Signum Pro Poly Plasma Pure 17 (1.23) String Customer feedback

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Comments: This is an absolute overlooked string. I used to play with Prince Pro Blend, Lux ALU, and Solinco Tour Bite. I just like the linear playability with these, the tension holds very well even after 6 hours of play. It's very close to ALU, but with better tension maintenance and playability. The one thing I like most is that even after 6 hours of play and you know the tension is not the same the playability is there til the end. Compared to tour bite this one has a crisper feel and to Lux ALU not only is it better for the price wise, but offers similar characteristics with a more linear playability throughout the life of the string. I have this strung at 56-57 lbs on my pure storms. I am a baseliner at a 4.5 level.
From: Jake, 4/14

Comments: Been using this as a cross string for a natural hybrid for a while now. It reduces the power of the gut slightly without any pain on your arm, in my opinion, this is the best cross for a gut hybrid. Better than Luxilon BB Alu Power/Rough, or MSV focus.
From: Anakin, 10/13

Comments: It is a great string. This is the same string as Signum Pro Poly Plasma in orange color. The feel, comfort, control and tension stability are all great. However, it happens to me at least 5 times that there is premature breakage right at the last grommet near throat for open string pattern racquets (such as ProKennex 5G, Dunlop AG100, MG Prestige Pro). One solution is to add power pads at throat. For closed string pattern racquests such as Prestige MP, no problem at all.
From: Steve, Cherry Hill, NJ.
(Steve, this sounds like it might be a case of shearing. String can "shear" when a ball is struck near the frame, and polyester strings, because of their generally stiffer construction, are more susceptible to this. It is also a good practice to inspect a racquet's grommets before restringing to ensure they are in good shape. -- TW Staff)

Comments: Great String, slightly tough on your arm. I'm a 5.0 player and this string lasts at least a month. Great Durability. I use this on my mains and Luxilon Big Banger Ice on my crosses. Excellent Combination.
From: Anon, 02/11

Comments: Great string for groundstrokes, but yeesh...if you can get a serve in over 30mph you are lucky. So in other words could not serve with this string! Goes dead in about 2 days, feels great at the start though!
From: Cooper, Sydney, Australia, 10/10

Comments: This is a very good poly. I use it in the mains and cross it with a good multi like LaSer Supreme or Alpha Gut 2000. Unlike Andrew, I have never broken a main - durability is excellent. It plays a bit softer than Luxilon BB rough or fluoro. It is a control string but has a bit of power for a poly. If you like poly, this is one of the best. Good tension retention - plays nice 4 - 6 weeks out. I bought a reel after trying a few packs of this and comparing it to Luxilon, Pro Red Code, Pro Line Ii, Hurricane, ...
From: Chris, usta 4.0, USA. 2/09

Comments: I love SPPP strings I have tried 17L and 17 gauge in the orange and 17 in the pure. The pure is not the same string. The durability is dramatically reduced, if it doesn't break when stringing it, it will break at the top of the frame if you are unlucky enough to shank one. I would suggest sticking with the original orange version there is no comparison. Personally I prefer the 17 gauge over the 17L for durability and holding tension. If you are unfortunate enough to have bought a reel of the pure it is only good to use in the crosses.
From: Andrew, NSW, Australia. 1/09

Comments: I switched to Signum Pro 17g @ 54lbs after breaking Luxilon Ace @53lbs in 2 months. Compared to Luxilon Ace, Signum offers more power, better pocketing and a longer dwell time on the stringbed. However, I noted a decrease in spin. Signum Pro doesn't allow me to make sharp angled cuts at the ball that the Ace allows me to. I think it might be due to gauge. Volleys, flatter strokes and serves all had increased pace and power. It is definitely one of the softest polys I've played with. This is a string that I might even consider serve-and-volleying with. Trading off some spin for additional power is something I might get used to.
From: Chris, Singapore, 08/07

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