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Comments: Wonderful string, absolutely great. I play 6-7 times a week at about the 5.0 level. Had a go with Hurricane, Big Banger, Hawk, Cyclone, but this was by far the best. Not the best for spin but I get enough as it is. Unbelievably durable, I break strings fairly frequently, but haven't yet with these. Plenty of pace on serves and groundstrokes and plenty of control on volleys. I recommend it and give it a 10 out of 10. Also the color matches my racquets (Radical MP) perfectly. I also didn't have an issue stringing it.
From: Jeremy, 10/15

Comments: Was curious about this string due to the positive feedback and have now been testing it in various setups during 2 months time (I play 3 times a week; approximately 5.0 level all-court game; using a Prince Response 97 with tensions between 42 and 52 lbs). I find the SPPP 17 to be relatively comfortable, offer good feel, and have medium ball- pocketing and medium-high power level for a poly. Tension maintenance is clearly above average and although this area is better that my current string of choice, WeissCannon Silverstring, I will not be switching due to relatively lower spin level offered by SPPP. The Silverstring offers me more spin-based control.
From: Adrian, 3/15

Comments: I have been using this string for years. So happy with it and I don't feel any need to change to another poly. Have had a go ALU Big Banger, Cyclone, Pro Hurricane etc and still prefer this. Performs better in a hybrid than a full bed. Yes you have to take care with stringing but honestly, if you break it or have problems you're not taking enough care to begin with. Will continue using this.
From: Harry, 6/13

Comments: A terrible string to string. I tried to use a single string to end, but it was broken when I went to the second cross. So I cut it and knotted the main string. Then I used another string to do the crosses. Again, it was broken on the fourth cross. The second try was to use Pro Plasma to do the mains and use Gamma TNT to do the crosses. The mains at 55 lbs, and the crosses at 59. When I was knotting the cross at the end, I heard a crack noise, and the mains had broken again. I spent about 1.5 hours to do these 2 tries and failed, and I never wanted to try again. My machine is a Gamma Progression II ELS Stringing Machine. I have never had problems with other strings by using this machine.
From: Nick, 11/12

Comments: I try a lot of strings. This string make me surprised. It's wonderful!!! Not only beautiful color but also great string. i'm not sure it's durable because i'm hard hitter!!! Jakkrapat, 2/12

Comments: The pros of this string are good feel, though not a lot of pop at 57 lbs. It is very control-oriented and low-mid power for heavy hitters but enough power potential to unload a hard shot when the opportunity strikes. I find it to be arm friendly, but that's never been an issue for me. Great durability and no noticeable tension loss after a month of use. The cons would be I have a hard time accessing spin with Sigma Pro Poly-Plasma in the mains, and it doesn't pocket like other strings I've used (specifically Babolat Hurricane and Head Rip). Overall a good value for your money, especially seeing as it will last you a long time.
From: Blake, 8/11

Comments: I'm not a pro stringer, but these strings are terrible to string especially if you use a drop weight stringer. It doesn't stretch at all so the minute you let the weight drop, it goes to 45 deg (instead of 180) so I have not clue if I'm getting the right tension. Plus, the string actually broke half way through stringing. It must've notched somewhere and just broke. Poly strings are and absolute pain when it comes to stringing. I strung a head poly on my other racquet and it wasn't as bad. Playing-wise, I've played 3 times with it and while it got a bit better after breaking in, it still plays stiff. I guess the lack of stretching while stringing was the clue. No pace on serves or ground strokes. The upside is most of my shots land in. Not much feel (had to hybrid with left over crappy gosen strings) either. All in all, disappointed with these strings after all the positive reviews. Not much power, or feel, like will be bad for my arm too and a pain to string. I'm going back to non polys.
From: Anon. 08/11

Comments: Great String, slightly tough on your arm. I'm a 5.0 player and this string lasts at least a month. Great Durability. I use this on my mains and Luxilon Big Banger Ice on my crosses. Excellent Combination.
From: Anon, 02/11

Comments: Great string for groundstrokes, but yeesh...if you can get a serve in over 30mph you are lucky. So in other words could not serve with this string! Goes dead in about 2 days, feels great at the start though!
From: Cooper, Sydney, Australia, 10/10

