Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17L (1.18) String Customer feedback

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Comments: This string plays well with this thin gauge (1.18). It offers not only high power, medium spin and comfort, but also excellent ball control and feel. Tension stability is better than most. Its power and spin are not as good as Luxilon ALU Power or Babolat RPM Blast, though its control is about the same, and its feel and comfort are far exceeded them. The string lost its elasticity (feels dead) when moving. One needs to cut it off! I have been playing with this string for longer than 5 years, yet have not found a better one. I admire the power, control, and spin combination of ALU power and RPM Blast, but they offer little feel and comfort.
From: Chanh, 10/12

Comments: The only not so good thing about this string is that I snapped it twice while stringing and for one successful string job it broke at the top edge of the frame after 6 matches or so. I still have one whole reel minus 3 sets and don't know what to do. Similarly with the thicker gauged Signum Pro Poly Plasma which I used up a whole reel; It broke at the same location every time, at the top edge (never in the middle) due to mishits I think. I know it is not the racquet because I tried some other strings during this time and they broke in the middle. So I think if you mishit a lot like me and / or if you string racquets on a regular basis then think twice about buying this string. It is very brittle! It is a bit of a waste of time and money when you can't completely wear it down.
From: Thuan. 07/11

Comments: This is a great string. I used to use Pro Hurricane Tour, and it lost tension too fast. This string has so much bite and it has amazing for spin and playability. This string increased topspin dramatically and is great on the arm. I play every day and am a grinder; I hit very heavy and this string is not very durable for my game. It tends to break after 2 days for me. This is the best string I have ever had!
From: Sam, top 10 junior in state. 14 years old. strung all poly at 56.5, United States. 8/10

Comments: Best string in the world for its price. I tried the 1.23 gauge first then the 1.18 and both feel great, but the 1.18 has more power. I'm a big hitter and I this string gives me at least 2-3 matches without breaking. Obviously I bought a reel. You should too.
From: Pablo, Santiago, CHILE, 07/10

Comments: This is an exceptional string. I've tried many polys, Wilson Enduro Tour, a lot of the Luxilons, some Gosen... None compare to this. When I hit with this, I left the courts feeling that Luxilons were over hyped. Anyways, these strings are cheap, and absolutely worth it for mains in a poly. My impression of the string is that it is the jack-of-all-trades. It does everything well, but nothing extremely well, besides the softer feel.
From: Andrew, Methuen, MA, USA, 07/10

Comments: Nice soft polyester strings with lots of good pop, spin, and feel. Lasts long as well, so did not have to restring every 3 weeks, but now I hold these in at least a month. 4.0 Player using Youtek Speed Midplus 16x19, strung these at 47lbs.
From: Andy, San Diego, CA, United States. 5/10

Comments: This is the best string ever. I'm a big server and these strings don't seem to pop. I have tried Big Banger and popped that in 2 weeks. Switched to sppp and still have the same set for 2 months now. Love it.
From: Tony, South Houston, Texas, USA
Racquet and tension: Liquidmetal Radical @ 54 lbs.

Comments: I have been using Signum Pro Poly-Plasma 17g (love them) for about 6 months consistently playing 3-4 times a week, from 2-3 hours each session, and I recently bought a 660 reel of the 17L thinking "hey these strings are really great, so why not go thinner the string will be even better." and wish i had stuck with the regular 17g. I've probably strung 5 sets for myself with the new stuff. I had much more power w/ 17g and less string movement even after trying to increase tension with the thinner 17L. Oh and they take some break in time and after approximately a few hours of good hitting they go dead and you'll feel it for sure. I hope someone else finds this true so i wont think its in my head.
From: John Hoffmann, Conway, AR, U.S. 06/09

Comments: I have found these to be excellent poly strings. I would rate them very good in the power and spin potential categories. In terms of control, comfort and feel these strings earn an excellent rating. The only deficiency that I can site is durability, they typically break on me after 3-4 matches. About 1 hour before they break they go dead so you will know. IMO overall excellent strings that compare favorably with Luxilon ALU Rough and Topspin Cyber Flash 1.25 albeit with different playing characteristics. I may have to playtest all 3 again to see which I like the best if these end up being my 3 favorites. I will test SPPP Hextreme 1.25 next.
From: Rick, 4.5 player, NY, NY. 4/09

Comments: Although the power of these strings are good, they are far too soft. They completely lack in a crisp pop-like feeling. I've tried them once, and although they are better than strings such as Wilson NXT, they are not right for me. I'll be trying MSV focus-hex next. Not to put down these strings too quickly, they beat out just about 75% if not more of the strings out there. However, I'm looking for more pop and a crisper feeling.
From: Robert, Pennsylvania. 11/08

Comments: I totally agree with Ravi about the instability of this string. Twice these strings have broken before I even played a point (they were crosses @54 with VS natural gut as mains @57). It is perhaps interesting to note that I too am stringing on a McEnroe Maxply. Probably a good string but I am going back to my beloved MSV Hex 1.10.
From: Jon, Milwaukee. 6/08

