Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 17 (1.25) String Yellow Customer feedback

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Comments: I have this string on my mains with the Weiss Cannon Mosquito as the crosses. I am generating more spin than before and there is great pop. I have tried stringing totally with this string and found surprisingly that I didn't get as much bite as promised by the manufacturer. I have been using the Weisscannon Mosquito for some time and love that string but this 17 gauge gives me a bit more durability than using the Weiss Cannon solely. The added pop and spin were also welcome
From: Alasdair, 3/15

Comments: This string has an amazing feel and the spin is amazing.
From: Brian, 7/13

Comments: I am very happy with this string. Strung it at 55lbs on a Technifibre TFight 320. It feels very stable and offers a lot of spin potential. There is also a nice pocketing when hitting flatter shots and altogether you get a lot of control. There is more bite and comfort compared to TF Blackcode, Ruff Code and Luxilon ALU Rough. My string of choice.
From: Guillaume, 4/13

Comments: Phenomenal string! I'm 18 and have been known to have slight elbow problems from time, and I haven't used every poly on the market, but this is the softest and nicest feeling poly I have had so far. I have strung this at 57 and 54lb on my modded 2009 Babolat Pure Storm (342g unstrung, 6 pts head light). The 57 did give me slightly more control, but I gravitated towards 54lb for the extra spin and slightly more pop. It held tension relatively well and snapped after roughly a month (give or take) after playing roughly 20 hours a week. Overall, great string!
From: Anthony, 1/13

Comments: This is an awesome string. I tried it after using ALU Rough 16L for a few years and I really liked it. I then bought a few more packs to continue my playtest, then after that bought a reel. This string provides excellent spin, nice power and great control. It is also a string that plays well until it breaks. The only area where I like the ALU better is durability. I get about 9-11 hours of play before it snaps. That's ok though, I think the geared shape helps spin but hurts durability.
From: Anon, 11/12

Comments: Great string if you put it in a hybrid with RPM Blast 17g. It is a awesome combo. It has amazing power without any loss of control. Spiky Shark in the crosses and RPM in mains, both at 58 pounds in my Extreme Pro 2.0. I will only go back to RPM full set if anything goes wrong.
From: Jake, 10/12

Comments: If you have followed any of the TW forums, you know there are 2 schools of thought on the best type of strings for spin transfer are. One view suggests textured strings like this impart more bite on the ball, while the other camp follows the new scientific studies that show smooth slippery strings that slip in and out of place upon impact cause the greatest amount of spin. This was my last attempt at validating the textured string theory, as I have now tried them all and found, in my personal experience, that the new theory is correct. I consistently achieve more spin (and power) from some combination of low friction coefficient stings (Luxilon/gut or syn gut combo). True, these Kirchbaum strings don't move, but it's also true that all my shots, especially my kick serve, have way more spin with my Lux Ace and gut combo.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: The perfect blend between control and power with the ability to create tremendous spin. Great string.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: Great string. Nice power and pocketing with a huge amount of spin. I would highly recommend giving this a try. I disagree with those who say this string is low powered. For a poly it is definitely fairly high powered. I have played with Spiky Shark for a few years now and try the new poly's that come out, but I can't find anything else that compares.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: I've had no problems at all stringing the Shark 17g in a full set. The texture and coil memory are not as bad as some other strings. I did not notice any notching even after several weeks of daily play. I strung it at 55 lbs and it bites the ball well. Control feels exceptional. A bit low powered, but faster swing speeds should compensate nicely. Good pop on serves. A relatively soft poly and has been acceptable to my tender elbow. However, I've strung this for another player who suffers from sore elbow and at 60 lbs and it gave him some pain, so we cut it out and went with a multifilament. Possibly a lower tension would have worked for him. Still a great string to try for anyone other than the most tender of elbow sufferers.
From: Roger, 10/11

Comments: This is a great string. Fairly easy to string, despite the outer shape. Provides good bite and control. Can be a tad firm in a full bed on tender elbows, but softer than many polys. No string movement, same as you'll find with most polys. Tension holds up well over a few weeks.
From: Roger, 10/11

Comments: Very high spin potential, medium stiffness, average control, below average pocketing, and below average durability. The first 5 hours, the string was like the best of the best string I ever used with its super high spin potential, but after about 5 hours, spin potential had dropped a lot, and after about another 3 or 4 hours; most of the sharp edges of the sweetspot were gone and it became kind of unstable. I think if I had my racket restrung every week, then this is a very very very good string. I don't recommend this string if you plan to use the string for over a month with heavy hitting.
From: J. 7/11

Comments: Amazing spin. I tried many polyesters and I found the Black Code, Blue Gear, and Pro Tornado to give the most topspin. I am a 5.5 - 6.0 tennis player and I string my own rackets. I give this string an 8/10. It was nice but not that comfortable. Not as spinny as Blue Gear, but a little bit more than Black Code. I popped my strings in 6 hours. The tension also dropped. It's pretty hard to string too. Spin with this string: 8.5-9/10.
From: Jacob. 7/11

