Solinco Wonder Overgrip 30 Pack Customer feedback

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Comments: These are some amazing overgrips. The best on the market in my opinion and I have tried them all. If you like a super long lasting tacky grip, you can't go wrong with these.
From: Don, 11/16

Comments: These are the best. Much better than the Prince and Wilson varieties that I've tried. Has that nice "sticky" tack, and keeps that feel for a pretty long time.
From: Paul, 8/16

Comments: This is one of the best overgrips that I tired. I went through many packs of grips from all brands! Solinco Wonder was the best! I bought these grips when they only had a 30 pack! Now they have a 12 pack and 3 pack, which is great! These grips stay tacky and absorb moisture! This is also a great deal for a 30 pack of grips for $27.50! Keep it up Solinco!
From: Daniel, 8/14

Comments: If your hands sweat at all, do not buy these. My racquet almost flew out of my hands while serving. They are great in the winter though.
From: Cory, 4/14

Comments: Horrible for sweaty hands. This grip does not absorb moisture, so once your hands get sweaty, the grip starts slipping. This grip feels nice out of the package. It has a bit more stretch than the Wilson Pro over grip and Yonex Super grap. This stretchiness makes the grip very soft. The Overlap is more defined with this grip. Tack feels great out of the package until the grip is played with.
From: KN, 8/13

Comments: A soft and tacky overgrip. Feels quite nice as long as you are playing in cool, dry conditions. Once you start sweating, the tack quickly disappears. Love the low price and soft feel, but I need something that will last!
From: Anon, 6/13

Comments: Wow, it's amazing! It's very tacky and comfortable and great feeling. After 3 hours on the court, I love this pack, and it's a great value.
From: Eric, 1/13

Comments: I decided to try these grips after reading all of the positive reviews and no negatives. Unfortunately, my findings were not the same. I found these grips to be tacky when dry but quite slippery with a little sweat and hardly durable at all. I had a lot of trouble holding the racquet loosely on serves. The grips also had a thin layer that tore and ripped off with use. They seem to be very similar to the Babolat Pro Tour grips. I previously used Wilson Pro Tour and Yonex Super Grap grips and found both of them to be vastly superior. I now have a pack of about 28 grips I will never use. I'm not biased against Solinco products either, as I use their Tour Bite strings and love them. Just not the grips.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: Simply what I am looking for in a grip. Durability, tackiness, and feel. This grip contains all three. A 10 in my book! Definitely a buy. And $27.95 for 30 grips, you can't get cheaper than that!
From: Alan, 9/12

Comments: This is easily the longest lasting, tackiest grip I have used. I hope they offer it eventually in black.
From: Jason, 6/12

Comments: Since I love Solinco tour bite I decided that I should give these grips a try. I'm glad I did. They are very soft and super sticky so that my it does not slip around... that being said they are not optimal for humid summers in Florida. Try as I might to keep my hands dry by toweling off the grips do not do well with sweat and soon slip. I had to go back to yonex super grap for the ITF tournament yesterday and while it did not slip, it was comparatively sandpaper to the soft solinco.
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: After reading these reviews, I took a "risk" and bought the 30 pack. And like Hugh in his review, I also have used the Wilson original Pro overgrip and the perforated kind, Head, Yonex Super Grap, and TournaTac/II (was currently using). The Yonex starts out very tacky yet soft but didn't last too long with my sweaty palm. The Wilson felt nice and thin with a bit less tack than the Yonex initially. TournaTac/II was the mostly recently used, and for me, felt the best with a good amount of tack and lasted the longest...that is, until I took the plunge and tried the Solinco Wonder grip! Wow, what a great product!! I use my sticks (2) to both play USTA league and teach 4 days a week, in addition to casual hitting sessions. After a month, they still felt good enough for a couple more weeks. However, it was getting dirty (not a professional look when teaching) so, I felt like I got my money's worth and decided to change. To best describe this product, think of a hybrid between the Wilson Pro Overgrip and the TournaTac. It's not as thin as the Pro Overgrip and not as thick as the TournaTac, yet it is more tacky than both and last much longer. And, the grip gets tackier as your hand get sweaty. Yeah, I'm not kidding!! Now, not to sound "tacky" but I have ran out of grips before when hitting on the court and have flipped my overgrip inside-out as an emergency temporary bandaid with both the Wilson and the Tourna grips. I was about to discard my first Solinco overgrips when I saw one of my customer's racquet has the Wilson Flip Grip and thought to myself, let's try the reverse side and see how it feel. To my amazement, it felt better than some of the other brands "tacky" overgrip. And it definitely felt better than the flip side of the Wilson Flip Grip. I've had it on for about 1 1/2 weeks now and it still felt great. Obviously, this isn't a review about the reverse side of any grips but the quality of this Solinco grip was worth mentioning. I've heard a lil bit about Solinco and it's string quality (at a more affordable price, compared to Babolat or Lux) and I've noticed quite a few of the touring pros (top 500-ish) were using their strings when they came thru our facility for a tournament. A few were also using their sticks too. Overall, they seemed to be of a quality company that's gaining popularity with their products. I know I sound like I work for Solinco. I don't!! I just appreciate finding quality product at a nice value. If you noticed, I don't leave much feedbacks at all on here, but felt like this was worth my time reviewing. I also love Gosen Sheep Micro syn. gut strings too and have been using them as full set and in hybrid applications from the time they were just $30 a reel on TW. Maybe, one might think that I work for both companies!! Could this be? :) Try this grip, then you won't think I'm bs-sing!
From: Nate N, 5/12

Comments: Without a doubt the very best overgrip I have ever used. It is soft and very tacky. Perfect for winter months and dry hands. I have used Wilson, Yonex, Head Extreme Soft and TournaTac. This has the best feel and stays tacky.
From: Hugh, 12/11

Comments: My first impression of this grip is, it is a lot like Wilson Pro Overgrip. Feels soft and nice, easy to wrap. Coming in at 0.6mm thickness and made of Polyurethane material.
From: Kevin, 11/11

Comments: I got this grip in a bundle package when Solinco first came out, and fell in love. Like all of Solinco's products, it is truly unique (in a good way!). This grip definitely lasts, and doesn't slip, however it is a little thicker than my liking (but I can't stand overgrips in general). However, still an amazing product, and again Solinco has amazed me once again!
From: Brannon. 07/11

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