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Signum Pro Poly Plasma Pure 17L (1.18)660 Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I made the same mistake as Col. I love the Signum Pro Plasma and so do a lot of the guys I play with and I string there frames. I bought a reel in January thinking it was the same only a color difference. I noticed right away something was different as it snapped easy as I strung a few sticks for the guys. I was thinking it could be the cold weather. I didn't say anything to the guys just to see if they had any problems and they did. Right away they snapped and also they did not like the way it hit. The difference is, (It is called PURE because no pigments have been added) according to I still use it on my frames some and it is better in warmer weather, but NOT THE SAME STRING as the regular string (orange).
From: Dennis, Burnsville, NC, USA. 4/09

Comments: I love the venerated orange 1.18 SPPP. Very disappointing that the new color is not the same great string. Very great info Aussie guy! Thanks for keeping me from making a huge mistake! I'm sticking to the orange! btw, needs a 10" donation of your Pure string for their String Archive records. Might be kind of you to contribute.
From: Anon. 2/09

Comments: This is *not* the same as the orange version! I bought a reel thinking it was the same only colour difference. It is *much* softer and very fragile. It is very easy to snap, poor durability. Stick with the original!
From: Col, Australia, 10/07

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