Signum Pro Plasma HEXtreme 16L 1.25 Orange String Customer feedback

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Comments: I am a 4.0 player and used this string in a Head Liquidmetal. I usually use MSV Co Focus but thought I'd give this string a try and was very disappointed . The durability was terrible! These strings broke only after 30 minutes of hitting! Most other poly strings last me 3-4 months.
From: Sean, 5/16

Comments: I agree with Steve from 02/07 -- these strings do give you a predictable consistent response. I have not yet experienced any trampoline effects on groundstrokes. The spin production is almost equivalent to that of an RPM Blast or a Tourna Big Hitter Black 7. Great co-polys as they are they don't retain their playability as long as the Signum Pro strings do. And once the tension dropped slightly in the Signum Pro Strings they started to come alive. Good strings providing the tension is not to high i.e less than 55lbs. Strung in the Donnay Pro One with 18 mains.
From: Joe, 2/15

Comments: This is a follow up to my post right below. My current setup at 54 lbs popped at about 20 hours on court. The crosses had cut into the mains. I doubt it was the stringing, as TW did it on a new racquet! Once they started to move even a little the cutting went away pretty quickly (about 5 more hours), but even though I am having some durability issues, I bought the reel anyway. They just hit too good!
From: Kurt, 12/12

Comments: Best string I have ever hit with, nothing else even close! I am a 4.0 baseliner using a Wilson Six.One 95 16x18 (2012). I have used gut/poly hybrids, syn guts, other polys - and my current rig is a Gosen soft poly on poly hybrid at 62lbs. I have strung it twice with the Hex at 56lbs and 54 lbs, and there was a big difference in the power at the lower tension. I got great spin, especially on serve. I hit a lot of balls into the net at first. My groundie depth has improved, but you do have to hit through the ball well -- but with this string you can just wail on the ball and it stays in. I have had serious elbow issues as recently as last summer (partial tear) and have had no arm issues with the Hex. My only issue, which I am hoping is an anomaly based on some of the other reviews, was I only got 11 hours on court of pretty heavy bashing on my first set at 56 before they broke. I am testing my second set right now before I invest in a reel for my stringer.
From: Kurt, 12/12

Comments: I used to use RPM Blast. They had some nice bite for about a week and then they lost playability. These are the best strings ever. I have mine strung at 53lbs in my Wilson BLX Tour Limited. I seriously don't think it has lost tension or feel since it was strung in my racquet almost 2 months ago. I love the look of the string, the feel, the spin, the durability. This is the best "bang for your buck".
From: Will, 10/12

Comments: I'm a 4.5 and use this string in a Wilson KBlade 98 18x20 at 56 lbs. It is an unbelievably great string. It is soft with great ball bite and not over powerful. Great stuff!
From: Keith, 11/11

Comments: String it at your regular tension and pre-stretch it and you will love it. I did the opposite the manufacturer says and work out excellent for me. Great spin, feel, power and control. Also, excellent durability. If you buy the 200 meters reel, you will be paying around $7 per set that, compared to Luxilon Alu Power or Rough, at $15 is a difference. Again, I think Luxilon is a second generation poly, overpriced and over marketed, that losses against SPPP Hex and others that are 3rd generation of poly. By the way, the Luxilon's 3 rd generation poly is the M2 Pro, which has been a total disaster for me: mediocre feel, horrible durability, crazy price, average comfort. You can try also MSV Focus Hex, another top notch german poly string at only $3.58 per set, if you buy the reel. I have been a coach for 30 years and played at the highest level. I am just trying to help other customers with their game.
From: Rick, Philadelphia, PA, USA 10/09

Comments: It has awesome spin at first, feels as though the loosening of the strings wasn't needed, but when you go along after about 2 weeks the strings loose that hexagon shape, loose most of the spin making ability that the strings first had.
From: Anon. 3/09

Comments: These strings are incredibly durable. I have not needed to change them for months. They also generate tons of spin.
From: Ryan, Ottawa, ON, Canada. 8/08

Comments: Durability - this string won't break. You will have to cut it or string multi in the crosses and wait for those to break. Feel - softer than Luxilon, harsher than a good multi such as Babolat XCel or Yonex ATG. Not sure if you need to string it 10% lower per recommendation, maybe a 1.5 to 2 pounds less but not 10%. Spin - you can feel the hexagonal shape; it does feel that it adds a bit of spin compared to other strings, not a huge amount of additional spin, but a little bit. Dead feeling - to me all polyester strings feel a bit dead after a certain amount of time passes. For me it usually takes about 1.5 to 2 weeks before I notice a loss in responsiveness. This string is no different compared to other polys in that department. Overall - for a polyester string it is certainly one of the softer ones on the market, lasts long, but lacks the feel of multis.
From: Boris, Toronto, ON, Canada. 7/08

Comments: This string is one the best in the market for the price and performance. Great power, topspin and feel. It is a Poly string but it is not hard on your elbow. Luxilon users should try this! I use it on Prince O3 Red at 50lbs.
From: MO, Bethesda, MD, USA, 11/07

Comments: Very nice string. I have to say itís better than the SPPP 17. It has more spin, better response. I used it for a week now and haven't lost tension yet.
From: Steven, SoCal. 10/07

Comments: Good string, a little dead feeling, feel softer in tension, doesn't move. Strange vibration.
From: Anon, Switzerland, 07/07

Comments: Great strings, I am hooked on this brand, soft on hands, durability is good as Luxilon. Best one I played with after trying lot of different brands.
From: Deesh, Rogers, AR. 6/07

Comments: A solid, predictable poly with greater spin potential than its predecessor, which was welcome on my part. Perhaps a tad 'dead', though, which is keeping me from making the switch from ALU rough though HEXtreme isn't far behind!
From: Steve, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 02/07

Comments: While I'm no string connoisseur, this string has to be one of the spinniest strings I've played with. It perfectly compliments my western forehands and spin serves. Although I just got it strung and only had about an hour with it, it's definitely a string I would buy again.
From: Dashiel, Fremont, CA, USA. 12/06

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