Solinco Tour Bite 17 & Vanquish 16 Hybrid String Customer feedback

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Comments: Superb string, I've been using this for a few years now. Occasionally I'll buy other more premium strings at a discount but I keep coming back to this. Great feel and ball pocketing. Sure it isn't durable but I think it's worth the benefits. Predictable pop without the trampoline feel. I string in the mid 50's with the crosses slightly tighter. The only downside is really bad fraying.
From: Jimmy, 5/16

Comments: Great hybrid setup if you have an 18x20 frame, but not as durable when used in a 16x18 frame as I learned the hard way with my Wilson n6.1 95 frames. Same tension used (M:55 lbs Solinco Tour Bite Soft 17 / X: 57 lbs Solinco Vanguish 16,) but the n6.1 95 18x20 strung with this Solinco Tour hybrid lasted a full month with some heavy hitting compared to only 4 days in the 16x18 frame. Sharper mains would eventually cut through the softer crosses but the strings feel and play great during the entire lifespan of these strings. Overall, one of the better hybrids combos out there.
From: Lena, 4/16

Comments: Perfect hybrid for my game. I have never had good feelings about hybrids until I got this one. Actually I had the same feeling when I tried Vanquish and Diamond together. It is durable, powerful, and has good control and ball bite.You have everything you need to play the game. I use a Wilson Pro Staff 97, with Tour Bite 55 lbs on the mains and Vanquish at 59 lbs (pre stretched) on the crosses. I am an aggressive baseline player.
From: Anonymous, 10/15

Comments: I normally play with a full bed of Vanquish because I have had wrist problems in the past. But I gave this hybrid a try -- the control and power is very good! Plus the comfort was surprisingly good! I just love everything about this hybrid! I play with a Wilson ProStaff 90 BLX strung with the Vanquish in the mains at 48.5 lbs and the Tour Bite in the crosses at 45 lbs.
From: Kaimy, 7/15

Comments: I never realized the meaning of "good grab" of the ball until I tried this string set up. I feel that the string is cupping the ball which provides me with better directional control. I could tell that the ball is not jumping out right away from the strings. This makes me control my cross courts and down the line shots with accuracy. I get good spin and feel. I could be late or have a shorter swing and still manage to get power and control. As for serves, I normally do topspin serves and this has helped me improve accuracy. Good kick. This string is worth the try. I have tried and liked the Wilson Champions Choice but they are expensive. I have it at 55 lbs for the Tour Bite in the mains and 58 lbs with the Vanquish in the cross for my Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 100.
From: Anon, 8/13

Comments: I don't know what all the rave is about, I tested the Tour Bite and Vanquish combination yesterday and was not that pleased -- the strings felt dead (no pop at all). I am a 4.5/5.0 player and like to hit out on the ball, as well as love touch. These strings really did not provide great feel in my opinion, there was no power compared to the ALU Rough, and I did not notice an increase in spin (compared to the ALU Rough). I tested the strings in a Babolat Pure Drive with the Tour Bite in the mains at 52 lbs and the Vanquish in the crosses at 55 lbs. Maybe I should have just tested a full bed of the Tour Bite and at a much lower tension? Not sure, but I was disappointed with the combo and played my match with dead ALU Rough (which to me still felt better than the brand new Solinco combination).
From: Chris, 7/13

Comments: These strings are perfect for all types of players. The control and power of this string is incredible. I was hitting serves over 120 mph consistently with this. The groundstrokes are amazing, when you hit the ball, the string grips it and spits it back out with lots of force. The downside is the durability. I only played in it for about 5 hours before it popped.
From: Alex, 8/12

Comments: I love this string but I feel it hates me back. The string felt great. The control was there, power was amazing, and the spin could rival that of the RPM Blast. But the string lasts about 1-3 weeks! Before I started to play frequently for high school this string would last me about 4 months but when I started to play from weekends to 3 times a week the durability would drop. The Tour Bite saws into the Vanquish due to its square shape. But great string overall.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: I consider this string set a secret weapon in my arsenal! The amount of control is incredible. If you have a one-handed backhand like I do, there is no limit to the variety of slices and spins you can create with it. There is good durability too! Thank you Solinco!
From: Cenmar, 7/11

Comments: One of the better end string sets for the price out there. Good bite and spin. However, durability for me was an issue. But I'd really like to keep these as my string set from now on.
From: Andy, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Very pleased with this hybrid (Tour Bite/Vanquish) on a Babolat Pure Drive frame. Consistently provides added topspin, good grab on the ball, and a big boost to the kick serve. Plays with good power, yet control, and crosses give it plenty of touch and feel. The touch feels nearly as good as the very soft XCel Premium strings. Would encourage you to consider this, or a similar hybrid product - really is the best of both worlds.
From: Potsdam, NY, USA, 11/10

Comments: This is a very good string it does really grab the ball, on both topspin and slice like no other, it has a good all around play. I like the crisp feel. I had to string it down a few pounds from my regular tension. So far it is keeping its tension. I have tried them all and I like it.
From: Leon, Seattle, WA, USA, 11/10

Comments: I love all of the Solinco products! I have Revolution 16 gauge on one racquet, Tour Bite 17 on another, and then this hybrid is my new favorite. I find that the Head Youtek Radical frame compliments this string amazingly! I have them strung at 57 mains/59 crosses. Great spin potential, all the while providing the possibility for immense touch; from baseline shots to drop-shots, it's a perfect string!
From: Brannon, Canton, NC, USA, 10/10

Comments: Finally, my search is over! I would buy stock in this company if I could. I finally found everything I am looking for in a set-up. Excellent control and spin, good touch/feel and above average tension maintenance at an affordable price. I tried many, many string sets and I can honestly say, "I found my string". Great job Solinco! P.S - I also tried the Revolution/True Feel and think it's just too soft to get great feedback and to produce delicate touch shots.
From: Mike, Prince Hybrid Hornet MP strung at 54 Ms / 56 Xs, Atlanta, GA, USA, 09/10

Comments: I have never used Solinco strings and tried these and wow, I have not missed a ball yet, at least today. They really grab the ball and hold on to it longer and the power is amazing. I think I have found a new string of choice. I use the ProKennex KI-20 PSE racket and strung this up at 62 lbs to keep its tension. It is easy on my arm as well.
From: Patty, Denver, CO, USA, 09/10
4.0 level

Comments: Very good strings but did not last...I don't know what rate player I am but I strung these last Friday and they just popped today. The multi's did not last, even the first day of hitting it started to wear.
From: Richard, Palisades Park, NJ, USA, 09/10

Comments: Strung on an APD at 55/56. These strings produce a lot of spin and plenty of bite. Feel is okay and the powers not that bad. Durability is pretty good so far. Decent hybrid IMO
From: Anon, 08/10

Comments: Amazing strings. Extreme power and spin, but there's finesse control and feel too. Strung at 54 (mains Tour Bite and 56 (crosses Vanquish). I will update further comments on durability in a few months.
From: Lucas, CA, USA, 07/10

Comments: I wish I had these strings in high school. These strings have great bite and feel. You need to string the Tour Bite 2-3 lbs. lower than the Vanquish. I use the K ProTour 53 mains/55 cross. They are Awesome!!!
From: Jayou818, West LA, CA, USA. 04/10

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