Comments: I was on a quest for the perfect poly and I tried just about everything before I found this string. I would recommend Spiky Shark to anyone who likes poly. Try this string! I am a 4.5 player using a full poly set up on a Head Extreme Pro. I string at 58 lbs.
From: Ryan. 6/11

Comments: Amazing performance from this string in my opinion. Never before had I had a string that both had the feel and spin to it. Compared to Gamma Zo Twist, it is somewhat similar in performance, but I believe that Spiky Shark wins in this battle. It has amazing spin potential, and I mean AMAZING, and the feel is just right. People say that this string is just terrible, and I have been made fun of for using this string, but I don't care; I know how this string works, and how to use it, making it the best poly I have ever tried. I strung this on a Babolat Aero Storm Tour @ 57lbs.
From: Anonymous. 5/11

Comments: I strung this in combination with NXT 17 gauge on the crosses. 58 pounds on a Prince Diablo (swing weight 340g+). Very soft, sensitive feel, yet very good grip, more so than NXT with Big Banger (mains). Highly recommend the combination with NXT for those who have professional (heavy swing/low power) racquets.
From: Justin, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Comments: Same as other textured strings spin-wise but holds tension way longer, a no power string. Long lasting. String at least 5lbs less. I have my UT Prestige mid strung @ 54; will string at 50-48 next time.
From: Manuel, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, 11/10

Comments: I previously had strung this up at 54lbs (see earlier entry) but have found that dropping down between 45-50lbs to be even better. The string bed softened up, was more arm friendly at impact, and improved the quality of my backhand groundstrokes without me having to work as hard. The string is pretty stiff so 45-50lbs feels like 55-60lbs. I also found the tension maintenance to be better than most other poly's, I think that the teeth of the octagonal edges bite enough in the weave create a high resistance to tension loss. I just love this string...
From: Brandon, Washington, DC, USA, 10/10

Comments: I love this string. I've used MSV Hex, PHT, Luxilon Big Banger, Black Code, and many other polys but this one was my favorite. It was very soft and had a good amount of pop while also providing a dominant amount of spin! I put it on my Aero Pro Drive GT plus and it increased my spin, control, and power. Just a great soft string.
From: John, Grand Rapids, MI, USA, 09/10

Comments: Very good string. Similar to MSV Hex but softer and with a little more power. Spin is about the same as MSV Hex. Strung two Prince Shark Hybrid Mid rackets. One at 57 lbs. and the other at 55 lbs. The 55 pound string job seems more playable. Yes, I would recommend these to a friend.
From: Jethro, SC, USA, 09/10
Prince Shark Hybrid Mid @ 57 and 55

Comments: Spiky 17 strung in my Prince original graphite 93 provides insane spin (insane). I have it strung at 54lbs on the M's and X's and love the control it has added to by game. It is honestly hard to miss with this string after you adjust to it. When I first hit with this string I had to start aiming 10ft over the net just to clear the net, now I aim for parts of the upper back fence and the ball just dives like a stone just inside the baseline. Also if you ever wanted to knife a drop shot like Federer this one will give you goosebumps. This string also seems to hold tension well, I have had it in for a month and it still feels great. Some poly's lose 10lbs in a couple of days, or at least feel like they do, this one keeps that solid feel so string low 50lb tension range and you'll be glad you did for softer feel and some extra pop (low power string but tons of spin)
From: Brandon, Washington D.C., USA, 08/10

Comments: This is my string of choice. It is a softer poly that really grips the ball. I use it in a hybrid with synthetic gut and it allows me to take large cuts at the ball without losing control. I have tried most of the textured poly's out there and this is my favorite by far.
From: Anon, 07/10

Comments: Compared to Lux Ace 18 at 58lbs -- Spiky Shark gets me a similar amount of spin, but is a lot lower power. Spiky is softer feeling, which I like, but too low-powered for me. I think it might be a nice string to soften up a racquet. Otherwise, for big hitters only. Love the color!
From: Anon. 6/10

Comments: I can't decide whether I like this string or not, but I do recommend it highly for singles players. I get great spin, great control, GREAT TOUCH and a LOTS of balls I think are going out keep dropping IN which is great. The only two parts I don't feel I get is pop and power, I have to generate the power myself, but the string generates lots of spin. I have this string on a Babolat AeroDrive GT strung at 63 lbs. I usually play with Black Code and Babolat RPM which I feel generate more power and pop but doesn't have the same touch and control I get with this string.
From: Christian, Miami, FL, USA. 05/10

Comments: I have to say ditto with all the previous posts. This really is an amazing string. For any serious topspin player, you won't find a better shaped string out there. INSANE SPIN! Best part is it controls the ball nicely too, you're groundstrokes won't fly long on you like other stiffer polys. Can't beat the ease of stringing either..... for a poly.
From: Jeff, TX. 4/10
Prince EXO3 Black, tension 53, NTRP 4.0

Comments: Rips the ball, in whatever done. I use it with the Babolat AeroDrive Cortex Racquet, and its perfect for kick serves, slices, and massive baseline-to-baseline topspin. 5 stars hands down.
From: Vincenzo, New Hyde Park, New York, USA 03/10

