Solinco Heaven Overgrip 3 Pack Customer feedback

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Comments: I am a 60+ year old player who goes at it in singles a couple of hours nearly every day and I sweat a lot. I have tried a lot of grips but I won't be without these ever. Friends I have given some too marveled at how they perform.
From: Steve, 8/16

Comments: The feel is not exactly like Tourna original but can be it's replacement. Much thinner and longer then Tourna.
From: Anonymous, 12/15

Comments: I'm a long time Tourna Grip user who read these reviews and took a chance on a 30-pack of these grips. I'll never use Tourna Grip again! These grips are much more durable and every bit as absorbent as Tourna Grip. I am sold. Great work, Solinco.
From: Robert, 6/15

Comments: Solinco Heaven Grip is a great grip for people who sweat a lot or in humid conditions. Not very tacky but it does absorb the sweat very well. It is more durable than Tourna Grip. For the money, I would recommend this grip.
From: Billy, 4/15

Comments: Solinco Heaven Grip is a great grip for people who sweat a lot or in humid conditions. Not very tacky but it does absorb the sweat very well. It is more durable than Tourna Grip. For the money, I would recommend this grip.
From: Billy, 4/15

Comments: This grip is pretty good. When it's hot outside, the grips really helps absorb sweat, and that's actually when they start getting tacky and more comfortable. But when it's cool outside, this grip is essentially useless in my opinion. So unless your palms are always sweating, then you shouldn't buy these. If you are sweating, these are just as good or better than Tourna grip.
From: Brian, 8/13

Comments: My palm sweats all the time, so I don't have many options when it comes to over grip. After trying every single over grip on the market (trust me) I like Tourna Original Dry. I was thinking about this grip since I use Solinco strings and decide to take a risk of buying 30 grips package. I am happy to report that it is better than Tourna. If you are looking at something similar to Wilson Pro or Yonex Super, don't buy it. If you are currently using Tourna Original (tacky is horrible for sweaty hands) try this without hesitation. It won't shred like Tourna and gets dry so fast. After playing for 90 minutes in the afternoon heat, I put the racquet in the bag thinking I would have to change the grip at home, but I was wrong and the sweat was gone and the grip is ready for the next session.
From: Ken, 4/13

Comments: Tried Tourna Grip before and didn't like it. This, on the other hand, is superior. I love the thin feeling and how well it absorbs sweat. It's also very comfortable. Wish it would come in a different color, don't love the grey.
From: Javier, 3/13

Comments: Nice grip. Feels similar to Tourna Original, though a tad tackier.
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: I am not a huge fan of these grips. They have a lot of feel to them but I don't like the fact that they have almost no tackiness to them. If your hands sweat a lot, then you won't be able to grip it very well. I would recommend Tournagrip though because it is reliable and it has just the right amount of tackiness to them.
From: David, 7/12

Comments: Feels kind of like Tourna Grip, but is a tad bit thicker and definitely more durable. Still a thin grip that allows you to feel the bevel though. Excellents absorption and soft feel. If you like Tourna Grip, give this a try. Well done Solinco!
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: What a letdown. This feels more like the touch of a paper carton box, almost zero tack, doesn't allow proper bevel feel of racquet handle. With all these missing, absorption quality matters little. In short, disappointing.
From: Yung, 6/12

Comments: Very good over grip, not the tackiest but maintains for a long time.
From: Roger, 4/12

Comments: Oh yeah I just bought these two weeks ago and used it in my USTA tournament last weekend. It was very impressive of how smooth and comfortable it was on the hands. It wasn't slippery or wet. It keep my hand dry and soft.
From: Chew, 3/12

Comments: Great stuff! I've always used Tournagrip in the summer months due to the heat, and then switched over to Yonex Super Grap when it cools down. Well, if those two products had a baby together, this stuff would be it. A very nice combination of absorbency and yet it doesn't over dry your hands like Tourna does in milder conditions. Have yet to find a weakness of this overgrip, or anything that works better, and I've tried everything out there.
From: Steve, 12/11

Comments: These are the by far the best grips I have ever used. They are extremely comfortable on the hand. Also, the are very absorbent and durable- each one lasts me about 2 weeks. I would highly recommend these grips to any tennis player. I give them a 10 out of 10. Great job Solinco!
From: Anon, 11/11

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