Comments: This is the best Poly out there for feel, control, comfort and least tension loss. I love how these strings don't move at all no matter how much spin you play with. I hybrid them with Signum Pro Top Spin SF 1.35m and it's a dream. I've tried Big banger, Topspin, Toalson, it and I've tried it. This is by far the best Poly. The string just pockets the ball so well, it unbelievable. Just too good.
From: Shash, Reston, VA, USA, 08/10

Comments: I have used this string for about 200 hours now. Its a fantastic string that really helps you get good depth control but at the same time really good power and ball bite. This string is not to stiff, like other polys, and it keeps tension on an impressive way. Well worth a try! Even consider a thinner string because the durability is amazing!
From: Henrik, Norrahammar, Smaland, Sweden, 08/10

Comments: I have used this awesome string with a hybrid setup on my Youtek speed mp 16x19. I use power Volkl on mains and sppp on crosses. WOW really awesome feeling and great control. Power is WOW WOW. YOU NEED TO TRY THIS SET UP! I strung at 53lbs mains 56 crosses. This is such a great great great great setup and for an awesome set up price. $9.00 for the set up... I am a 4.0 player baseline serve and volley and play aggressive.. Try this set up in 17g .. You can thank me later..
From: Edward, Las Vegas Nv U.s.a 03/10

Comments: I used this string as the cross strings with Topspin Cyber Flash in the mains. This string is softer than CF and feels nice in the crosses and also provides pretty good spin. But tt cuts into the mains fairly rapidly. I can only get 5-6 sets of doubles before it saws through my mains. I do hit pretty heavy topspin though. Will try crossing my CF with PSGD next.
From: Jack, Lynchburg, VA USA 01/01
NTRP: 3.5

Comments: This is still my favorite poly. I have played Pro Hurricane, Polybreak, Alu Power, Red Code, P2, Polyforce...I still come back to this string. The reason I pick this string is its consistency in performance. It is somehow low in power but after break in, it does give a good sweet hitting spot, yield adequate power while maintaining good control. Polyforce and P2 offers good power but its springiness affects control when under pressure and the ball would sail long. Polybreak just loses tension to quick and is crap. Red Code starts out ok, and becomes dead meat as time goes on. Never like any Tecnifibre strings. Alu Power would also loses tension quickly and control is affected. After trying all these polys, I recommend stringing Poly Plasma at a slightly lower tension than other Polys and you would be reward with enough power, a soft sweet hitting spot that is arm friendly, very consistent response that you can swing out with *confidence*, a KEY factor in playing good tennis. Poly Plasma does not give me any doubt about its performance during a point, while some other polys, I am trying to control the string's behavior. I have no time for that, as I need to concentrate on the points and no be distracted.
From: Anon, QC, 11/09

Comments: I really don't like this thing. Absolutely no feeling, no pop and very very stiff. I don't really understand why this string has so many good reviews. Luxilon big banger or babolat hurricane tour are much much better.
From: Lopi, 07/09

Comments: I agree with the previous comment re: trying this as a hybrid with a natural gut. Next best thing for budget conscious (or budget constraint..LOL) players like me is to hybrid it with Tecnifibre NRG2 17. I currently string my Babolat Pure Dive Plus 110 racquet with Signum Pro as my Main strings at 61 lbs and cross it with Tecnifibre NRG2 at 58 lbs. Pure hitting joy!!!
From: Paul, Murrieta, CA USA 07/09

Comments: This is the finest poly I've ever used. I have used polys, kevlar, natural and synthetic. This is the best of all. I really don't like the way it plays for about the first hour, but after a break in the feel, the power, and the ability for the ball to pocket, just come alive. I would suggest to anyone using this string to use it as a hybrid and to not pass judgment until the string is used for at least an hour. I play with a Head Microgel Extreme Pro, and I string at 52 lbs, which is the minimum. I play at least 12 hours per week, and I have had the same set of strings in my racket for 2 months. I have nearly 100 hours on this set alone! I play a huge topspin game and my 1st serves clock over 100mph with seconds coming in over 90. I am absolutely abusing these strings, and they feel better every time I play. I was not going to give feedback because I kinda want to keep these to my self but here it is, awesome string. Make sure you knock your tension way down if you are not used to polys.
From: bill, st marys, pa. 2/09
4.0-4.5 player

