Wilson Sensation 16 660' String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: This string kept stretching while stringing at 57 lbs. Also it keeps losing tension and moves way to much after my first hitting session. I cut it out. My opinion, Forten Sweet or Gosen is a much better option. Strung in 6.0 PS 85.
From: David, 12/16

Comments: This has to be the best 16g multi for feel that I have ever tried. Usually for me, a 16 multi feels like a thinner poly except X One-Biphase (but it is too expensive). Wilson Sensation has even better feel than the former in my opinion, and it is very durable. I highly recommend people try this!
From: DLegend, 2/16

Comments: I know it's a classic somewhat beloved bread and butter string, but I must be spoiled on poly. Strung in a Prestige Rev Pro at 53 lbs, I had a real hard time controlling my shots with this string. Off-center hits died and hits in the sweet spot shot off like a cannon. Did not feel like I could swing out and take a proper cut at the ball on groundstrokes. Probably don't even need to mention that it makes spin generation more difficult. Maybe if I spent more time with it I could adjust, but going to my backup Rev Pro strung with co-poly instantly improved my gameplay.
From: N8, 9/15

Comments: Using it on my ProStaff 90 (full bed). I opted for these strings after suffering tennis elbow because of Babolat Hurricane Pro Tour. After 4 hours of play, there is no significant loss of tension, however the strings do move around awkwardly (tension at 53lbs) especially while hitting slices. They provide optimum power and control, and the comfort offered to my healing elbow is quite good.
From: Puru, 3/15

Comments: I am a 4.0 player or its equivalent and I hit with a western forehand grip. I used this string on my Youtek Prestige Pro at 57 lbs since I am experiencing elbow and shoulder pain while using RPM blast. On the first 2 hours of play, it was good -- nice touch but not spin friendly, very arm friendly, very forgiving, nice power but after 3 hours of play its starts moving, obvious tension loss. I keep on adjusting the string almost everytime because it moves a lot -- it's irritating for me.
From: Darwin, 10/14

Comments: Used this on my Wilson Pro Staff 90 at 52 lbs. Power, control, and feel were all good. I was able to generate plenty of spin and did not notice the strings moving as others have experienced. I would also note that it is relatively arm friendly as well.
From: Alan, 7/14

Comments: This is an excellent string if you have solid groundstrokes. Very good power and control. If you are hitting with topspin and not following through I could see an issue with these string. They lasted at least 10 hours of play and I am a 5 level player.
From: Douglas, 7/14

Comments: I bought Wilson Sensation 16. It worked great for a couple of hours until I noticed it wasn't that durable. After a few days, I developed shoulder tendonitis and it wasn't good and when I was returning serves, it just snapped and didn't even have it for one month. I would recommend something more durable and better for the arms.
From: Bobby, 7/14

Comments: I purchase about 40 reels per year of various strings and have always promoted Sensation but in a matter of a very short time (about 2 years), Wilson increased the price of Sensation reels $40.00! At $100.00 per reel, it was tolerable. At $140.00, Wilson lost a life long customer. Supply and demand? So long.
From: Johnny, 3/14

Comments: Awful. Had it strung it at 60 lbs, good power but awful control and strings move too much. I would prefer Tecnifibre X1 Biphase over this. Definitely not recommended for those that hit with topspin.
From: Kingsley, 1/14

Comments: I ordered my '13 Aeropro drive GT+ with poly strings. The combination was way too stiff resulting in immediate elbow pain never felt before. Replaced it with a multifilament strung at a lower tension at 50lbs. The initial first hour in my play test felt very crisp, smooth power delivery, and had a satisfying pop feel. I'm a flat ball hitter so string movement wasn't an issue. Very comfortable on the arm, wrist and elbow. Having the right string is like driving with the right performance tires.
From: Larry, 6/13

Comments: I have strung this several times and notice the clamps must be opened as far as possible before the string slips. I used white-out to mark the string, in front of the clamp, to notice any slipping it scratches off with a fingernail. If the clamps are too tight, it will crush the string and leave white marks on it, as well as weaken it.
From: Sean, 6/13

