Signum Pro Hyperion 17 (1.24) String Customer feedback

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Comments: I quite like Hyperion. It's one of the softer polys out there, which is more of a preference thing than anything else I suppose. I've been stringing it around 44/47 lbs in a 94 square inch racquet, and it's been quite good. Reasonable power for a poly, not the spinniest one out there, but it has decent feel and good control. Quite cheap in the EU which makes it a good value. Not sure why it's so much steeper in the US.
From: P, 8/15

Comments: I tried this string cause my RPM Blast on my Ai 98 loses playability after too few hours. I read that this string is softer so I strung it 1 kg more (23kg). Surprisingly, the stringbed somehow feels stiffer. The sweetspot feels small and, maybe because of this or because of the decreased spin, I feel I have no control on my forehand. For me this was not a good experience but I guess it depends on each player and setup.
From: Manuel, 5/15

Comments: Tried a lot of strings over the years and these are perfect - durability, comfort, feedback. Pretty much the only string I've used for last year and half in over 10 different rackets. This is a softer string than somewhat harsh SPPP and the feedback is much better then the soft but mute Pro Line II. Hyperion is like a prodigy child of the two.
From: Anton, 3/12

Comments: I have this string on my Pure Drive at 26kg and it feels I've the ball longer on the racquet. Sounds strange but it maybe due to the strings softness. This string really suits a racquet like the Pure Drive.
From: Paul Malone, 2/12

Comments: Worst string ever. The feel is awful and is so dampened you don't even realize you're hitting a tennis ball. Some people may like it. Even when I use no shock dampener it's so dampened. No power, spin, some control, but serves are amazing. That's the only good part. Probably increased by 10mph than my normal set up of Luxilon savage and Tecnifibre biphase x-1.
From: Brandon, New York, NY, USA, 03/11

Comments: This string feels very dead, it was very stiff when I was stringing it and very hard on the forearm. I think the Signum PPP is a lot better, more feel, softer and more control. Strung it on Head Youtek Speed MP on mains @57 and crosses I had prince synthetic @ 60.
From: Shash, Reston, VA, USA, 08/10

Comments: There is not too much to complain about with these strings. There can be a little tennis elbow if you let it get to you. Otherwise... just suck it up and figure you just need to be in better shape. Power is very good, control is great, tension holds, strings NEVER move, and durability is there. But... I am looking forward to trying something else, because this is the string that came in my KPro Tour, and I think I want a little more forgiveness, less power and more spin to counter what my new racquet already provides for me. Though I will say that I really like the power and pop this string provides, that has made a lot of volleyers against me suffer! I will probably stick with Signum Pro though. I hear great things and I will say my overall impression of this string is good!
From: Philip, Central California. 5/10

Comments: I had my Wilson K six-one 95 Team strung with these at 60 lbs. They felt really good for a while, but my elbow started hurting like never before! I have never had any problems with my elbow until I got these strings. If you get them do not string them too tight. I went to some Wilson NXT's and have had no more problems with my elbow. This was my first experience with Poly strings.
From: Jordan, Idaho Falls, ID USA 03/10

Comments: Just played tournament using these strings with nrg2 in the cross, very nice combo, plays similar to Black Code, my impression was it had just a bit more power, this may have been due to the nrg2 in the cross. Great Control Great Power, Much Much Much better than Focus Hex.
From: Rudy, Glenwood NM 02/10

Comments: Very good string. I have played the SPPP Pure 17G many times and this is very close but a little softer. I like this string as it plays close to Lux Fluoro for much less $. It is not as stiff as Lux ALU Rough, Tecnifibre Black or Red Code, or Pro Line II. It is a bit softer on the arm than these polys and retains tension well. I play a hybrid with Hyperion in the crosses (56) and gut or NRG2 multi in the mains (58 and it plays nice for around 24-30 sets. Doesn't move and stabilizes the string bed.
From: Chris, Atlanta, GA, USA. 02/10

Comments: Very impressive ball pocketing. This string is the best combination of comfort and performance that I have tried. More "live" feel then Polyfibre TCS, better control then Black Code, and superior in every way to Focus Hex.
From: Bob, FL, USA, 01/10

Comments: Played with Yonex RDIS 100 MP @23kg. Very nice and soft string (even compared to multis), but do not go too low with the tension or you will lose all control. In my case 25kg would be ok.
From: Marcin, Poland 10/09

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