Signum Pro Poly Megaforce 17L (1.19) String Customer feedback

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Comments: Update from my last feedback. I continue to be amazed with this string! I now hybrid them with Gosen OG Micro 17, and what a sweet string. At 59 lbs, tons of spin, really good control, depth, everything you expect from a good string job!
From: Axel, Mexico, 7/11
Racquet: BLX Six One Tour 90
String type and tension: Signum Pro Poly Megaforce 17/Gosen OG Micro 17 @59

Comments: Hybrid them with Plasma HEXTreme on crosses and you'll just love it! TONS of spin, NO string movement at all, and very durable!
From: Axel, Mexico, 08/10

Comments: One of those rare terrific all-around strings. Nothing earth shattering in any one aspect but a superior balance of playing properties. Lively, good feel, comfort, excellent spin potential (in spite of the 18 x 20 prestige mid), just the right amount of power, great control - depth, height, angles, whatever. Even the sound on contact is inspiring. Loved it, highly recommended to the heavy hitting all-court player; baseliners as well. Oh I also tried the poly-plasma. Meeeh. Too powerful, not enough consistency or control; weak spin. The Megaforce takes the cake. A+
From: Memed, all-court, Prestige Mid @ 61/60 lbs., Istanbul, Turkey. 5/10

Comments: Good strings, but not perfect for me. I've compared it with the Luxilon Alu Power Rough. I didn't feel that the Signum strings were softer, and in fact, I had a great deal of pain in my wrist for the first time (and I've played with Luxilon a lot). For a poly, I've found it quite lively (compared to the Rough), which can be a good thing when you want to play with more touch or find good depth on your shots without extra effort but can be bad when you go for your shots (balls were sailing on me sometimes). I'm back now with the Alu Rough because it hurt less and I'm more confident going for winners with them, but I can't say I won't try Signum again because the overall playability was really good for the price.
From: Jason, using a Babolat Pure Storm, Canada. 3/09

Comments: Probably the best poly I have used in terms of tension maintenance, spin potential and dwell time. Truly in love with string. I'll buy it as long as TW carries it. I use it as a hybrid with Gosen OG Sheep at 58 lbs in a Head MG Radical MP. Just love this!
From: Consistency Wins on TW., Southern Section, USA. 7/08

Comments: This is my update to my last feedback. Having MF1.19 and PP1.18 strung on two HM200G. I should say MF performs much better for me, though PP1.18 seems to be more spin friendly and slightly softer. The results are quite different. The CONTROL of MF let me go for a winner MUCH, MUCH EASIER. Match results tell everything (a testing period around 1 year). And I'll use MF as my standard string from now on.
From: Brian, Macau. 11/06

Comments:Tension maintenance very good, but playability is far behind Signum Pro Poly-Plasma. Just a better alternative to Luxilon ALU-Power, while Poly-Plasma is just outstanding.
From: Brian, Macau 04/06

Comments: I've tried lots and lots of strings. I think for me this is one of the best strings for durability, maintaining tension, and control. For the price of a reel or even a single set this string is well worth the money. I personally think it plays better than some of the Luxilon strings and most major brands of poly strings of the same gauge, Wilson Enduro Tour, Prince Poly Gut, etc. I hit with a lot of top spin. When I used to play with Luxilon Big Banger Ace, I'd break those strings consistently within 6-7 hours of total playing time. The Megaforce 17L strings last well over 20 hours of playing time, while maintaining most of it's tension. Just a great overall string.
From: Nick, Walla Walla, WA 03/06

Comments: Great stuff. Big pop, more so than the orange Pro Poly Plasma, and a little softer than Luxilon Banger ALU making it more arm friendly and that much easier to string up, too!
From: Mark, Canton, OH, USA. 11/05

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