Comments: This is still one of the best multi's out there but unfortunately, Wilson has lost my business due to the $30.00 price increase imposed awhile ago. An excellent string is Mantis Comfort and yes, it is at $100.00 a real. I'm a coach and a stringer for the high school team and quality strings are important along with VALUE.
From: John, 1/12

Comments: Terrible. Mushy, too much power. Drops tension very fast. I used it as a cross string in hybrid. never again.
From: William. 11/11

Comments: I use a lot of Top Spin and love my serve and volley game, but these strings didn't help me get a feel for the ball. Worst of all, when I returned a heavy baseline shot from my coach, the strings just "snapped" within 15 minutes of playing. I normally play with a Wilson 95 X Six-One stringed with Technifiber 17 Black Code. As soon as I left the courts, I immediately went to my freindly neighborhood tennis shop and couldn't wait to have my Technifiber back on my racquet. Durability is not one of the strings strengths. I wouldn't recommend this string to anyone who hits with topspin. Put your money into something else.
From: Richard. 08/11

Comments: I strung my racquet up with this and I was impressed! I could see the improvement straight away compared with the (old) synthetic gut I had in prior. Power, comfort and feel; my slice returned! Nice and soft for my elbow. Doesn't move too much and though I'm no string breaker, it has lasted me pretty well. Hoping to stock up from TW when I visit.
From: Nneka, Glasgow, UK, 03/11

Comments: Really liked the string, had very good control, feel and power on my BLX Blade 98, switching my backup Blade from full poly to this string, over playing with a brick wall type string.
From: Cameron, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 02/11

Comments: With every other string that I have used, hitting topspin causes the mains to become notched and eventually break. With Wilson Sensation, the movement of the mains causes the crosses to fray and break. So far, I have only broken crosses. Durability is not one of the strings strengths.
However, it is a soft and has great feel. It is difficult to string if there are a couple of strings already over the grommet hole. The stuff is like a wet noodle and requires a pathfinder in some cases.
From: Anon, Sacramento, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Great string for a blend with Poly in particular. Super price point too. String it a couple of pounds tighter than mains, or even towards the top end of the frame recommended tension if you like super tight pounds, so it holds it's position better. It should play well for most anyone, and then when it starts to go, get ready, cause it'll break quickly as the mains cut through the crosses. For those that string, I find it nice to pull on my crank machine, and it doesn't beat up your fingers either like a poly does when threading.
From: Chris, Portland, OR, USA, 11/10

Comments: This string is terrible. Feels like I'm hitting with wires that won't stop moving around. After warming up the day I got it strung it broke immediately. I honestly don't understand how they sell when there are so many better strings for better prices. Youtek Radical Pro 60 lbs 4.5-5.0
From: Anon, New York, USA. 5/10

Comments: Awful string. Strung this at 68 lbs in my Wilson k-six tour 90. After five minutes of groundstrokes the string started to move around. Snapped after 15 minutes. Switched to a new racquet that broke after another 15 minutes. Then tried it in a hybrid with Luxilon big banger Alu rough in the mains. The Wilson sensation string broke after a few hours.
From: Dr M, Sweden. 3/10

Comments: W. Sensation 16 has good feel, comfort, and pop. I am a 4.0 player that uses a lot of topspin. These strings last about 10 hours and start to lose playability around 6 hrs. Definitely one of the best multi's for the price. I would recommend it.
From: Ross, CA, USA 12/09

Comments: One of the softest I've ever tried. t feel like a little pillow in your hand. Nothing special except for its durability. This string gives you a very comfortable angle if you play from behind the baseline. The only problem is that it switches its position while serving. price = quality
From: Vladyslav, Kiev, Central Ukraine, Ukraine. 7/09

Comments: It tends to have a dead feel after a few hours of play. I didn't like it.
From: Francesco, Montebelluna, Italy. 3/09

