Signum Pro Poly Plasma Pure 16L(1.28) String Customer feedback

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Comments: Dito on Mike's comments. Great control and power. I would add good for flats and touch shots. Especially for a co poly! I cut out yonex tournament 80 spin (no control or feel) and put this in at (57m) (55c) and it hits perfect in my wilson h tour and k tour racquets. it has better price/performance ratio compared to luxilon alu. in fact, I would probably prefer this as its a little softer and holds tension alot better. the worse part about this string is stringing it up. wire like feel makes it hard to weave crosses and tie knots and it has a bad habit of kinking. (pretty brutal even for a poly) If you want a softer and easy to string poly for a full bed then unique big hitter 16L is nice. 90% control, spin ,and tension maintenance, of signum ppp pure but with 10% more power and 15% softer. I use both and feel they are both great strings! Also, I will never buy another nylon string. They just don't get it done compared to the new co-polys!
From: Nate, Kettering 03/10

Comments: I bought this string accidentally. I wasn't looking for this particular string. Someone was selling a reel on the bay and I bid because it was going very cheap. I'm so happy I did that. I've always enjoyed playing with polyester strings but my arm can't handle most of them. Prior to my purchase I've tried Kirschbaum and Topspin poly strings and both have taken their toll on my elbow. With this string there is no problem I strung it low (25kg), put a fat dampener and it is as comfortable as any synthetic gut. My performance and stroke efficiency has gone up noticeably. The first set I played with this string I managed 13 aces! That's 13 in one set against a strong opponent! Usually I would make two or three a set. Ground strokes land deeper with good net clearance. I can't find any fault with this string for now. Durability seems to be above average and so is tension maintenance.
From: Martin, Dobrich, Bulgaria. 10/09

Comments: One of the softest poly strings out there in my opinion. A touch softer than SPPP (orange). For some reason, seems to lose tension a bit quicker than SPPP though.
From: Jeff, Brooklyn, NY, USA. 05/09

Comments: I really like this string. It is soft and it hold tension very well. Power and control are great.
From: Mike. 2/09

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