Solinco Revolution 17 & True Feel 16 Hybrid String Customer feedback

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Comments: Love the True Feel. Solinco has discontinued it, so stock up if you like if.
From: Matt, 5/13

Comments: Used a set on the K-factor 95 at 55/57 lbs. Very disappointing on every shot. There is no feel, very stiff/dull on flat/topsin rallying from baseline. Power is okay slight loss of speed on serve, decent second serve spin. Only thing positive is great durability. Would rate this 5.5 out of 10. Yes, the price is very reasonable for a hybrid setup but you can find better combo in same price range.
From: Mike, 4/13

Comments: Love these strings, have it put in both of my Dunlop Bio 200's and love them, soft feel, great control, and nice touch. I will definitely buy more!
From: Jake, 2/13

Comments: I used this string setup on my Head Youtek Speed Pro and I absolutely loved it! I compared it with the Babolat Hybrid Pro Hurricane+N.VY 16 String and I thought this one was far superior. It's soft on the arm, easy to generate spin and has great control. Although it didn't have as much power as I would have liked, if you have decent technique you'll have no problem generating enough power. Overall, I would give it a 9.5/10, and for only $12 it is a great deal. I would suggest it for any player who is serious about tennis.
From: Franklin, 10/12

Comments: This is the best hybrid I have ever tried. Before you keep trying different strings try this one and you will find out yourself, it's the best!
From: Robert, 9/12

Comments: I used to use Signum on my Yonex and recently switched to the Babolat Pure Storm GT for a bit more power. I loved the Signum Pro on my Yonex but it doesn't feel the same on my Pure Storm. I even tried it at different tension but can't find that Yonex feel. I tried the Solinco Hybrid at 58 lbs and love it. It has a softer feel than my Signum Pro but the spin is about the same. I will try other Solinco strings to see if I can get more pop on my serve.
From: Will, 4/12

Comments: I bought this set without having used it before. I went mostly on the good reviews. I have one of my Vantage Bastcore 20 rackets strung with a natural gut/poly hybrid set and I like it a lot. I strung my other Bastcore with the Solinco at 60 mains and 57 cross tensions. The two sets play very similarly, but the Solinco set has a slightly more soft, easy on the arm feel. Volleys feel very solid with good spin and control. The serve is maybe a little less penetrating, but that may be just me feeling the softer pop off the racket. Spin is very good. I like this string very much and will order it again.
From: Hans, 3/12

Comments: This is a great hybrid package. It looks goofy in my Head MicroGel Radical Pro but aesthetics aside, it's fantastic. It is soft on the arm, great control, and great pop. Great feel at the net as well. I strung at 58/60 and easily hit corners with great depth. I love this setup.
From: Austin, 8/11

Comments: These Solinco strings have exceptional feel and have great pop on ground strokes. On serves, the power was less than with the other strings, but the added spin was very noticeable. Kick serves have huge spin and first serves have added spin, also (leading to less of a flat serve). Overall, strings are great for their price. I played with these strings at 51/53 lbs in my Wilson K Factor 98. Coming from a Wilson NXT/Luxilon ALU Power combination, I was hoping to find a cheaper version of the same strings. Overall, they are fantastic strings that are definitely worth the price. They are very similar to my other strings, other than the added spin and loss of power on serves. If you haven't heard of Solinco, don't be afraid to try their strings. The quality is very high.
From: Nick. 6/11

Comments: I played with this for the last week and have been really happy. I normally play with Pro Hurricane on mains and a Xcel on the crosses. I felt like these strings gave me a little bit more power while maintaining plenty of bite for massive top spin to control the ball. These are now my strings of choice.
From: Brandon. 5/11
Racquet/rating: Wilson K Factor KSurge - 58 LBS - NTRP: 4.0

Comments: Amazing string, my search is over on strings. I tried just about everything, NXT, Head, Babolat, and Hybrided different ones, but this combo Solinco Revolution 17 & True feel is outstanding for power, control, spin you name it and it has it. I was afraid to try a new string I had never heard of, but this will be my string forever and I hope to see it become popular in the pro shops and tennis stores everywhere!!
From: Patty, Denver, CO, USA, 10/10
ProKennex KI20 PSE 62lbs 4.0 level

Comments: True Feel really has amazing feel and is extremely extremely soft. My new string of choice.
From: T Carzo, New York, NY, USA, 07/10

Comments: Wow!!!!! This hybrid is exactly what I have been looking for. Amazing spin, yet very soft on the arms with awesome feel. Ultimate combo.
From: Dave, ca. 7/10

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