Comments: If you are a topspin player, you may not like this string at all despite of its many other excellent qualities (comfort, bite, etc). When hitting with a lot of topspin (forehand/backhand) the strings move a lot, side to side. The mains go to the extreme side of the racket and stay there until you hit another topspin using the opposite racket face. Most of the time I have to manually reposition the strings at the end of each rally. It is very annoying. Try the Wilson NXT instead.
From: charles, burnaby, bc, canada. 3/09

Comments:Softest string for the price. Good durability in the crosses with durable mains. I use Luxilon BB 5- Star and the blend feels amazing. I'm an all-court player that can flatten the ball out pretty well. I would definitely recommend this string for flat hitters, and net players. The feel you get with these strings are just ridiculous for the price.
From: Kevin, Riverside, CA, US. 1/09

Comments: I had used this string a few years ago and forgot why I stopped, and gave it another try. It's a cheap multifilament, after all. Used it as a cross-string in a hybrid with Luxilon TiMo 17g mains. The Sensation cross string sheared off near the racquet frame after only a few sets. Yeah, now I remember, it did that the last time I tried it too. The Alpha Gut 2000 is even cheaper, and it doesn't shear off at the frame like the Sensation does. It just wears out from the grinding action of the mains.
From: GP, CA. 10/08

Comments: Fantastic string! Excellent for people who have the ability to flatten out their shots rather than constant heavy topspin. Durability is an issue for heavy topspinners. However, the string offers great consistency and comfort.
From: James, Uk. 8/08

Comments: I'm 4.0 to 4.5 in Birmingham, AL, but used to be a a satellite tennis player. This string is very soft and holds the ball and has good bite. That's why I am able to give very nice touch spin to the ball as I have a slice. Even the 16 gauge gives extra spin.
From: Daiso, Birmingham, AL. 8/08

Comments: A very good cross strings since durability is its problem. It is always better to match it with a more durable one for the mains, nevertheless, one of the best and cheapest string of the world!!
From: joker, murrieta vali, usa. 6/08

Comments: I've had some strange problems with strings. I'm constantly breaking them in a week (usually less), and strings that are supposed to be durable are not. My friend who is much better than me used this string and it broke in about a month, but mine's only lasted 6 days. Same tension and same gauge, I'm not at the very very top but pretty high still. Other than durability a pretty good-great racquet string.
From: Anon. 5/08

Comments: I love these strings! Good spin, control and feel. Very similar to the Prince Topspin but more durable.
From: Anon. 5/08

Comments: This string gives lots of pop, but creating lots of topspin is not an easy task. The string started to move after warming up, which was quite annoying. It has horrible playability in my opinion. I wouldn't recommend this string to skilled players or hard hitters.
From: Ray. 5/08

Comments: I found that with these strings on a K-Blade 98, my serve was just unbelievable! But, I have to really work hard to get heavy topspin. Overall very nice feel, but they last me less than a week!
From: Dennis, California, United States. 3/08

Comments: The strings are good; I love them. But they don't last long, but they don't lose tension like so people say. I stung my at 56 lbs because people told me they lost tension, but they don't. My regular tension is 53 lbs so the tension was different, and I think I would have loved them more at my tension.
From: Stephen, San Jose, CA, US. 2/08

Comments: When I first played with these strings, I felt like they had good pop and feel. But after a while, the strings started to move like crazy. One point and they would move like 1 inch. I'd recommend these if you want a nice amount of comfort and feel, but if you don't want to keep adjusting your strings, then it's probably not the string for you.
From: Brian, San Jose, CA, USA. 12/07

Comments: Great strings at first, but definitely not for topspinners. It came with my K Six-One Tour, and every time I put the smallest amount of spin it would move 1 inch. Nice feel to the ball, but would not buy it again.
From: Barry. 11/07

Comments: I'm a high school player and I like the feel and the "Pop" of the sensation strings. They never last me over a month and a half tho' otherwise I don't have anything bad to say about them. Nice control, nice power, and not too much vibration coming back to you if you are hitting it right.
From: Sam, Ypsi, MI, USA, 05/07

