CF, 8/12

Comments: I am pleased with this string. I've recently bought 5 different set of poly's. I've only tested 3 so far but from what I've seen these strings are far better in every department. It gives a decent access to spin and huge durability. I'm a heavy string breaker and these string are tough.
From: David, 8/11

Comments: This is a great string for its price. It has a crisp feel, solid, and responsive. It's a little stiff to string, but it isn't that bad compared to a few other better known polys. The gear texture does wear out rather quickly, but it doesn't change the ability to spin. This will be the poly string of my choice from now on. Everybody should give this string a try.
From: Jack, Maryland, U.S. 07/10

Comments: String popped after ten hits, literally. Nightmare to string, super stiff, however, if you are willing to put in work, or have someone else string your racquet, it might be great string for spin. Hint if you are stringing, use wax or something to ease the friction, I didn't, which likely caused the sting to break after 10 strokes. BE CAREFUL.
From: Stan, Chicago, Illinois, USA. 7/10

Comments: Dunno if it's "triangle shape" but it's definitely grooved or ridged. Anyway, it plays great. Lots of spin, really able to put some bite on the serves and if you don't string it up too tight it actually has a lot of feel. I recommend getting a real and playing with the tensions. I play once or twice a week with it, seems to hold tension fairly well, definitely better than any of the multifilaments. I use it for the mains with some garbage Prince string for the crosses. When the crosses start to look really ragged I know it's time to change everything but I have yet to break it. I'm sold.
From: Bill, Charlotte, NC, USA. 4/10

Comments: This string is top rated! Go online and see the reviews for yourself. It's much better than Pro Hurricane Tour because it doesn't loose tension, it's softer and has more spin! YES it's incredible! Beleive me I've tried them all..Hybrids, Gut, ect..You name it! The last string I tried was Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power. The Luxilon doesn't even come with Luxilon you can easily develop arm problems due to it's stiffness. That's the reason I switched to more arm problems and it is even better than Luxilon in my opinion and many many others. Thanks Tennis Warehouse for recommending this string to me! It's the best by far in all catagories!
From: Glenn, CA 02/10

Comments: The spin is quite good but I'm not sure that it is really better than a good 17gauge string. The non- smooth surface bites into the cross strings pretty hard and causes fairly quick string breakage. I only got 5-6 sets of doubles out of it. Good string, but it doesn't seem to last.
From: Jack, Lynchburg, VA USA 01/10
NTRP 3.5

Comments: Awesome string. Using a signum pro poly speed spin with a prince syn gut now. I used to use big banger and syn gut as my hybrid but the poly speed spin adds so much more spin to my strokes and serves. It's amazing. Holds tension better than big banger, really happy that I ended up buying the reel. One thing I did notice from the transition from big banger to this was that it does move a lot more than big banger. Not a huge problem but is worth making note of.
From: RJ, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 10/08

Comments: This string isn't pyramid; it's a gear shape so the grooves you saw were actually between the teeth of the gear.
From: Anon. 9/08

Comments: This is my new string. Over the last three months, I have tried various polys such as Big Banger, Klip Hardcore, Babolat Pro name a few, even textured kevlar. While these strings all provided more spin and durability than synthetic gut, not one of the dozen or so that I tried could even hold a candle to this string. Sometimes I feel like a magician with the spin I am able to generate. I use a racquet with a tight string pattern (for control) but swing a heavy topspin stroke, so i needed something to help compensate for the lack of spin generated by the tight pattern. This string did it. It practically shaves the hair right off the ball. It is no where near as rigid as Big Banger or Pro Hurricane, and has a feel closer to synthetic, if you string it lower. For years I have strung at 68lbs (3 over max) with synthetic, and after playing with many polys and finally this one i string 56lbs mains and 56lbs cross with synthetic. i have a ton of power and the spin to control it. The is a cross section view of this string on (under string database) which clearly shows the gear shape of the string.
From: Jeff, state college, pa, usa. 4/08

Comments: Have recently tried this string as the main (53 lbs) with Isospeed control cross (55 lbs) in my pure storm. Unbelievably good feel and control, excellent spin. Just about the perfect hybrid for my baseline game in this racquet. Itís available at an amazingly low price here.
From: Lew, Qld, Australia, 02/07

Comments: I found the string to be the same color and looks the same as poly plasma, but after playing with it I liked it. It plays a lot like big banger. The performance drops after about 10 sets but the string still looks new. Overall, I will continue to use it.
From: Ryan, Brisbane, Australia. 10/06

Comments: This string is awesome! I use it with my Prince Diablo XP strung at 60lbs. Great spin, which suits well with my extreme western grip. Also, the string might be stiff at first, but you get used to it. I haven't broken this string yet, but the tension gets loosened easily. I get mine restrung every month, playing everyday of course. Overall great spin string.
From: Eric, Mechanicsville, VA. USA. 9/06

Comments: I agree to disagree with saying the description of this string is wrong. It is a textured string, and may not be completely round, but it isn't the triangle or even box shape that it claims in the description. The string is great though. I strung it up at 53lbs in my Babolat Pure Storm and I got great pop from it. Good control and plenty of power. My shots dropped in a lot too from the extra spin I received. It also helped out my second serve a lot. It is worth a try for such a cheap price for a poly.
From: Grant, KC, MO, USA 05/06

Comments: I received my Signum Pro Poly-Speed Spin 16 from TW a few weeks ago, and strung it at 65 lbs. in my mains, with a synthetic gut on my crosses. First, I would strongly disagree with the description that the string is "pyramid" shaped or is like a "tooth of a gear," as described by TW. Actually, it's round like all strings, except that it has what I would describe as very tiny grooves that run along the length of the string. Although the grooves make the string slightly textured, I did not notice any additional spin from this string. I think if Signum cut the grooves wider and/or deeper, there might be increased spin. Second, the string seemed really stiff (even for a polyester) when stringing, and it plays fairly stiff for the first couple of sets. But once it settles in, I think it actually is softer than Babolat pro hurricane, which I consider a soft polyester string. Third, I use a low-end drop weight stringer, and I typically drop the weight 3 times on each string. With pro hurricane, I could tell that with each drop, the weight would go lower, which indicates that the string is quite elastic (and probably will lose tension a lot over time). However, with the speed spin string, the drop weight would return back to the same level, so the string does not stretch as much (and perhaps will keep its tension longer?). So far, the tension seems to have held up pretty well. I'm going to try pro plasma and megaforce, and see how they compare.

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