Comments: Good string that is fairly soft although I'm going to try it as a hybrid next time. If you want to try a fully poly this one along with Unique are good choices to start with but a hybrid could be a bit softer. Depending on the tension people like, I would first try it at +-1 mid-tension. I usually get my racquets strung at +3. There was some tension loss though. However, durability and other marks have been good.
From: Lk. 1/09

Comments:I got this strung at 60 Lbs in my new Pure Drive Roddick+. My serves didn't seem to sacrifice much power but my groundstrokes did, power was very hard to generate and it felt awkward. Obviously this is strung to high for this string I would recommend somewhere in between 51-55 but I'm not an expert.
From: Trevor, NC, USA, 11/08

Comments: I must say this is the best poly. No tension loss on string job and feels great. Get it!
From: shawn. 8/08

Comments: Best polyester I have dealt with. Tension stability is very good and control is outstanding. Great characteristics for the price. Worth trying!
From: Steven, Waldorf, MD, USA, 06/08

Comments: THE GOOD: This string holds tension very well and is quite durable (actually, I think it's very durable). The BAD: I have no feel whatsoever with this string. It doesn't feel good. I feel like I have a hard time generating power with this string. I strung it at 58lbs on my nCode Six-One Tour 90. I usually play with strings until it breaks. This string did not want to break even though I was tired playing with it. I read that people say it is soft, but when my roommate tried it in his racquet and when I tried it, both of us had agreed that it was very stiff and felt pretty dead. Mixed reviews between us and the many who like this string.
From: John, NC, USA. 6/08

Comments: I like these strings a lot. First, I strung it at 58lbs on the Wilson nCode nTour 95, but it does not bite the ball as well the usual Topspin strings and my elbow hurts as usual. So I re-strung it at 52lbs and I immediately saw a big different. The strings bite the ball really very well and it is very easy on my elbow.
From: Brian, Diamond Bar, CA, USA. 5/08

Comments: This string is one of the best strings I've played with in years. I used to play with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power, which is similar to the Signum Pro Poly Plasma, and the touch is almost the same. I really enjoy playing this string, and I will for years to come.
From: Yoeri, Nevele, East Flanders, Belgium. 2/08

Comments: After reading so many positive comments, I decided to give this string a try. I am so disappointed. I should have known when I was stringing it. The surface of this string is coated with a very slippery material. I have to tighten the clamps to grip it properly. I strung my nCode tour at 53/52lb. It has no bite at all. It might be good if your opponents are all power player. I wasn't able to attack those no pace balls below the net at all. With Topspin Cyber Power 17, I am able to rip it and approach the net or hit a downright winner. With Signum Pro Poly Plasma, the only way to get those ball is chipping and charging! I would definitely recommend Topspin Cyber Power 17 instead.
From: Anon, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 1/08

Comments: SPPP is a comfortable string that produces great control and spin. For me, this string included a week of break-in period to obtain its full potential. During the first week, it was very outstanding in spin production, most likely due to the high tension after stringing. After that first week, I was able to hit more shots with a bit more power than before, I consistently hit down the line shots with the string, and I loved going to the net. The only thing I did not like about the string is its feel. The feel was similar to Kirshbaum Touch Turbo in the first week then to a somewhat crisp and stiff feel after the first week. I would recommend this string to people who are a fan of its color, who wants ultimate comfort from a co-poly string, as well as spin and control; also people with medium-long strokes, people who tend to serve and volley, and to people who plays aggressively.
From: Renz, San Marcos, CA, USA, 10/07

Comments: I thought I'd found THE perfect string. After breaking in the string, every part of my game increased. The strings were elastic, gave plenty of spin, and gave lots of control. I found it very similar to Wilson NXT Tour 16. Yet, for half the price of the NXT Tour, it only lasted for 2 weeks, and soon became unbearable to use. At this point, it feels dead, gives minimal spin, and isn't at all what it used to be. For the price, I'm not complaining, but I'm just warning people that the durability is.... pretty bad. I'd love to cut it out and restring my speedport red with NXT Tour 16, but I'm not able to restring my racquets every time they lose tension/die, so I guess I'll just have to wait out the strings until they break.
From: Joon, New York, NY, USA, 06/07

