One Strings Spin Deeper 315g Racquet 14x19 Customer feedback

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Comments: A one hour demo with this racquet revealed its strengths to be plush comfort, ample power, plenty of spin, fairly good stability. It's most notable deficit is its balance, feeling a little too head heavy and sluggish on quick exchanges. The sweetspot may be a bit on the small side as well. Control was better than I expected though an occasional ball took off; I'd be concerned about using this racquet when the poly strings are starting to lose their resiliency. I think it's worth a look for players who don't mind a slightly high swingweight.
From: Mike, 4/14

Comments: This racquet is great. I love the open string pattern. It gives you a lot of spin and slices through the ball like butter. It has a plush and powerful feel. I have to string it at 60 lbs and put two long dampeners to get the control on a 1.20 poly string. It feels like a 27.5 in racquet even though it's 27.1 in. Definately give it a try, its also good on the elbow.
From: David, 2/14

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