Comments: I string a lot of racquets and overall most of my customers really like the soft feel of this string. I have also learned that "Sensation" and "durability" should not be used in the same sentence. I found it interesting that one of my heavy hitters broke his at twelve o'clock just as a couple of previous folks had mentioned. He got just over two hours of play. I tried it in the crosses with Kirschbaum Supersmash 17g in the mains. Nice crisp feel but the Sensation notched and frayed almost instantly. I'm an old 4.5 player so I don't hit that hard but I had to cut it out after about four hours of play. It was ready to break anyway.
From: Mark , Kaysville, UT, USA, 04/07

Comments: These strings are good only the first few hours after you have strung your racquet and then after that its just horrible. Bad durability and no comfort at all. I am using a head Flexpoint Prestige xl strung @ 63.
From: Smokey, LA, USA. 11/06

Comments: Pretty good string. The only little problem is that it loses its tension pretty quickly...let's say two days after stringing it. But everything else is great.
From: Dario, Quebec, Canada. 9/06

Comments: I'm an upper level junior player, and having used nxt tour previously, I found this string performed almost as well at a much lower cost. The only problem is the string has no durability, and I break a string at least once every 3 days
From: Anon 06/06

Comments: I've used this string for the past year. As I've improved and hit with more and more spin, the string began breaking faster and faster. I get around 10 hours of play with the string before it snaps. I recommend using this for the crosses and a more durable string, like polyester, for the mains. Overall, the string has a comfortable feel, but so-so durability. The Wilson Sensation should appeal to intermediate players. I am a 4.5 player on my high school varsity team and an all court player. Definitely give the string a try.
From: Tim, Fountain Valley, California, USA 04/06

Comments: I bought from TW 2 Prince O3 Whites and had them strung with this string at mid-range tension. Terrible decision. At first there is too much power and bad spin. In 1-2 hrs. it starts moving around like crazy, loses all its spin, and becomes extremely mushy, no feel at all. It just dies. Add to this the fact that they lasted only about 6 hrs of practice and play, simple I don't recommend them unless maybe if you hit flat and value only softness. I'm a 4.5 player who loves topspin and tries to hit hard.
From: Gustavo Vasconcellos
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil 4/1/06

Comments:This string has a great durability to it. I am totally satisfied with this string, because it has cost effective.
From: Sham, Banglore, Karnataka, India. 12/05

Comments:Very nice string, feel and power are perfect for my Ncode Ntour. I sent two frames to Wilson for warranty and they sent me this string to use in it. I strung it in the center of the tension range and it was crisp and responsive, yes after 4+ hours it does move a little but I like to zone on my strings during matches. Nice to string and tie's off pretty good.
From: Scott
Chattanooga 11/05

Comments: This string is not worth the time nor the money. It broke in less than a week. With me being a topspin player it just did not cut it!
From: John, Kent, WA, USA. 9/05

Comments: I have tried this string out when my coach suggested it. I don't know why he did because within a couple of hours my strings were moving all over the place. With every ball I hit I had to adjust the strings. For the first hour they were fine, but I would not recommend buying them.
From: Matt Heidenfelder, Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA

Comments: I'm using Sensation 16 in the nCode 6.1 95 and to be honest I don't like the feeling of the string. It is difficult to produce good spin and it does not last very long. Actually, on average it lasts only 2 hours of play or less. However, I play at the futures level so any string I use lasts just a couple of hours. I will try Wilson Reaction to see how it feels.
From: Mariano, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 7/05

Comments: I have problem with this string on my Pro Staff Tour 90. Whenever I mishit hard shot and contact the ball close to frame at 12 o'clock, the strings just snap, sometimes in a two places. I changed my grommets regularly and watching for notches. But ... I have at least 5 premature breaks already. I string at 62lbs (residual). The strings are doing fine on my RDX500 - the frame seems wider and does not let the ball to sink this close to the frame. Other strings such as Gosen OG Sheep Micro and Tecnifibre NRG are fine with any frame. Weird, Still wonder, if anybody has this problem.
From: Eugene, Toronto Canada 07/05