Comments: I love them, but I think Prince Top Spin gives more spin. Still, I will give them more time. Very easy on the arm at 55 pounds on my Prince O3 Shark. Very difficult to make knots with this string. It kinks easily.
From: Simon, Champlain, NY. 6/08

Comments: I have had a terrible time with Signum Pro Poly-Plasma 17L (1.18) while stringing a Dunlop Maxply McEnroe as I broke 3 half strings before I could string the mains with this string. Racket strung with SPPP in mains at 54lbs (I dropped it by 10%) and Wilson NXT Tour at 60 lbs in the crosses. Tennis-Warehouse was going to replace the SPPP package as it could have been from a bad batch and has not received the shipment in 2 weeks. As someone commented, this string plays like Luxilon Big Banger Ace at a cheaper price. I had a great time with my Maxply serving flat and spin serves, some incredible touch volleys and smashing overheads placing them where I wanted. My Maxply McEnroe never played better - I used Wilson NXT Tour all the way and in combination with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Rough before.
From: Ravi, Audubon, PA. 5/08

Comments: Great Spin/Feel/Control/Power/Tension maintenance. I strung it in the mains at 60, and used ISO- SPEED Control+ as crosses at 62, but they drop about 4-6 pounds after a 2-hour practice, and after that, they seem to stay at that tension (my case 56-58). And everybody who has tried my stick with these strings said it is the best playing stick they've tried -- even this 53-year-old tennis instructor who's been playing for 40 years and tried every stick there is. Wilson nCode NPro(16x19).
From: Anon. 2/08

Comments: By far the best polyester string I have played with in a long time, possibly the best ever. It feels like the ball is sitting on the string bed and explodes off the string bed like a cannon. I had it on the mains with a soft multifilament, and it gave it an extra "oomph" on my groudstrokes and a little bit more "ahh" on my droppers. If you liked Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 16L, this is the string for you.
From: Ben, New Canaan, CT, USA. 12/07

Comments: Good string when I first strung up. Comparable to Pro hurricane tour, which I normally use. Good pop and spin. However, after about 2 weeks it feels unplayable. Kind of loses it's feel and power but that's to be expected. I would say it's a good poly overall, but I'll stick to PH Tour
From: Carlo, Lubbock, TX, USA. 5/07

Comments: What can I say, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The touch, the softness, the spin. The best string I have ever used bar none. Usually itís the racquet that makes an improvement, but this string made a difference. It broke in about two weeks, which is a little quick compared to most other polys, but it was worth the money definitely.
From: Grant, Denver, CO, USA, 04/07
String type and tension: 59 lbs

Comments: This is a great string and I agree with most positive comments and none negative. Those who break it too quickly, safe them for crosses and use thicker gauge for mains. Needs around 1 hr to break in, but then the feel, comfort, control and spin are just great. Can use a bit higher tension than for Luxilons. When the strings start to move considerably, it is time to restring.
From: Waldemar, Winston-Salem, NC, USA. 3/07

Comments: Amazing string! There's so much control in it and much easier on the arm than many polys. It is imperative to string it as recommended, at least 5% below your normal poly tension, preferably 10%, so you can get more power out of it. I strung it on a Wilson n6.1 95 (18-20 string bed) at 55lbs, and that is a bit tighter than I want it to feel, nevertheless, the performance is astonishing and there is absolutely no string movement.
From: Bobby, Stamford, CT, USA. 3/07

Comments: I'm a 5.0 player that has been experimenting with a few different poly's for the past two years now. Based on the reviews I decided to try this string out, iRad @ 60LBS. for mains & crosses. Did not like it at all, felt very boardy, didn't get that amazing control I've heard about, had no bite on my slice and didn't get that much top spin either. I have been using the Babolat Pro Hurricane 18 @ 62LBS in my iRad for some time now and get tremendous feel, control, pop and plenty of spin & slice. Truly disappointed with the Signum string, based on all the reviews I thought I had found the Holy Grail of strings, I guess not.
From: Jason, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 2/07

Comments: I have been using Luxilon ALU Power Rough 16L for quite some time, and thought I try SPPP 17L for more feel. And what a difference! The feel is great! It seems like I have more spin, and have more control of the ball. I notice though that my power is not same as the Luxilon, but I feel that most of my shots are going in - more accuracy and more consistency. If you are looking for better feel, and more consistency on your shots, try this string - you will not be disappointed. I am using the Dunlop M-Fil 200 Plus 2006. Main tension is 56lbs, and cross is 54lbs.
From: Cliff, Redford, MI, USA. 2/07

Comments: Best string Iíve used so far. Tried NXT's, Sensations, NRG's and Luxilon's. I had tennis elbow last year, was very scared to try another poly, but I like this a lot. Easy on arms, no string movement. Good power and control. Good for flat and spin serves.
From: Sudheesh, Lowell, AR, USA, 01/07

