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Comments: This is a forgiving, stretchy string to work with on the stringing machine. It is a soft, playable string that is hard to complain about, which seems not the case with most strings I am trying out now that I have my own stringer. At first, I put this string in the crosses, which was alright. But now I have strung up a few racquets for my players with the Wilson Sensation 17 in the mains, and a poly or synthetic gut in the crosses. This seems to be a very practical, economical, and comfortable string for mains. This is also a good choice string for players who do not restring as often as perhaps they should. Now that I am restringing frequently, I am better able to notice the changes in string over the short term. This string keeps its feeling more consistently than inexpensive poly string. I wouldn't suggest going much lower than usual on tension because the string is already so stretchy. I string my Yonex at 53 lbs for poly but it really needs to bump up to 55 lbs or more to hit depth with control for this Wilson string. In any case, I am coming back to buy another mini reel or perhaps the full reel. I have zero complaints for durability; but I guess I don't hit big enough to bust string in a week.
From: Rachel, 11/16

Comments: I currently play with the BLX Pro Staff 95 which is a lower powered racquet and it has a hot spot of vibration (negative feedback) when you hit it near the top of the hoop. I have been playing with string set ups and tensions to get more pop from the lower powered stick and to try to eliminate/reduce the vibration in the frame. This string really helped in both areas. Great, arm friendly feel, very adequate power, and it helps to eliminate or significantly reduce to vibrations. It is a more expensive string than I typically use, but it is worth the investment for the playability of the string. Duration is not going to be the greatest, especially for those who hit with heavy spin, but I hit a flatter ball and it will be my go to string for now. I use it in a hybrid with a poly in mains and strung it a 53 lbs for now. I wish Wilson would put a special on it so I could stock up on this string!
From: CF, 4/14

Comments: I have found my favorite string! It feels soft. It has excellent playability and played well from the beginning. I felt I had improved control. It has good durability -- almost two months (40 sets). My tennis elbow pain went away after playing with these strings. I developed similar opinions when I tried Wilson NXT Tour strings. I even tried them on identical racquets and switched throughout sets/matches to try to gain an opinion for one over the other. To me, they could have been the same string. However, I found the NXT Tour 17 had less durability. It is also much more expensive. Therefore, my preferred choice is the Wilson Sensation 17. Enduring ongoing Tennis Elbow about a year ago began my quest to find a new string. I was looking for comfort, playability, good feel, durability, and affordability. I feel a review like this would have been very helpful to me, so I decided to post my findings so perhaps I could help others find their string. I string my own racquets at 59 lbs. All the strings I evaluated were 17 gauge. I play 4-6 hours per week at a 4.5 level. Due to price and durability, my overall #1 choice is Wilson Sensation.
From: Darryl, 2/14

Comments: I'll pretty much repeat what everyone else says. Very playable string. Comfortable and arm- friendly. Very good feel and spin. But the main strings move a lot, you'll be adjusting every string on your racquet after each rally. Durability is poor for hard hitters. If you like stringing racquets once a week and maybe get a good deal per set, it's a good string...or if you are slower swinging player looking for a very playable string for a low price, this is a good option. It's a great string for the price with terrible durability.
From: John, 1/14

Comments: I used this string at 52lbs in my BLX Tour 90 racquet and it lasted only for 10 hours to 15 hours of play. I like the feel, ball sound, power level and spin -- but durability is poor. Both times the mains broke around 12 o'clock while returning serve. After trying it twice, I am ready to switch over to a hybrid set on my racquet. It lasts longer on my Head Prestige Mid due to the denser 18x20 string pattern. I also have it on my BLX Six One 95 with 16x18 pattern. I will review it after I use it until it breaks. My expectations are low at this stage. I think 16 gauge will be more durable but you lose much of the feel. I am a 4.0 senior player with mostly flat strokes with some spin on serves.
From: Dushyant, 11/13

Comments: A demo on a Wilson 6.1 BLX that I was playing with happened to be strung with a full set of sensation 17g and after about 10 minutes of serving they snapped at 11:30 on the frame from an off center hit. I'm going to be honest and advise against heavy hitters from using this string. It's simply too prone to breaking than say poly strings. It does have a decent feel but not much durability to say the least.
From: James, 2/12