Comments: Good string, played 6 months with it. Indoors on my Wilson Ncode six one 95 18X20 is lasts 2 weeks with 14 hours of training a week. On clay it didn't last longer than 2 hours, but in my old Dunlop it would last longer I think with the more tighter pattern in the center.
From: Marc, Netherlands. 3/07

Comments: This string SPPP 17L has performed excellently so far. I have only spent 4 hours with it so I will update this entry when it breaks. Right now, I would easily conclude that this is an almost ideal string for me. SPIN: Wow, you almost can't hit a flat shot with this string. Topspin just flows with these strings. It is remarkably easy to generate spin and control with this string. Both down-the-line and x-court shots just whizz with spin. Passing shots zip past the tape, and I have developed a looping down-the-line passing shot that I swear is outside the line when it crosses the net but comes back into the court by the time it hits the court! MOVEMENT: This is the first poly I have played with that shows noticeable string movement. I don't mind it during practice and prefer it during a match (gives me a chance to take a brief break), but something to be aware of. VOLLEYS: Excellent control on volleys, but I can't say that I have really tested it out on a fair amount of half-volleys. SLICE (my only complaint): I have a wicked backhand slice, so I need a string that helps me generate some serious underspin. My only complaint of this string is that it took a few shots to really feel the ball on the stringbed during the slice stroke. TOUCH: I have never played with polyester that pockets the ball like SPPP does. Excellent control on touch shots, but I didn't try that many droppers. Extreme x-court angles are easy to hit. Almost eerily so. Admittedly, it doesn't pocket the ball as much as a multifilament such as Technifibre, but SPPP has so many advantages that I am willing to give up a little pocketing for the spin on all shots, and the control and placement I found on topspin drives.
From: Branman, Miami, FL, USA, 12/06

Comments: What more can be said? This is SPPP, after all. I think I prefer the 1.23 diameter the best. Just the right amount of power, great control, good spin, good durability, and super-easy on the arm. Finding just the right tension might be an issue, but once you find it, look out! Start with 5% less than "normal" synthetic gut and work from there. This really is the best string out there, it feels so solid and dependable -- I feel like I have total control over my shots with this string. Shots feel solid and controlled without any trampoline effect. I doubt I will use anything else for a long time. I'm a 4.5 rated serve and volleyer using this in a Yonex mid at 52 lb.
From: TonyB, NY, USA. 10/06

Comments: I strung SPPP @ 58 in my TT Scream MP (53-63 rec. range). Like other reviewers, I noted a very boardy, powerless feel at first, but after an hour or so of hitting it broke in nicely. This string is not powerful, so you have to provide your own. Spin is easy to come by. Oddly enough, my serve didn't lose any power from synthetic gut, and gained some spin with SPPP, after it was broken in. The tension has been constant, and the strings DO NOT MOVE. These strings are every bit as comfortable as syn gut. My one piece if advice is not to play a match with a newly strung racket with this stuff. It has to be broken in to play well.
From: Charles, Las Vegas, NV, USA. 10/06

Comments: I'm a heavy hitter with a lot of spin. This string moves a lot compared to other poly stings I've played with. I had it strung @ 53 lbs on my Wilson Pro Staff Tour 90, and it felt very stiff. It has amazing control and tremendous spin. My only complaint would be the durability. It only lasts me 12 hours with normal hitting. Thus, my search for "the" perfect string continues.
From: Rocky, TX, USA. 9/06

Comments: I'm a hard hitter who's always looking for more control. Polys intrigued me but lack of feel at net, bad tension maintenance, and harshness on the elbow scared me away from them. I read up on SPPP and decided to give it a try, because it's softer, more comfortable, and holds tension. Now I've now found my string for life. There's not a world of difference from other strings (multifilament, synthetic, or even gut) until you decide to hit hard; you get MUCH more control because the string deflects less so you get less power. Best string I've ever used, I can't imagine using anything else from now on.
From: Sanyi, Toronto 09/06

Comments: I am 15 years old and I play tennis every day. This is the best string that I have ever played with. Thank you Tennis Warehouse this string has helped me out a lot.
From: Jarad, Farmersville, CA, USA. 8/06