Comments: Great comfort and decent control but lacking in durability. I didn't play with it that much and it's already losing tension and starting to break.
From: Dave,Boise,Id

Comments: I have been using this string for about 3 months and I love it. It has great ball control, power, and is very easy on my arm. I am a 5.5 player on USF. I hit the ball very hard and the string seems to absorb some of the torch I would experience when I don't hit the center of my strings. Well worth the price. I use a NXGraphite Mid strung at 55lbs.
From: Patrick, Joliet. 04/05

Comments: This string is bad. I had it strung on both my tour Diablo mid and midplus and maybe got 10 hours of play out of both of them. After about 10 balls the stings were moving all over the place. Really do not buy this string it is horrible.
From: Jameson Cox, Kearney, Missouri, USA. 04/05

Comments: This is a string worth its money. I was using Prince Synthetic and now switched to Wilson Sensation 16. I don't feel much difference but I feel comfortable with it now. I play 6 to 7 hrs. a week and a good 4.0 player. I use proStaff Tour 90 string at 58 lbs. and it gives me more control and nice location on your serve. If it lasts for a couple of months, I would highly recommend this string.
From: Harry, Denver, CO, USA. 12/04

Comments: This string seemed fine for about 2 weeks, and then it felt like a trampoline. I hit with a lot of topspin, and the strings began to move all over the place. I quickly cut the strings off and went back to my normal polyester hybrid. I wouldn't recommend this string to anyone who hits with topspin,
From: Kevin, Denver, CO, USA. 10/04

Comments: Typical multifilament string it is good for a week and then, mush city. Put your money into something else.
From: Christo, Walnut Creek, Ca, USA. 07/04

Comments: Do not buy this string if you use a lot of topspin. My full, fast swing continuously launched the ball out of the court. It has adequate power but does not bite the ball and left me very frustrated. It's been 2 weeks with the racquet and I am having it re-strung with Gamma TNT 17. I should have stuck with in the first place. If you hit mostly flat this may work for you but I think it's garbage.
From: Peter, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 07/04

Comments: Wilson Sensation has great feel, sound, and pop while it lasts. If this string would hold its performance for longer than 5 to 6 weeks I could highly recommend it. Since it does not it gets a little expensive to restring this frequently. I used this string with a Dunlop 300G, I play 3 times a week, and am a 4.5 player.
From: George, Barrington, IL, USA. 5/04

Comments: Wilson Sensation has great feel, sound, and pop while it lasts. If this string would hold its performance for longer than 5 to 6 weeks I could highly recommend it. Since it does not it gets a little expensive to restring this frequently. I used this string with a Dunlop 300G, play 3 times a week, and am a 4.5 player.
From: George, Barrington, IL, USA. 5/04

Comments: I just recently switched from Pro Staff Original 6.0 with Prince Top Spin to Pro Staff Tour 90 with Wilson Sensation 16. The first week of play, it felt ok but after a few weeks, it lost tension and the string keep moving around. I think I am going to cut it and switch back to Prince Top Spin.
From: William, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 5/04

Comments: Soft strings, poor durability. Mix with a good Poly (like Babolat Hurricane) on the mains and Sensation on the crosses and the combo is dynamite - better feel and far better durability - strings do not move as much. Strung in a Prince Graphite OS Original at 62 lbs.
From: Anjan, Carlsbad, CA, USA. 5/04

Comments: This string is horrible! It seems fragile and moves around all over the place. Feels like I can't hit out on balls due to fear of breaking the strings. The strings snapped with about 2 hours of play on them. Never would I put Sensation in my racquet again.
From: Lou, Raleigh, NC, USA. 3/04

Comments: Best string ever! It has great feel and decent durability for those who play an all court game. I have tried natural gut, and this I like more than that. It's cheap and definitely worth the money!
From: Deemer, Canada. 3/04

Comments: This string has saved my life. It is very soft for those of you out there with elbow, shoulder, and wrist problems. I play with a Wilson Hyper ProStaff 7.1 Zone strung at 57lbs.
From: Santiago, Lincoln, NE, USA. 2/04

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