Comments: I've been trying out multifilaments as crosses for a year now and this is the winner. Two reasons: the sheath lasts (every other type has disintegrated too quickly, IMO), it's slightly more crisp than the others. It still plays like a multifilament but not too soft. Oh yeah, the price is nice. I use Prince O3 and EXO3 White racquets strung at 60 lbs for touch in a hybrid with Tourna Poly Blue Rough 17g. I'm a 3.5 player who's just developing powerful spinning ground strokes. I cover the court and play both singles and doubles.
From: Martin. 6/11

Comments: I've only used this string for a day, so I can't comment on durability. Let me just say though that I love this in a hybrid. I used these as my cross strings and used Luxilon ALU Power for my mains. Best combo I've ever used. I strung it up to 60lbs on my HEAD Speed 16x19. AWESOME. My kick serve was nonreturnable today. I will comment later to say how what I think of this string in the long run.
From: Peter, Aurora. 5/11

Comments: I personally hated this string. I found that Babolat Addiction is a much better string at a better price. If you are wanting power and spin try rpm blast. Just don't leave it on your bat for more than six months.
From: Mihir, Parker, TX, USA, 11/10

Comments: Truly great string for its price. I paired the string with Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 (18x20) in exchange of my snapped Yonex 16G multifilament string. Strung it at 57 lbs, I immediately felt its great comfort, power and control (also means good spin and slice). I think this string is very suitable for TIGHT-STRING-PATTERN RACQUET just like mine, because it helps with its power (some said bounciness) and still manages to have good durability (I've used it for about 20 hours, shows good tension retention and not much tearing). This string does move quite much after having hard-shot, but I never felt it affect my performance by much. Conclusion, IMO Wilson Sensation 17G is above average multifilament-string with average price. SWEET.
From: Stanley, Indonesia, 10/10
(4.0 NTRP, easter FH, 1-handed BH)

Comments: Strung this with my K6-1 at 56lbs, which is one lb above mid. Good touch and easy on the arm due to the elasticity, but too bouncy for me, and the ball tends to go long, also hard to control. Not sure if I should try again at 57/58 lbs. Durability is average, at 56lbs, the string starts to move around a lot after 4 hours, and the ball flies everywhere and it was unplayable. Not sure it will last longer or shorter at a higher tension.
From: Szutao, San Jose, CA. 4/10

Comments: This string is quite good if you want either power or feel. Does not really excel in spin or control. It is quite cheap but the downside of this string is that it moves around on the stringbed way too much for a multi. After 3-4 hits I have realign the strings back to its original position. Other than that, I like this string.
From: Thomson, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 01/10

Comments: Good string. I have been through a lot strings. this one has decent bite, control and very good tension retention. I string at 64lbs hit hard. most strings I have tried lose a lot of tension after 3-5 sets and I end up restringing ; however, these strings have held their tension and are still going strong after 15 sets. Out lasted every string I have tried to date in the tension department.
From: Mike, Cicero, NY, USA. 12/09

Comments: This string is ok. Although it is one of the best "value" strings you can buy, it is only that. A value string. If you truly want some great strings order Babolat natural gut or xcel premium in the crosses and Wilson nxt in the mains
From: Edward (4.0) 11/09

Comments: I play this string in my n 6.1 strung at 58 lbs. It offers excellent feel and control. It also generates good pace at the right tension. This is an excellent string for players who like a lot of feel. I am planning to combine with a soft poly as well. The price is great for what you get. The only downside might be durability. I play at 4.0 level and would suggest a test drive for anyone who wants a decent string at a great price.
From: Anon. 9/09

Comments: I used this string for a while in combination w/Babolat max pro hurricane 17, and I found excellent feel, comfort and access to spin. The only problem was that this combo is pretty pricey and the strings break faster than average.
From: Zach, Tampa, Florida, US 07/09

Comments: I really don't think this should be called "Sensation." I had my O3 White strung with this at 64, and I hated it. It's no good; I get no pop or liveliness. I know I strung it really tight, but I was told it was going to lose tension. I really wanted something great. This was not it. Leave this string in the warehouse.
From: Alex, The Woodlands, TX, USA. 12/07

Comments: Nothing special! This is low quality! There's not a lot of spin access, but feel is pretty good. Try Super Spin.
From: Jason, Grand Forks, ND, USA. 11/07