Comments: I had been recommended this string and bought a few sets of them. I usually play with Luxilon Alu- power and I was looking for a similar - maybe just a little softer string. I did NOT like this Signum PPP at all. It felt like I was playing with a board - no power at all and strange feel. I thought they had been strung too tight (I play with 24kg Luxilon and had these strung with the same tension). I had my racket to be strung again but the same thing. I had to cut them out and replace them with Luxilon. I'll try to give the Signum sets I have left to my best/worst opponents.
From: Roberto, Europe 08/06

Comments: Strung these up at 54 in my HEAD i.Radical Oversize. I serve and volley a lot, semi-western forehand, eastern backhand. One hour of practice and then played USTA match (two sets) on har-tru:
From the baseline, huge opportunity for spin. My first fh passing shots had so much spin that they landed about 2-3 feet too close to the net. The strings have a nice play feel and after I got used to them, they were fairly precise. Volleying was just beautiful...the ball seems to sit on the stringbed forever and its easy to cup the ball. Kick serves were big...I put a couple of balls head high. Flat serves lacked a little power. Ditto on overhead but certainly enough power to end play.
I think the combination of a powerful racquet and the dampening action of the strings made for a nice combination. None of the harsh vibrations I felt with lux, no wrist tenderness afterwards.
Overall, I loved the string. If its durable and plays like this for another 12 sets, I'll be hooked.
From: Vinouspleasure on Talk Tennis 7/06.

Comments: I used to play with Alu Power (with a 15% lower tension), because Luxilon strings are really too stiff, and if you don't lower the tension there is no power at all. When I changed to Poly Plasma 1.23mm, the difference was clear from the first hit! Great control, good feel and spin, and plenty of power. I could raise the tension (no more need to string 15% below, as with Luxilon), and there is still much more power than in Alu Power! Durability and tension holding are the same of Luxilon's, and the cost/benefit ratio is unbeatable. It is not a big surprise that new technologies would make strings better than Luxilon, which has been selling the same stuff for almost 10 years. Now I'm a fan of Plasma technology. As David "Boomer" Davis from North Eastern State University Mens Tennis Team said, "It is the best on the market".
From: Carlos, Sao Paulo, SP / Brazil 04/06

Comments: I love this poly, it maintains tension well and strings don't move. Characteristics of Luxilon but easier on the arm. It's also cheaper. It is more of a control string but plenty of pop for my tastes.
From: Roy, TX, USA. 12/05

Comments: Absolutely the best Poly on the market! Full PPP setup was a little stiff feeling @ 60 lbs but control and spin were great. Second time out 3 days later string felt much better and I found myself appreciating it more. Tension stayed constant through next 16-18 sets. Even though it still felt good I cut it out and went with a hybrid setup with Polystar Energy 17g in the crosses. Dropped tension to 53 on the Plasma mains and 55 on the Energy crosses. With this setup you get the whole package. This tension gives pinpoint accuracy and bites the ball hard with much increased power. Serves picked up noticeably on power and added at least a 10% percent increase in ball movement on kick, slice and twist. It also looks great in my Flexpoint!
From: David "Boomer" Davis
North Eastern State University Mens Tennis Team

Comments: I was using Luxilon ALU Power and tried this. The feel seems to be a bit better but there is not as much power. I do have more control with this than with ALU Power. I'm not too sure which gauge is the best.
From: Ron, Brisbane, Australia. 11/05

Comments: Nice string but kind of hard on your elbow, good control and durability, you have to generate your own power. Difficult to string! Sometimes string breaks during stringing job :(. I recommend you lower the tension by 5% if using the Babolat AeroPro Drive. Reasonable price for the performance.
From: MO, Bethesda, MD.

Comments: The Plasma is a nice string that fits a much needed niche : a relatively comfortable, softer feeling poly that is reasonably priced and holds tension very well. The areas where it sacrifices a little are ball feel and pop, that is compared to Lux ALU as a reference poly. I will say however that I've noticed that it feels much better after a few sets. It tends to feel a little "boardy" at first, but after it breaks in, the feel gets noticeably better. I've never tried it straight up, but like it with gut grosses. The 17L g. has the most feel IMO, but I think it actually has a little less pop than the 17 g., so I'd say I like the 17 g. the best overall. The tension does really hold very well for a poly (for any synthetic string for that matter). I do wish it came in other colors though, as it looks pretty garish in some frames (although kind of cool in some others)!
From: monologuist, from the Talk Tennis message boards. 11/05

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