Comments: This is the best string out there for spin, control and your arm. I don't like the feel of synthetic so I play with poly. My arm hurts cause of the tight pattern in my racket; thanks to this string my arm doesn't hurt anymore and I can hit hard and ball stays in. I tried red code, black code, Volkl cyclone, Wilson sensation, super smash, pro line, Luxilon alu power rough, Babolat pro hurricane, ballistic, Signum pro, Topspin, Unique, Weisscanon, Polyfibre, Tecnifibre, MSV focus and Gamma ruff, prodigy, tnt and none of them are as good as spiky shark; if you want control and lots of spin, and like to hit hard, this is your string.
From: Carlos, Palmdale, CA 12/09
Kblade 93 18x20, tension 52-49 NTRP 4.5

Comments: Gamma Ruff in the crosses and Spiky Shark 17 in the mains; topspin bounces high, slices stay low. Swing through and watch the dip on the ball. Nice combination. I found a pretty good match.
From: Spin Freak, Dallas, TX, USA, 10/09

Comments: This is a very good string, and I am glad I listened to the T.W. play testers and strung it a couple pounds less on my Tecnifibre T-fight 295 (60lbs)! I could tell this string was different from other poly's I've used right out of the package because you can feel the sharpness of the octagonal shape with the fingers. When you hit with them you can feel the strings digging into the ball. This string is very crisp feeling, and I might even go a little less on the poundage if I use this string again. The Red Code string I have been using has a much softer feel, and I haven't decided which one I like most, so I am going to experiment with some other polys before claiming a string as my favorite, but I would recommend this to players looking for extra topspin or kick on serve!
From: Rizza, Longview, WA, USA, 10/09

Comments: The best string I have ever played with. In the early years I played with Kirschbaum super smash 1.25, and then I tried Alu power, and Redcode, but it not the same as Kirschbaum. The sharks playability is very good. It has good touch, the spin potency is awesome, and the very important other thing is it has virtually no string movement. After 7 hours of play it only moves a little bit. I'm playing with a Prince o3 tour mid plus, with head lead tape on the 9 and 3 clock,the tension is 25/24 kg. I am a 4.5 baseline player, with heavy spin. I play 4 hrs in the week. Try it and you will enjoy it!
From: Gyula, Hungary, Csepel 08/09

Comments: I thought this string played incredible for the first hour or so of play. The strings just grab the ball and the amount of spin generated is unlike any other string that I have used. I had a major problem with tension loss, however. I am a lefty who hits with a lot of spin, even without the strings, and I felt as if I was hitting with a loose trampoline after the first round of play. While the "distinctive peaks" foster the amazing spin creation, they also bite into the mains and notch very quickly. I would recommend this to the home stringer that has no financial problems as you will find yourself replacing this string constantly. Also, it is a very difficult string to manage during the stringing process. Final words; the first hour or so of play is a 9 out of 10, anything after that is a 2 out of 10.
From: Patrick, Certified Racquet Technician, 4.0 USTA, A-2 ALTA, Atlanta, GA, USA. 7/09

Comments: I like this string! I strung my daughter's Head Microgel Radical MP with the Spiky Shark 1.25 on the mains at 54 lbs and Tecnifibre NRG2, 60 lbs, on the crosses. She really liked the Kirshbaum more than the Luxilon alu Power she used to have. She is a very good 13 year old performance/county player. I ended trying it for myself, intermediate club player and I find this string gives power with control and touch. It's true they don't move around as much as the Alu Power and they hold the tension longer!
From: Laura, Hampshire, UK. 7/09

Comments: The worst Kirschbaum string I ever tried. Felt very stiff and hard on the arm like standard polyester string. Not soft at all. Did not notice any more spin compared to P2 or Luxilon ALU Rough despite its octagonal cross section, which by the way made this string extremely difficult to string. Will not repeat.
From: Furu, Mountain View, CA, USA, 12/08

Comments: It's one of the best strings I've ever used. Has great feeling of the ball and it's really soft. The spin potential is great and the tension doesn't drop as fast as other polys.
From: Choi Leonardo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 11/08

Comments: Amazing how it bites the ball. Tremendous Spin. Very playable. I play Wilson K Factor 95.Tension 48 Lbs. Highly recommended.
From: Horacio, Jersey City, NJ. 11/08

Comments: I like this string! I strung my Prince O3 Tour MP with the Kirschbaum 1.25 Spiky Shark a few days ago. I've hit with it for 4-5 hours and it feels good. It's less stiff than the Super Smash Spiky and not quite as soft as the Kirschbaum Competition. The strings don't move around too much. I string my racket tight, 65 #'s, because I live in the mountains and the ball tends to fly at high altitude. So far I like the way the string feels with good spin, good touch, and good control. And the three pack is affordable. Also, it hasn't bothered my arm at all. My racket is fairly soft so poly strings are less of a problem. For now, this will be my string of choice. For reference, I'm a 4.0-4.5 level, all court player, with a big serve. I play 4-6 hours a week. I string my own rackets on a Gamma X-st stringer.
From: Rick, Edwards, Colorado, USA. 11/08

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