Signum Pro Plasma HEX 16L 1.25 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I am a 4.0 player and used this string in a Head Liquidmetal. I usually use MSV Co Focus but thought I'd give this string a try and was very disappointed . The durability was terrible! These strings broke only after 30 minutes of hitting! Most other poly strings last me 3-4 months.
From: Sean, 5/16

Comments: I am a good 4.0 physically strong player with fast swings from both sides, and mostly play singles both for fun and competitively about 12 hours a week. I originally purchased a couple of sets to try on my Prince Exo3 100 16x18. Loved the softness and great spin potential. Eventually I went on to buy the reel and used for about 5 months with no issues whatsoever. The string was very playable, holding tension as no other string I've tried before, never broke it restringing every 3-4 weeks (using three racquets). Several months ago I went on the searching spree, trying different types of poly - on the market, eventually believe it or not choosing MSV Focus Hex as the best on the market in terms of quality to cost balance. MSV is not as good as Signum Plasma Hex in terms of tension retention and softness, but totally beats it price wise without much of sacrifice on my game. The problem with Signum started a month ago when I decided to go back to it in order to have my third racquet strung with the different brand (you know, for one of those days when changing shirt and relaxation techniques don't work and you refuse to surrender). To my surprise the string broke on the very first forehand from the baseline after the warm up at the mid- range. I brought it back to my stringing pro, and three of them examined the string and couldn't find any issues. Anyway, the guy took all responsibility and restrung with their own poly for free. A couple of days ago I asked him to string my racquet again with the Signum. He called me later stating that he attempted to string two times and both times the string broke on the second or third cross. Between those, he changed the hole inserts on my Prince and went from one piece to a two piece job. All with the same result. Now I have about two sets still left on the reel obviously being afraid to use it. I usually store my strings in the box inside of my bedroom closet where the temperature is always 70-72 degrees. Now I strongly believe that there is some intrinsic problem with the "bottom" part of my reel. For now, I would be cautious to recommend this string to a friend.
From: Gennady, 1/13

Comments: I'm a 4.5 and use this string in a Wilson KBlade 98 18x20 at 56 lbs. It is an unbelievably great string. It is soft with great ball bite and not over powerful. Great stuff!
From: Keith, 11/11

Comments: String it at your regular tension and pre-stretch it and you will love it. I did the opposite the manufacturer says and work out excellent for me. Great spin, feel, power and control. Also, excellent durability. If you buy the 200 meters reel, you will be paying around $7 per set that, compared to Luxilon Alu Power or Rough, at $15 is a difference. Again, I think Luxilon is a second generation poly, overpriced and over marketed, that losses against SPPP Hex and others that are 3rd generation of poly. By the way, the Luxilon's 3 rd generation poly is the M2 Pro, which has been a total disaster for me: mediocre feel, horrible durability, crazy price, average comfort. You can try also MSV Focus Hex, another top notch german poly string at only $3.58 per set, if you buy the reel. I have been a coach for 30 years and played at the highest level. I am just trying to help other customers with their game.
From: Rick, Philadelphia, PA, USA 10/09

Comments: These strings are very good in almost every relevant category: durability,spin potential,control, feel and comfort. I can only give them a "good" rating in terms of power. Overall I liked these strings better than SPPP 1.18ga. Along with topspin CF 1.25 these strings have made the next round of play testing. I will try MSV focus hex next.
From: RCA, NY, USA, 05/09

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