Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 16 (1.30) String Yellow Customer feedback

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Comments: I have these strings in a used racquet I bought. I thought I would try them before I cut them out to put my regular strings in it. I must say, "Wow!" I was impressed with the feel and great spin I got with these strings. Nice feel and softer than I thought I would have with them. Nice depth and I can swing out and not have to worry about the ball being out. At the net I can get good depth and control as well. It was strung at 60 lbs initially and I had it checked on an RDC machine and it measured 40 lbs. I will definitely be buying more sets of this string to use in a few other racquets of mine. I get no arm, wrist or shoulder pain with this string.
From: Mike, 2/15

Comments: Strung a full bed at 40 lbs on the AeroPro Drive. Like most said, it's a control string. I agree with Andy, I think it's a great string to tame a racket, or player. I normally use RPM Blast, and I had to see if this string really has almost double the spin potential as RPM Blast, as seen on the tennis university website. I would say yes and no. On slow shots, I say yes, feels very sticky and controlled. On heavy shots, I say no, the string "tops out." So you lose lots of energy. RPM Blast has more gears, more spin, and more speed on heavy shots. In conclusion, if you're looking for performance, don't get this string. If you're looking to learn strokes or you desire more control, get this string.
From: Ben, 5/14

Comments: I am very happy with this string. Strung it at 55lbs on a Technifibre TFight 320. It feels very stable and offers a lot of spin potential. There is also a nice pocketing when hitting flatter shots and altogether you get a lot of control. There is more bite and comfort compared to TF Blackcode, Ruff Code and Luxilon ALU Rough. My string of choice.
From: Guillaume, 4/13

Comments: Initial testing: My flat serve improved so much on pace. Slice has okay spin but speed has picked up. Kick serve does "kick". Forehand is good too but the bite on my two-handed backhand is so comfortable that makes me a believer on this string's potential. Made my stringer work a little harder by making a two-piece string set-up: mains at 50 lbs and crosses at 52 lbs. It is not a soft string but then I used a certain bracelet that helps with the vibrations, so far so good!
From: MD, 4/12

Comments: Overall it is a good string because its not a very stiff string and has good feel, very good bite on the ball, and lots of power. The only thing I noticed was that it looses tension quickly, maybe like 3 lbs or so after the first match. Other than that it's a very good string for the price compared to other polys.
From: Rafa, 3/12

Comments: There is amazing spin with this string. However, it is hard to control and hard on my elbow.
From: Andrew, 11/11

Comments: Based on the previous comments I decided to try these strings and found them to be great stings. I play with a Wilson K factor 6.1 95 and usually string with either ALU Big Banger or Rough. I have to admit there was a big difference with the Spiky Shark. I found them to generate more topspin and the feel was softer than what I was accustomed to. The one thing I would do differently is string them a bit looser because they are stiffer strings than Big Banger. It's definitely a keeper.
From: Henry 4.5, Oakland, Ca, USA. 4/11

Comments: Awesome strings. I play with tension of about 60 lbs. It generates tremendous amount of spin but could be more durable.
From: G Rohit, India. 4/11

Comments: This is a great polyester string that offers amazing spin potential with a soft feel. The power level is relatively low but still offers enough pop to get the job done. I play division 2 tennis and my whole team strings their rackets with spiky shark.
From: Ben, Springfield, IL, USA, 03/11

Comments: Spiky Shark is a top-class textured poly that is very playable, and I agree with the reviewers that stringing a bit lower than what you normally do with other polys yield's good results (57-60 usually but strung at 55), especially during colder temperatures. The power feels spot on. There's enough pocketing to push the ball where you want and the spin potential is high enough for a wide range of shots. Put away volleys and kick serves are consistently potent. Because of how easy it is to hit out, you may mishit a bit more leading to a few jarring moments, but I don't think it is particularly stiffer than your average poly. My experience with this string was: hit most shots at 7/10ths, if it was out, applied more spin until it was in, then hit the same shot at 9/10ths and got ready for personal-best shots. Great stuff!
From: Anon, 01/11

Comments: I am a Sr Player, who plays about four to five times a week with a group of guys who rating ranges from about a 3 to a 4.5. I fit in the middle. I got sold on Kirschbaum Strings with the Pro line and tried these for a change to possibly improve my spin. With out a doubt these are the most responsive strings I've ever used. Will I use them again...Oh yes...
From: Jim, Oak Ridge North, TX, USA, 12/10

Comments: I've used this on my prince Prince EXO black and I get plenty of bite, definitely a 10. It's got good color too.
From: Chris, Lufkin, TX, USA, 09/10

Comments: I have tried all of the poly's out there and this is my favorite. You get great spin production from the string and you can really take rips at the ball. In my eye's it is the best soft Poly on the market
From: Ryan, USA, 08/10

Comments: By profession, I am a professional musician and teacher. So I don't get too caught up in equipment transforming a persons playing. But WOW. This string is incredible. The spin and placement I got out of this was just amazing. And what it did to my serve was nothing short of a miracle. Thanks SPIKY SHARK!
From: Paul, Lincoln, NE, USA. 07/10

Comments: I put this on my K Blade 98 at 58 lbs and it felt great. I'd been using NXT with Enduro Pro previously, and this was a BIG step up. I got lots of spin and response, and even after a month, it hasn't showed signs of breaking, though it has lost a little bit of tension. If you want to get more spin, either try this out, or Luxilon Big Banger.
From: Eric, Benton, AR. 4/10

Comments: I like the string so far. I use a Pro Kennex Ki 20 with Babolat tonic natural gut. I decided I needed more bite on the ball but not more pain and the combination with Babolat tonic 16 natural gut in the crosses with Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 16 worked out real well it gives me more bite on the ball and a harder serve and I am keeping more balls in the lines. I am also able to adjust the grip a little more on the western side for hitting harder without pain I hope it lasts only used it for ten hours so far. A great hybrid for me.
From: Dennis Weber, Huron, Ohio 12/09

Comments: I ordered this string after reading some facts about it, but really didn't know what to expect. As far as performance, this is the best string I've ever used. A great feeling polyester, the 8-sided shape really provides a ton of bite on the ball. I feel like I could apply heavy topspin to most every shot...something I've not been able to do with any other string. My kick serves have much more bite as well and never seem to fly on me.
From: Ryan, Lafayette, TN, US. 7/09

Comments: Just strung my Babolat APDC with this string and played with it once. Reminds me very much of Kirschbaum Competition, but because of the shape of the string it has much more bite. Just like with Kirschbaum Competition it takes 30 minutes of hitting for it to feel nice and soft. Strings don't move at all and seems very durable. If you like playing with the Competition string but are looking for a little more bite, then give it a try.
From: James, Collegeville, Pa, USA. 11/08

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