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Comments: It appears to be impossible to install this on my strings as the tiny holes are much too small to force the brass bulb though. I even tried using a marlinespike to widen the holes and that didn't work.
From: Daniel, 7/16

Comments: You can put the nastiest and stiffest poly or kevlar in your racquet ever and it wont hurt thanks to this dampener. I'm taking huge swings at the ball thanks to hit.
From: Jake, 8/13

Comments: It's brilliant. It still keeps the feel well too. It even takes the harsh edge off a super stiff poly strung tight. The only downsides are that its a nightmare put on, and the brass weighs a bit, affecting the racquet balance a little. I put a little lead tape at 12:00 to bring the sweet spot back up. If the racquet is head heavy, put lead tape on the handle to counter balance the dampener.
From: Mike, 10/12

Comments: I tried about ten to fifteen different vibration dampeners before I finally bought this one. Until this one, I couldn't find one that would stay on my racquet for more than a week. Most would fly off within an hour of play and I was either constantly replacing them, or looking all over the court for the stupid thing. The Shock Off does NOT fall off no matter what. I have had the same one on my racquet for five months now, playing three or four times a week from the freezing cold Chicago winter to the hot, humid summer. It has not budged. Provides just the right amount of dampening without sacrificing too much feel/touch. It is, as others mentioned, pretty difficult to get the thing on your racquet, but once it's on there, it's not going anywhere.
From: Dan, 6/12

Comments: Absolute best for balance of vibration dampening, still having some feel/touch. Also great that it's so small and light. I've had two for over two years and no tearing. As for putting it in and taking it out when restringing, I'm careful and slide it between the strings before turning and "locking it" in, then turning it (like turning a dial or key) and then taking it out. That way I don't have to bend the flexible ends as much. That may help people who experience issues like Rich (first comment) had. One idea about holding it in place (which I have never had issues with maybe since I use poly strings) is to cut a piece of packing tape and wrapping it around the dampener and the cross string it presses against. Just create a little fold at the end of the tape so when you want to take it off it's easier.
From: Andy, Detroit, MI, USA, 10/10

Comments: This is my favorite dampener but I have noticed that it is starting to tear. I'm thinking of buying a couple of more and using silicone lubricant to keep the rubber from breaking apart.
From: Kevin, Maple Heights, OH, USA, 11/08

Comments: I've had the same dampener for 3 years, and it still does a better job than most dampeners I've bought (I've tried 15+). Once it's on, it never falls off. I'm not sure why some posters said it wasn't durable for them, but I notice they live in areas where weather gets pretty cold, so maybe the material breaks down in cold weather.
From: Andrew, Cupertino, CA, USA. 1/08

Comments: It's a lot better than any other basic damper, including any Babolat damper. You can move it anywhere up or down, to adjust so you don't shank a ball or anything. Durability? I've played with it on my racquet for about a year and a half, of playing 3-4 days a week; w/o it breaking on me. The only bad part, is that it's difficult to put on.
From: Ryan, Grand Forks, ND, USA, 12/06

Comments: You'd think that it wouldn't fall off due to the way it attaches to the racquet. After you use it for a while, it starts to loosen and even rip as Rich notes in his comments. At this point, it hardly dampens anything. It's great because it's different, but it does not last very long and will fall off if the ball hits it.
From: Alex, Chicago, IL, USA. 6/04

Comments: Itís not that great, doesn't even feel like your using a dampener. The dampener is a little hard to put on and once you use it for awhile, the hole starts to rip. I donít recommend it, but give it a try if you want.
From: Rich, Bronx , New York, USA. 8/03

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