Comments: Very playable, but I have had a terrible time with this string breaking in 2-3 hours, always at the top of the racquet (a Dunlop Maxply McEnroe, which seems to have this problem with less durable strings). I may try the 16 gauge but I am trying to sell the rest of this reel to someone who doesn't hit as hard.
From: Peter, Arlington, VA, USA, 01/07

Comments: I've experimented with strings and string tension for a long while. Iíve tried Ashaway crossfire 18, Luxilon alu power, some hybrids, gamma synthetic gut 17, etc etc. I stopped my experiments with this. Iím a hard hitter and most of my shots are flat, but with this string, I can add loads of spin, the feel is awesome. Try it at 60 pounds.. The heavy tension may feel stiff at first, but get use to it and then it will reward you with superb topspin. Itís pretty durable and the strings don't move AT ALL.
From: Anon, Singapore, 01/07

Comments: Best string ever. I've tried Luxilon Alu Power, Babolat hurricane Pro Tour, but this 1.18mm price-wise, tension, feel, comfort and spin is perfect for my game. I play with a Prince White O3 @ 58 pounds (both mains and crosses) and the string does not move at all. Try it and you will never change to another one.
From: Jesus, Fort Worth, TX, USA. 11/06

Comments: My usual string is the Pro-Hurricane 17 (both mains & crosses) @ 57lbs on an AeroPro Drive. Tried this on a stringer's recommendation @ 56 & 57lbs. Lots of power compared to Pro-Hurricane so much so that my shots felt flatter & started to land long. Quite unforgiving on shots that are not well setup, i.e. getting to ball late. However, if you have good footwork & set up shots well, this string will reward you with unreturnable shots. Better for players with semi-western or extreme grips (better to tame the power). For others, you may have to tweak your strokes & footwork to get the best out of this string. Finally, it has good feel & durability
From: T.Jones, San Francisco, CA, USA. 10/06

Comments: I strung up my very old Wilson Ultra II with the 17L gauge of this string at 57M/55C and it plays much more powerfully than the same racquet with TNT Fat Core 16 gauge string, along with providing a lot more spin capability. In fact, the power levels are so much higher that I don't feel like I can use this racquet to practice with any more, and have switched to a wood racquet instead.
I have another, OS racquet with 16 gauge SPPP and they feel more different than the differences in racquet would seem to indicate. The 17L gauge seems softer and firmer, and seems to buzz less.
From: Posted by Midlife Crisis on Talk Tennis, 7/06

Comments: Just amazing, pinpoint precision, easy on the arm, drop tension about 5% and you will never use another string in your life!
From: Alex, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 4/06

Comments: Fantastic string, good power, excellent control and bite on the ball for extra top spin, and nice penetrating unretunable serves. Lower you tension by %5 and you are on your way to glory! I also used the 17g but this one plays much better. I use it on Babolat areo drive at 55lbs
From: MO, Bethesda, MD, USA 01/06

Comments: I have been playing tennis for more than 15 years now and have tried a lot of strings and would have to say that the Signum Poly Pro Plasma in the 1.18mm 17L gauge is one of if not the best strings I have tried. I am using a Wilson Pro Staff Classic 95 strung at 58lbs. My control has improved especially on the serve and volley and there is still good power plus there is no movement on these strings. I will have to get back to you in regards to durability and tension loss but so far I am very happy. I will be getting more to use in my other Classics.
From: Roland, Far Nth QLD Australia. 12/05

Comments: The Plasma is a nice string that fits a much needed niche : a relatively comfortable , softer feeling poly that is reasonably priced and holds tension very well. The areas where it sacrifices a little are ball feel and pop, that is compared to Lux ALU as a reference poly. I will say however that I've noticed that it feels much better after a few sets. It tends to feel a little "boardy" at first, but after it breaks in, the feel gets noticeably better. I've never tried it straight up, but like it with gut grosses. The 17L g. has the most feel IMO, but I think it actually has a little less pop than the 17 g., so I'd say I like the 17 g. the best overall. The tension does really hold very well for a poly (for any synthetic string for that matter). I do wish it came in other colors though, as it looks pretty garish in some frames (although kind of cool in some others)!
From: monologuist, from the Talk Tennis message boards. 11/05

Comments: I'm a hard hitter who spent about $2000 trying to find the best string price/performance within the last 2 years. Stopped at Signum Poly Plasma - German technology! You will never find a better tension stability string no matter you'll try to find. Not to mention the price. Tremendous durability for the thin gauge. Feel and comfort are way over average. Excellent behavior within humid red clay courts. Spin is excellent as the string bites a lot. Plenty of power as I would place this string within the control strings category. The closest to Luxilon Big Banger Ace, if not better. Try it and you won't regret it! Iím a 4.5 level player and use this string in an RDX500 @ 58/56lbs.
From: Gabriel, Romania. 11/05

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