Comments: I just started playing competitively again after a 10 year layoff, beginning to get my game back. Love the playability of the string, great for topspin and slice. String does loosen pretty quickly and strings do move around a bit after several hours of play. Durability was fine up until recently, over the past 2 weeks, I've busted strings 4 times. 2 of the breaks were off volleys, top of frame at 12 o'clock. Both string jobs lasted only two matches. Since this most recent experience with breakage, I will be trying out some different strings with the hopes of more durability. I only play 2 to 3 times a week so durability of this string is a huge concern.
From: Todd, Atlanta, GA, USA, 06/07

Comments: In my Wilson nCode 6.1 95, it's not as soft or comfortable a feel as Dunlop's mFil Tour 17/Comfort Max 17 or Prince's Sweet Perfection 17. It feels rougher to the touch and therefore has more spin potential, especially for backhand slice shots. I play relatively flat so it should hold up in normal play. Also, I find it's a powerful string, so do string at a higher tension if you want more control (i.e. 58 lbs). Will definitely buy these again!
From: Thomas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 5/07

Comments: I had my racquet strung with this and I think it plays well but it breaks fast, I broke mine after 30 minutes of play at 58 pounds and then I broke some again after 2 hours of play I recommend the Gosen
From: Brent, Snohomish, WA, USA. 3/07

Comments: Not as soft as other multi-filaments such as Head Fibergel, Babolat Attraction but none-the-less a very responsive string with excellent bite. I've used it successfully in all sorts of different makes of rackets. It's been around for a while now and can be bought cheaply but in my opinion one of Wilson's originals and still one of the best!
From: Pete, London, UK. 1/07

Comments: I've used this string for the past year. As I've improved and hit with more and more spin, the string began breaking faster and faster. I get around 10 hours of play with the string before it snaps. I recommend using this for the crosses and a more durable string, like polyester, for the mains. Overall, the string has a comfortable feel, but so-so durability. The Wilson Sensation should appeal to intermediate players. I am a 4.5 player on my high school varsity team and an all court player. Definitely give the string a try.
From: Tim, Fountain Valley, California, USA 04/06

Comments: Great string for the price. In my mind, Wilson Sensation 17 plays better than Gamma TNT2 17, and it's also cheaper. A very good bite on the ball is produced, and as a 5.0 hard-hitting player, having good topspin for groundstrokes and the second serve is crucial. The string lasts around 8-12 hours of playtime for me, but because it's not expensive, that is plenty. I like to play without too muted a feel, so I string my TT Warriors at 62 lbs. with this string. All in all, a great string that beats several of its higher-priced counterparts in terms of playability.
From: Nate, Boston, MA, USA. 07/04

Comments: I strung my Dunlop 400G with this at 58 pounds. It took a few sets to let the strings settle in, but now I love it. It gets great bite on the ball and allows me to generate a lot more topspin. It really works well with my 4.0 baseline game. If it is even modestly durable, this is my new string of choice.
From: Leonid, Seattle, WA, USA. 4/04

Comments: I recently purchased a couple sets of Wilson sensation 17g. I find that the string is very soft and offers good, but not great playability. I strung mine at 62lbs (on a Head Liquidmetal radical midplus) and so far I'm content with its performance. Its most major drawback is how quickly it detentions after becoming wet, and how brittle it becomes after experiencing cold weather.
From: Max, Madison, NJ, USA. 3/04

Comments: One of the good value strings. Price is right but the performance is just average. It's soft but too much so. Reasonable feel and power makes it a good choice for an all court game style. Durability is about average and tension loss is relatively quick compared to other multifilament strings. If you like comfort string and fresh stringing, this will be your good choice due to its relative low price among the multifilament strings. You can restring every 3-4 sets if it lasts.
From: Jeffrey, San Jose, CA, USA. 11/03

Comments: This string offers crisp volleys but for a multi-filament, it is surprisingly not very forgiving. Baseline shots require extra effort and lacks that extra pop.
From: Norm, Vancouver, BC. Canada 12/02

Comments: VERY lively string. Good control and great POWER. Didn't last that long though. Have since tried thicker versions of the same string, and they have lasted longer while not giving up much of the liveliness.
From: Scott, New York, U.S. 04/99
Skill level: 4.0
Strung at 55 lbs.

Comments: Feels so good in volleys, serves, but the resistance isn't good for me, and I have shoulder problems using this string. I bought 2 sets in the middle of August, last broke one week ago.
From: Oscar from Mexico (11/98). Playing style: groundstrokes, volleys. Strung at 63 lbs.

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