Wilson Sensation 16 String Mini Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: This has to be the best 16g multi for feel that I have ever tried. Usually for me, a 16 multi feels like a thinner poly except X One-Biphase (but it is too expensive). Wilson Sensation has even better feel than the former in my opinion, and it is very durable. I highly recommend people try this!
From: DLegend, 2/16

Comments: Using it on my ProStaff 90 (full bed). I opted for these strings after suffering tennis elbow because of Babolat Hurricane Pro Tour. After 4 hours of play, there is no significant loss of tension, however the strings do move around awkwardly (tension at 53lbs) especially while hitting slices. They provide optimum power and control, and the comfort offered to my healing elbow is quite good.
From: Puru, 3/15

Comments: Really disliked this string. I had it at 59 lbs on my AeroPro Drive Plus. I'm a 3.5, hit heavy topspin, baseliner and I felt like I was slapping at the ball with no feel whatsoever and couldn't generate good spin. I know it's supposed to be like Babolat Addiction, but I much preferred Addiction.
From: Brandon, 3/15

Comments: I am a 4.0 player or its equivalent and I hit with a western forehand grip. I used this string on my Youtek Prestige Pro at 57 lbs since I am experiencing elbow and shoulder pain while using RPM blast. On the first 2 hours of play, it was good -- nice touch but not spin friendly, very arm friendly, very forgiving, nice power but after 3 hours of play its starts moving, obvious tension loss. I keep on adjusting the string almost everytime because it moves a lot -- it's irritating for me.
From: Darwin, 10/14

Comments: Used this on my Wilson Pro Staff 90 at 52 lbs. Power, control, and feel were all good. I was able to generate plenty of spin and did not notice the strings moving as others have experienced. I would also note that it is relatively arm friendly as well.
From: Alan, 7/14

Comments: This is an excellent string if you have solid groundstrokes. Very good power and control. If you are hitting with topspin and not following through I could see an issue with these string. They lasted at least 10 hours of play and I am a 5 level player.
From: Douglas, 7/14

Comments: I bought Wilson Sensation 16. It worked great for a couple of hours until I noticed it wasn't that durable. After a few days, I developed shoulder tendonitis and it wasn't good and when I was returning serves, it just snapped and didn't even have it for one month. I would recommend something more durable and better for the arms.
From: Bobby, 7/14

Comments: I ordered my '13 Aeropro drive GT+ with poly strings. The combination was way too stiff resulting in immediate elbow pain never felt before. Replaced it with a multifilament strung at a lower tension at 50lbs. The initial first hour in my play test felt very crisp, smooth power delivery, and had a satisfying pop feel. I'm a flat ball hitter so string movement wasn't an issue. Very comfortable on the arm, wrist and elbow. Having the right string is like driving with the right performance tires.
From: Larry, 6/13

Comments: I hit with it today, with my mains as Prince SynGut DF 16 crossed with Sensation 16. The PSGD lost too much tension, and the Sensation is so soft. Not much control! Maybe I need to string them 3-4 lbs above my usual tension. Luckily, it's the last Sensation in my pocket.
From: J., 12/12

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