Signum Pro Poly Plasma 16L (1.28) 660 Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Like the TW reviewers, I found this string to initially be stiff and low powered when freshly strung (42 lbs on a Wilson ProStaff 6.0 85). After playing with it for a few days, it did "open up" and offer more power, while maintaining excellent control. This string gives me the confidence to swing the racquet as fast as I can. Indeed, I often feel like I get more control the faster I swing. Playability is pretty good as I've had it for several weeks now and it seems to feel better and better. I would advise to string it at low tensions, particularly in mid sized racquets.
From: Matty, 5/15

Comments: Good string, good feeling and control. But tension loss came about seven days in after playing every day. I'm a medium to advanced player.
From: Luis, 4/15

Comments: This is a good all around polyester string. It is stiff like Luxilon ALU and original. It has less power and more control when compared to competitors such as Topspin Cyber Flash. All poly strings lose tension, but because of the stiffness these strings, these tend to last a bit longer. Durability is good, spin is decent, control is good. For the price it is well worth it.
From: Gary, 10/13

Comments: I mix this one with K gut (K gut is the main Main 50/ cross 53). It feels good. It gives me good spin, power and control. I cannot really tell its durability since I put it as a cross string. However, I can feel a great deal of vibration. It is a little too harsh for me. I've been playing with this mix for some time. After a while, I start to develop tennis elbow pain. It takes me couple months to recover. So, I took it out and put K gut full bed for now. I asked my friend who is younger and stronger if he wants to give it a shot and he likes it very much. My conclusion is it's not for everybody. If you have problems with tennis elbow maybe you should stay away from it. For whoever is young, it is worth to try.
From: Joe, 2/13

Comments: This is the best string on the earth! The relation of price/quality/performance is just perfect. Nice ball feeling, great acceleration and superior control for change the direction of the ball, plus a great spin make this string a first option for competition players.
From: Erick, 10/12

Comments: I've been using this string for 2 years now and have been back and forth with other polys. I always come back to this one. Just a great string, superior durability, crisp feeling and no string movement. This will be my string as long as Signum Pro makes em!
From: Tommy. 5/11

Comments: This is a great string. It is very soft and holds tension well. It lacks some power but you gain control. If you dont mind that the string is very durable, more durable the luxilon alu rough 16L. Its ugly but goes well with my youtek pro. Well done Signum Pro!
From: Kyle, Spring Hill, FL, USA. 02/10

Comments: Great string I use it in crosses with the technifibre biophase and it is amazing. I would recommend this string to anyone.
From: Cameron, Oklahoma 12/09

Comments: Very durable - excellent tension retention. Strings don't move much after extensive usage. The only unfortunate part is that they keep most of their tension after their crosses don't. Good spin potential. Recommended in 16x19 racquets in hybrid or solo applications.
From: Anon, Canada 09/09

Comments: I have tried them all but until I found the co-polys I never knew that a string could have so much control and allowed you to apply all the power you want. Tried Kirshbaum P2 and that wasn't bad but I thought I could use a bit more power. The Signum Pro Poly Plasma really fit the bill. I can whack away with abandon and still keep it in as long as I apply the topspin. Using it in a Babolot Pure Storm Tour at min recommended tension of 55lbs. Wouldn't recommend going too tight if you have a tendency for arm or shoulder problems but there is no need 'cause the control is still there, the power restrained but accessible.
From: Kirt, Guilford, CT USA 08/09

Comments: Good string, but I have to say that I disagree with the tension loss attributes that most have mentioned. I feel like mine has lost a lot of tension, in only about 10 days.
From: anon. 06/09

Comments: Possibly the best string I have ever played. I was skeptical about all polys especially after trying the Babolat Pro Hurricane w/VS Gut crosses and for only the 2nd time hurt my elbow the other was off an 18 gauge kevlar years ago. So I curiously tried Signum in the mains of my Prince Graphite 110 with Forten Sweet 16 in the crosses. What a combination! No pain no discomfort. I was told it was because Pro Poly is a co-poly but these many people can't be wrong about this string and the playability is awesome, especially on specialty shots like approach back hand slices or volleys which hit the court and skid real low. Serves also have more spin and kick. Definitely recommend at least as a hybrid with a mono-filament because the gut and multis will unravel quickly with a dominant string like this.
From: Joe, Alpharetta, Georgia. 2/09

Comments: This is an excellent string, especially for the price. I use Gosen synthetic in the crosses, but it's a soft enough poly that you can get away with a full setup if you prefer the feel. Signum Pro Poly Plasma 16 also holds tension very well, which means you get a lot more life out of a string job. Plus, if you buy reels of SPPP and a synthetic gut, you can drive your string costs well under $4 a racket - and you really aren't compromising quality. One recommendation to anyone who tries out these strings - don't be deterred by a somewhat "board-like" feel for the first half hour of hitting. These strings play a little tight at first. There's a mild initial tension loss, which settles into a very playable racket that holds tension well for the remainder of the string life. So make sure you hit for at least a couple of hours when evaluating these strings.
From: Geoff, San Francisco, CA, USA, 10/08

Comments: Simply said this string makes every thing play better. I have used it going both ways as well in the mains in a hybrid mix. I've put it in player, tweener, and GI frames. The only time I drop the tension 5lbs is when I put it player frames w/ 18x20 patterns. Long life span, good tension hold. My own favorite mix is this string in the mains and Gamma Marathon in the X. However any med stiff multi will work well. Great value, no issues - you get used to the color
From: Tom, Albany, OR, USA, 01/07

Comments: This stuff is amazing. It never breaks and it never loses tension.
From: Taylor, Louisville, KY, USA. 12/06

Comments: So far this string is working nicely with a 16g synthetic gut cross. I was most surprised the initial tension loss was so low. Power and control are predictable without the harshness of kevlar or very limited durability of many synthetic guts. I used kevlar hybrids for about a year until recently. My previous experience with a poly hybrid was Prince Tour Blend. Unfortunately, the tension loss was dramatic for the poly and I didn't like the "spongy" multifiliment feeling in the cross. The reason I don't use full synthetic gut string jobs is I usually break a main in a few days to a week. Overall, a very nice transition back to a softer, more playable string. I use a 300G with some lead and did this string job at 58lbs in the mains, 56 for the synth gut crosses.
From: Taylor, Huntsville, AL, US 05/06

Comments: These strings are perfect in every aspect from durability to comfort to price. I prefer them in the mains with natural gut in the crosses. They also keep their tension for a long time.
From: Cam, Boston, Ma, USA 05/06

Comments: This is the greatest string I have ever played with. I used to play with Luxilon Alu Power, but this one proved to be much better on every level.
From: Joe, Kansas. 2/06

Comments: Great string. Softer than luxilon big banger alu power, but not as durable or powerful. The cost is relatively cheap compared to luxilon. However the durability isn't the same.
From: Pat, Mclean, VA, usa
NTRP: 5.0

Comments: Very nice string. A slight amount of tension loss with the first playing day, but has maintained tension very well since then. Plays very soft for a poly string, but firms up nicely with hard hit shots. Moderately low powered, and minimal string movement so far, even on hard hit topspin shots. Ball trajectory is very consistent and predictable between soft and hard shots, and flat and spinny shots.

Comments: This is the softest playing poly I�ve played with and I�ve tried them all. It�s softer than Luxilon ALU Power and more like Monotec Supersense. The durability is great and tension maintenance is OK - better than the 17 and 17L versions. Not as comfortable as most synthetics, but more so than the majority of polys.
From: James, La Jolla, CA, USA. 11/05

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